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college days

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I needed to share a story that my wife told me about when we were at college. We have been married for 10 years she is 35 and I am 34. We have a very active sex life and we are very open about our past and our current fantasies. We have done a couple of swingging clubs and have played a few times but only oral. When we have sex we talk about sex with other people all the time and we roleplay alot of fucking other people.

My favorite thing is to have her tell me about her past boyfriends and past sex she has had. Before we got married she was not as open about sex as she is now so there has not been alot to share but we talk about the few guys she has been with and how they had sex and how good they were.

Up to this point I thought I herd all of her past expierences untill this past weekend we were playing in bed and she told me she didnt tell me everyone. So my cururiosity was getting to me and after her teasing me about not telling me about it she said OK ill tell you about it. She said she didnt want to tell me about it because she wasn’t sure how I would react to it and she was a little embarresed.

So here it is.

She told me that when they lived off campus at their house she shared a bedroom with her roomate Sharon. Sharon was a very sluty girl she has been with a lot of guys and my wife used to tell me all the men she has taken home and I knew alot of them, Mostly from the football team. She then said this one night she was sleeping and she herd her come into the room with a guy I know named Dan, he was a teammate of mine from the football team. I also know that my wife has used him when we roleplay in bed and she gets very wet and excited.

By now she is stroking my rock hard cock as I finger her and she is getting very wet as she is telling me this story. I even have to have her stop a few times because if she didnt I was going to cum fast. She then says she is lying in bed and Dan and Sharon go right to bed and start making out, she can tell that Sharon is very drunk but she has always said she wanted to take Dan home, so my wife knew Sharon was going to have sex with him. She could here Sharon telling Dan to be quite and not wake up Erin my wife.

My wife said by the way the light in the room and the way her bed was positioned she could look over and watch what they were doing. So she siad Sharon’s back was facing her and she could see Dan lying down and getting a blow job, My wife said she was very horny watching and could see Dan’s cock going in her mouth and she herself always had a thing for Dan. My wife began to rub herself as she was watching and it was the first time she watched someone get a blowjob. She told him he had a big cock and could see her playing with it.

My wife had on just a t-shirt and underwear and was rubbing her tits and rubbing her pussy watching. She said the noises they were making and the noises of her sucking his cock was driving her crazy. He then pushed Sharon down and was licking her pussy. My wife took her tits out of her shirt and was rubbing them she loves to rub her tits and play with her own nipples, it gets her very excited. She then said that when she looked over she cought Dan looking over and could see what she was doing and they made eye contact. Once he knew that she was awake and watching and playing with her tits he started to go crazy licking her and showing my wife his long tounge licking her.

By now I had to tell my wife to stop stroking me or else I was going to cum, as I was fingering her I never felt her get so loose and wet, this could have been the hotest I have been and her. As she was telling me the story she couldnt even speak, her speach was broken and shaken. I have never seen her so excited.

She then told me that she was so horny watching him lick her and he didnt take his eyes off of her. He then stood up and was stroking his cock just above her pussy and u could tell he kept it high off her so my wife could see it. She looked at Sharon and she could tell she was really drunk because she just had her eyes closed and was telling Dan to fuck her. Dan was just looking over at my wife and was playing with his cock watching my wife play with her tits. He then took Sharons legs and lifted them and spread them and as he slowly started to penetrate her, my wife was listening to Sharon moan and Dan was looking strait at her as he started to fuck her slowlly. She said it was so hot with him fucking her and looking at her instead of Sharon, she then pulled the sheets down and by now her panties were off and she was lying in bed completely naked playing with her pussy and tits so Dan could see. She said she was so excited that she started to cum and Dan was wording to her yes yes as he could see she was about to cum. Just after she came she looked over and Dan said he was going to cum and as he pulled his cock out he looked right at my wife and cummed all over Sharon. She said he cummed so much and always wanted to tell me about about it because when I cum its not alot and I always have asked her if she was with someone that cums alot and she wanted to tell me about it but was nervous about if I would think she was a slut. But she decided to tell me because she know I love thinking about her with other men.

She started to stroke my cock again and I was so fucking hard. She said after about 20 min she could tell they were sleeping and she went out to the living room because she couldnt sleep and was just too excited about what had just happend. She turned the TV on and about 20 minutes later Dan came out, She looked over at him and he was just in a pair of boxers and said to her So you cant sleep either. She just smilled and he came over and kissed her.

She said they didnt even waste time with anything else he pulled her underwear off, pulled his boxers off and she said they had the most intense sex she has ever had in her life. It was so pasionate and because he just got done fucking Sharon he lasted so long just fucking her hard in missionary postion, they were kissing so hard and fucking so hard she said she had the hardest orgasm ever.

Just then I came all over her hand and she was even surprised on how much i cam this time and she said she wished she had told me this soonner. She then said he came inside her with a huge orgasm and they layed on the couch with his cock inside her for the next 30 minutes just catching there breath.

After talking to her she said they had sex many times after that and she says she thinks about it all the time.

This was the hottest I think we have both been since we have been together.

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