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The week seemed to take for ever to be going by, and he had been in an almost constant state of sexual arousal as he thought that on this coming Saturday night his sexy wife, was at last going to make the many dreams and fantasies of so long come true, having sex with other men. Her first lover with out him being there!

Now it was Wednesday night and as he got into bed, he laid back, knowing that she too was now embracing this experience with as much desire as was he, yes, he had been so right, she wanted this probably even more than did he.He turned off the light as his naked wife climbed into bed.'Good night, dear,' he said.Kate moved close to him and whispered in his ear and he could almost feel the sexual tension. 'You are sure about this, aren't you?' she said, for what seemed the millionth time.'How many more times do you want me to say?' he replied. 'I've told you, I've daydreamed of you with other men for years, and it so turns me on so much as you already know, he said. She gripped his hard cock. 'See that's what it does to me,' he said. 'In that case,' she said, 'I've something to tell you already.''What?' The word came fast, 'What?''Shush,' she whispered, laying a finger over his lips. 'I have to be sure. You told me you want me to come home and tell you everything that happens, all the details, describe everything? Only,' she paused: 'we went out at lunchtime today. He said he needed to talk.''Go on, yes, go on.' His breathing was coming fast already and he knew she had felt his cock stiffen a little more. Something had happened.'We could only get away for about fifteen minutes and he knew an empty warehouse near work so we drove there.'

'Yes, yes!' he said'. Well, when we stopped, he put his arm around me, one on my shoulder, the other on my waist and asked me if I was definitely going to show up on Saturday, and when I said 'Yes', he asked about you''What did you say?' His mouth was dry and his heart was beating fast.

'I said you'd be no problem.''And?'

Then he pulled me towards him and began kssing me.''What did you do?''I laid back against the seat first, then I put my hand on his neck and began kissing him back.''Tell me more, tell me more.' His words were almost being stuttered out.

'He started kissing me more passionately and began pushing his tongue into my mouth. I couldn't help it, I had to respond. It was so nice to kiss a different man after all these years.

There was a pause before she continued. 'Then he moved the hand on my waist up my body and I knew and wanted it, I pushed towards him and he began feeling my tits.'Her husband groaned and even she was amazed by the hardening of her husband's cock. She began gently caressing it, rubbing it.'As he started rubbing them, I moved my hand over his to encourage him. He was moaning too, kissing me still, and telling me how sexy he thought I was and how he'd always had a thing for me for years. So I whispered to him...'

'What did you say?' he interrupted.

'Undo my blouse. He pulled it out from my skirt and undid all the buttons and told me what a great pair of tits he thought I had and how he'd wanted to touch them for so long.''Oh, fuck, Kate, oh fuck. More, more, tell me more. Don't stop, don't stop, it's fantastic.'

He couldn't believe how exciting the reality was and the gentle touch of his wife's hand on his hard cock was almost more than he could take.

'I couldn't take my blouse off but I undid my bra so he could really get to them. He really went for them, then, was kissing and sucking them.'

'On Saturday be on top, so he can really feast on them. Oh God, who can believe it, it so turns me on. What were you doing?' he asked.

'I reached down and started rubbing his cock,' she said, and even as she spoke, she gasped as her husband groaned in climax and began spilling his cum over her body, great spurts at the release of years of desire.'Wow, it does turn you on,' she said finally, holding his now spent penis.

He pulled her towards him and kissed her fully on the lips. 'You've got more to tell me, haven't you? he asked. In the dark he felt her nod. 'Tell me in the morning,' he said. Holding her close to him, his cum on both their bodies now, he felt a deep satisfaction at knowing that despite having had this desire for so many years, and all the fantasies, and all the stories and letters, the porn of other such men, the having it happen was as sexy and erotic as he'd always thought it would be.

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