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coffee or sex on the hood of my car?

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It had been a good long time since she had seen or heard from him, but that didn't seem to stop her from looking him up online occasionally. He was nothing special to her then, just a mere fuck, and she the taker of his virginity. It was only curiosity that had her searching for him. She was well seasoned in the sexual arts when they had their first encounter 7 years ago, but it being his first time, she was very ?vanilla? with him. They were not supposed to have gotten together at all really, after all he was the crush of her best friend's life. She couldn't help it though, never had she given up the chance to rob a man of his virginity. Was it payback to the male race, as hers was taken so early on? She did not know for sure.

She began to look him up online, typing his name into the computer was second nature by now. She waited, though not as if she were truly waiting for anything in particular, expecting full out to get another "user not found." She turned her attention to the T.V. while the page finished loading and when she looked back at the screen she was more than happy to see that this search brought back a result.

"well I?ll be fuckin damned," she said to herself. There he was, skinnier than she remembered him, but just as hot as ever.

Nervously she sent him an email.

"hi, it has been a while! you probably don't remember me! I was wondering how you have been and what was new in your life?" An hour later she received an email back from him. He described his life situation, and some other things that really were of little interest to her, but then there it was, his phone number!

She thought to herself a while before picking up the phone, "should I really call him? it has been so long." She fingered the numbers on the phone nervously all the while a knot grew in her stomach.

"hello?" "hi! how are you?" They talked about life, not for long though, as he never was a phone guy. Then it happened, the baby cried.

?damn, hang on,? she said.

?What was that, are you babysitting for someone, or do you have kids?? He asked laughing slightly.

She hesitated then finally said, " yeah, I have kids", "Oh, are you married then?" Another long pause. "Yes".

"Oh", and then silence.

"but We should still get together for drinks sometime", she said.

"Ok, when?" "What are you doing tomorrow?" she asked.

"Nothing really" he said "You want to get together then?" "Sure, give me a call." "Ok." "Ok," "Night"

She was frustrated. ?why didn?t I lie?? she asked herself. ?oh well, it?s too late now.?

The next evening, her husband was at work and she called her friend.

"What are you doing?" "I?m at a bar" he said "You wanna meet?" she asked "alright" he replied.

"I will call you when my husband gets off of work then?" "Sounds good?

The night seemed to drag on, time was creeping so slowly for her. She wanted it to hurry so she could see him again.

Her husband arrived home from work and she explained that she was going to go out with an old friend for coffee.

"Ok" he said," don?t be home late." "I won?t" she lied.

She got herself all dolled up, pretty make up with seductive eyes and pouty lips, smooth shiny hair, and the best lingerie she could find. She looked in the mirror finding a 16 year old version of herself staring back at her instead of the 24 year old mother that she was. Her breasts were pushed up and perky, supple and round, her pronounced womanly curves accentuated even more by an unusually tight shirt, and equally constrictive jeans. She grabbed some smokes and her heels and headed for the door, kissing her husband of almost 5 years goodbye.

When she got in her car and was sufficiently far enough away from her house to avoid drawing attention to herself, she stopped and pulled out his phone number. She began dialing it almost in haste as she felt her heartbeat accelerate.

?hello,? there he was again, with his voice dark and deep, and matured.

?where are you??

"At the bar still. What are you doing?" "Driving. You want me to pick you up there?" she asked "Um?." Silence?

"Um, what?" she said disappointedly.

"Well I don?t think that we should meet." he stammered.

"What?" she blurted and suddenly there was a sinking feeling deep inside her.

"Yeah" he replied, not really offering up much of an explanation.

"Why not?" she pouted.

"Well I know that if we meet I will want to go to a hotel or something. I can?t control myself when I am around you." It was a better reason than any she could think of and the exact one she was looking to hear.( after all she hadn't shaved her cunt smooth for the hell of it!)

"Well I can!" she lied.

"I don?t know." "Wait there, I will be there in a minute." she said, after she learned which bar he was at.

"Ok." "You promise you won?t leave?" "I promise?" he said in a singsong like tone of voice.

"Ok, be there in a bit, and we can decide what we want to do from there." "alright, I?ll be here." When she got to the bar, she walked in anxiously. After all it had been 7 years, almost 8!

Her eyes scanned the room, but did not meet up with his. She got her cell phone to make sure he was still there, and she felt embarrassed to be standing alone in the corridor looking around.

"Hey, where are you?" she asked when he answered.

"Look to your right!" he said laughing.

Their gaze fell upon the other and she sauntered over to the table he was at, where he had his arms around 2 girls.

"We?ll move" they said.

?No need? she said, as she sat at the edge of the booth.

