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Dating Site Fun

I thought you might like this I consider myself to be a serios romantic guy looking for love but as you well know with most people as soon as you mention recreational sex they shy away.
I met my present partner through a dating site we exchanged messages for a couple of weeks getting to know each other then we arranged to meet at a local shopping centre one evening when she got into my car I said shall we go for a drink in a 1600centuary pub I know she agreed
we enjoyed a drink then I said would you care for another drink but a she says to me you take me home and fuck me !
so we went back to my pad and she had me unzipped before we were through the door so I said would you like a glass of wine which she redally excepted then she slurped my cock into her mouth and gave me some lovely head meanwhile I slipped my hand into her slacks and slipped a finger in to her shaved pussy after a while I said shall we go to bed -more later -

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