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A month since we were sweaty and sleepless........ your lips soft and tender...gentle kisses that fill me with longing for more and more.

I want to taste you, feel you sliding into my mouth, hard against the soft wetness of my tongue. Looking up at you. My dark eyes watching the pleasure on your face, as your cock moves in and out shining and slippery.

Fingertips on nipples teasing, and stroking.

Kisses wet and salty that start with lips and travel all over. Licking with a soft flat tongue and then pointed and probing, wiggling and flicking back and forth.

My body pressed against yours...heat and sweat.. letting you explore where you love to go, finding that spot that only you know, moaning, sighing then releasing and feeling the cum and moisture running over your hand again and again

That hard throbbing cock of yours, first plunging into me, both of us fucking hard and then you tease me rubbing the tip over my arse probing, stroking and sliding exquisite cm by cm into me.Your fingers in me filling and stroking all the while your inside me. Cumming and feeling my cunt griping your fingers sucking them deeper in. While you throb and fill me with hot sticky cum.

Have I given this much thought?...what do you think?

End of Story