?Wait? he said, as he undid his arms from the two girls, and proceeded to slide out of the booth. She got up to let him out, and they stood and faced each other, falling into a sensual embrace. The years that had separated them melted away, and they were, the two friends they were long ago.

?you wanna stay here, or go?? she asked him.

?doesn?t matter to me? he said, then added, ?Let me pay my tab? as he found a waitress and thrust his money towards her.

They began their exit to the parking lot, not really talking much. When they reached her car, they got in, and buckled their seatbelts. She apologized for her poor driving skills in advance, and they began their journey to neither knew where.

?Where are we going?? She asked him ? I don?t care, how about a hotel??

She thought he was joking, but when she looked at him, she realized he was dead serious.

?We could get some beer and just go to a place, and hang out or have sex, or something??


?You?re right, no sex, absolutely no sex.? he said.

?I didn?t say that! But really where do you want to go??

?I don?t know. Just drive.?

She laughed, exposing her neck as she brushed back her hair.

?Damn? he said.

?Damn what??

?Don?t do that??

?don?t do what?? She teased him.

They drove along the back roads of town, talking of their adventures and lives since they had last seen each other. Once again the topic drifted to sex, and they began discussing masturbation. He then told her that he had masturbated to her pictures on the website she found him on and she looked at him inquisitively.

?Really?? She asked, her cunt beginning to moisten.

?Yeah, but I couldn?t get off? he said. ?every time that I went to jerk off to your pictures I would be so close to cumming, and then I would think about you being married and I couldn?t cum.?

?I?m sorry? she replied, unsure what to say . Then she said, ?if it makes you feel any better, watching a guy masturbate is my fetish??

?Really? Mine is feet. The feet are everything! If a girl has nice feet, forget it!?

They laughed and she tried to hide her excitement by changing the subject. They came across a casino, ?Lets pull off here? she said.

?Alright, they have a hotel at the casino? he said.

She laughed and pulled into the parking lot, and said ?they also have a bar!?

She parked and they both proceeded to get out and start walking to the entrance. Her arm slid into his, and their steps slowed.

?You weren?t supposed to be this way? he said.

?what way?? She asked ?That way? he said.

?I don?t understand.?

?You were supposed to be fat and ugly, not all sexy like.?

?I think that?s a compliment, so thanks!? She said .

They got inside the casino, after the doorman checked their IDs and she snatched his out of his hands so that she could look at the picture.

?I look like a dork in that? he said.

?No stupider than I look in mine? she said, as they walked up the stairs to the bar.

?What do you want to drink?? He asked her.

?I don?t care as long as it doesn?t have vodka!?

He ventured to the bar and asked the bartender for a margarita, a beer and some whiskey, paid and they went and sat down. The bar was relatively full for a Wednesday night, and they sat and watched the 70?s replica band put on their show of sequins and lights, laughing at the white afros they sported. As they spoke, they got closer together. His legs went on the outside of hers, and he squeezed them together firmly, allowing them to provide pressure against her pussy to the point that she felt herself becoming more and more excited. She looked at him, but said nothing. Then his hand went on top of her thigh and the heat from it caused her to begin leaning into his touch. His hand was warm and his touch rough, but deliberate. Their faces touched on the sides, partially a result of seduction, and also partly because the music was so loud that it was hard to hear the other speak. He began to caress her as she rubbed his inner thigh with her fingertips, after a while allowing her hand to wander farther up his leg.

At one point, he brushed his hand up against her breast, and looked at her for reaction, but was pleased to feel her push her tit against his hand further. He seemed to be enjoying himself when she scolded him ?you are gonna get us kicked out of here!?

?Then we should leave? he replied.

?Then lets go!? She said.

They grabbed their stuff and headed for the door. Once they reached the brightly lit parking lot and located her car she went to open the passenger side. As she turned to walk to her side of the car, he stopped her. With subtle force, he pushed her up against the side of her car. Her breathing hastened as she felt his hot breath on her tender flesh. He was up against her, pushing his cock into her cunt and groping her breasts. They began to kiss, hard wet lust filled tonguing sloppy and good, just like they were back in high school.

She sucked on his tongue like it was a mini prick and gently let her teeth graze his bottom lip as he pulled away. The two then fell into grabbing at each other with a raw carnal urge. They fondled and stroked, petted and grabbed like they had never felt touch before. He was all over her, holding her ass tightly and cupping her tits with the other hand as she pawed his cock through his pants. It was larger than she remembered, but then again- it was through his pants- she thought to herself. His prick began to grow harder and thicker than it already was, and all she could think about was how to get him out of his clothes. Her husband was not on her mind, as she stroked this man's penis up and down through his jeans.

People began walking by and feeling the eyes of strangers upon them, they decided to leave. They got in the car flustered, breathing heavily from all the petting they were doing. She turned to ask him a question and then he was upon her again, kissing and nipping at her neck, sending goose flesh up the small of her back to the site of his lips. He was undoing the button on his pants while she stroked him through the outside . He sprung free like an raging bull on a destruction path. DAMN was he bigger than she thought he would be. A nice good 9 ½ inches at least, hard throbbing and delicious looking. She jerked his meat while he sucked on her lips, gently pushing her back with the same pressure he had been demonstrating all night. She was beginning to understand his need for control. He pushed her back and the breath went out of her lungs slowly. He fingered the zipper to her tight jeans for a long time but finally gave up saying:

?I hate your zipper.?

Still trying to catch her breath she said, ?We should get out of this parking lot anyway before security comes.?

?We should. Lets go.?

They belted up and drove off, not caring about the world around them.

?We should pull off somewhere? he said.

?Ok, where?? She asked ?Right there,? he replied.

She turned left and pulled off, driving the road until she found what appeared to be a secluded spot.

?You wanna smoke?? She asked him.

?Sure, lets smoke? he said.

They got out of her car, lit up a cigarette and admired the city lights below. He went and sat on the hood of her car and beckoned her to join him. She went to him, swinging her hips seductively as she approached. He pulled her in-between his legs and they began to kiss again, his tongue probing and swirling around inside her mouth. He reached for her zipper once more and this time she assisted him, undoing it and exposing her lacy black soaked panties. He rubbed the outside of her cunt through her underwear, gently pushing his fingers towards her hole. Then he slid his hand into her panties, feeling and caressing her skin.

He could not resist the idea of seeing what her sweet shaved pussy looked like, so he gradually worked her pants and panties to her ankles, leaving her exposed to the crisp cool February air.

She could see his humongous fuck-stick straining to be released from it?s confines inside the jean prison that held it. Reaching down she fidgeted with the zipper, until she finally managed to spring it loose. Hard, hot and rigid he was soon pressed up against her, willing her onto her back as he kissed and licked at her neck and lips. She lay back on the cold metal hood, opening her legs to his caress. His fingers adeptly found her wet twat hole and clit. He stood back and admired her smooth softness as he fingered her. Slowly he lay on top of her, his face pressed deep into the cleavage from her huge tits. He had wanted to see them, feel them, suck and bite them all night. He buried himself in-between their softness, wriggling his face back and forth, that he might suffocate himself in her large breasts.

Meanwhile his fingers were busy shoved deep inside her pie, agile and determined in their goal as he finger fucked her to her first orgasm. The pleasure shot through her body as hot and sharp as lightning. She had been waiting for this all evening. He teased her, rubbed on her button, making her wetter and more under his spell every minute. He kept pressing his legs up against her. His shin stimulating her pussy, by rubbing it up and down her clit. She was so wet, she felt each breeze as it blew over her exposed skin. She held back her moans as she climaxed over and over from such a simple act. Never before had she received stimulation like this, but it was absolutely incredible.

When he could not take it anymore, his dick throbbing to feel her warm insides engulf and envelop him, he penetrated her. Ever so slightly he inched his huge cock into her, but teased her by taking it out right away, leaving only the head in, repeating this over and over until it drove her mad with desire. The intense feeling pushing her to the edge. She came so good it took her breath away.

Panting and gasping for air, he now shoved his dick all the way in her. She could feel it pressing against the back of her pussy; she was filled all the way. He started pumping away at her wet snatch, gyrating his hips in a manner that she had never encountered before. There was nothing she could do, whether she wanted to resist him or not. She felt herself clinging to the hood of the car desperately, pants around her ankles restricting her motions. By this time her legs hurt, her arms ached and she felt herself completely under his control.

After they fucked long and hard, he still had not came,much to her amazement. They had to have been going at it for at least an hour already! He flipped her over, her round ass up for the taking in the moonlight. Penetrating doggy-style, he entered her depths again, almost forcefully taking what he wanted. Their bodies met rhythmically as she arched herself and widened her stance to allow him full access to her holes. The night grew progressively colder and he still had not came as they collapsed onto the car, heartbeats racing. On the other hand she had had more orgasms than she could count and she could feel her insides pulsate from all the stimulation.

?What can I do to make you come?? She asked him.

?I don?t know,? he replied.

She got down on her knees and proceeded to suck his cock. Taking it to the point of choking. It was hard to suck a guy off when he was so big, but she was managing to put in at least a good 7 inches of his inches. She had forgotten how delicious his cock tasted, how the sweet sticky pre-ejac could make her lust for him. More than anything she wanted him to shoot his hot steamy fuck cream into her. She felt his body begin it's process of eruption, but before she could get her reward, he removed himself. She was disappointed. "why did you stop?" she begged of him.

"just because" he replied pouting some more she said "but you were just about to cum!" "I know" he said, "but I want to wait. let's get out of here huh?" "where do you want to go?" she asked.

"let's go back to my place? he said, and that was all the argument she needed to hear.

They got recomposed, and sat back on the hood of the car for a smoke before they ventured back into the heart of the city. The city lights were so magnificent, the air so chilly, residuals of his precum still in her mouth, and him by her side. Nothing had ever turned her on this much. She was beyond dripping and there was little she could do at this point but feel every wisp of the breeze tantalize her senses more.

She did not think that he had full comprehension of what he had done to her, what he alone had done to her. She had made love in her life, and she had found lovers that gave up wonderful sex, but what they had experienced in her mind was wild, raw and untamed. She did not want it to end. All the years before and she had made love. she had never been?well? Fucked. Liking the way that sounded, she let that word resonate within her mind as they held each other and looked over the city lights one last time before getting into the car.

Once inside they realized how incredibly cold it had been outside, and she was beginning to feel the effects of stabilizing herself on the hood, every part of her body was starting to warm up, and with it the feeling like she had ran 10 Olympic marathons.

Starting up the CD player, and warming themselves in front of the heater, they peeled out, down the narrow strip of road to the highway. On the way to his house, they began to discuss what happened, and he was very reluctant about the situation in general.

?we shouldn't have done that? he stated ?I know? she replied, adding, ? told my husband we were just going out for coffee!?

?that was some damn good coffee? he said.

She giggled as they proceeded on their way. Even though he was obviously upset about the affair that had just occurred, he made a large attempt to point out every single hotel, motel, and secluded spot on the way to his house.

When they got there, an uncomfortable silence overtook them, and they stared at each other for a while.

?you wanna come up and see the place or something? he asked ?k, but just for a minute, it is already late.? she said.

They got out of the car and ventured up to the front door, inside and then finally climbed the stairway that lead to his art room. He began to nervously show her his artwork, and she took every piece in and admired it as much as she had the last.

Then he led her to his bedroom, apologizing for the mess, and began muttering a bit about laundry and what have you. She walked up to him as he was picking up some clean clothing from off the bed, and stood him up, leaning against him. she started to trace his stomach with the tips of her fingers and his breath caught up to him. She pushed into him further and harder, and began to feel the bulge of his manhood grow once again as her tits ground into his chest. . With the kisses and touching, it was soon stiff and at attention once again. He kissed her hard, pressed himself into her cunt through their clothing, never said a word, but diligently started to remove her shirt. Once again he started cupping her ample breasts while admiring the outline of her sexy lace bra with his rough hands.

They kissed more, his tongue longingly searching her mouth, encircling her tongue, and she lost herself to him. She sucked on his tongue a little and felt his cock twitch in his pants, it was once again striving to be released, and she was more than happy to oblige.

Reaching down, she felt the strain behind his zipper, she manipulated it behind it?s confines, and felt it jerk with need. Before she could manage to emancipate it, he was in back of her, guiding his hands all over the contours of her body. She had never felt so responsive to a man?s touch before, but could not place exactly what it was that he was doing that was driving her to the brink of insanity with anticipation. Her panties were dripping once again, she could feel the wetness as he pushed up against her pussy through her jeans. She wanted nothing more than for him to strip her naked and bang her raw.

Instead, he was thorough, taking in all of her. Worshiping her shape as he took in breath after breath of her hair and flesh. The feelings of his warm lips pressing their way down to her breasts made her legs weak. She stumbled to find her footing, but he held onto her, forcing her to stabilize. When she looked up at him, he took her face into his hands and gently but firmly guided it aside, leaving her neck open and enticing. He traced his thumb over her skin sending tingling sensations all over. He probed the small indent at the base of her throat with his finger tips, as if it was a small clit and his thumb his tongue. It was erotic, the sensation so foreign, she needed him. Not being able to hold back her desire any longer, she went for his belt again, this time not loosing concentration on the task that would bestow her the gift of his enormous flesh, the rod of steel that she so dripped to swallow with any orifice of her being.

He shifted his weight and granted her access, lifting his shirt to grant easier passage to his captured stiff member. Undoing his belt, button and zipper, she shrugged his pants to the floor, and began to remove his boxers. She was unaware how potentially fast she was probably moving, but her need and heat was so great she was not in the mood to think of much else. She was about to ask him if she could suck him off, when he pushed her back onto the bed. They kissed and he pressed himself on top of her allowing his hands to roam freely to her breasts, their pert nipples still concealed by the lace of her bra.

She knew he wanted to see them so badly, yet he never had the intention to remove it from her. Instead he just grasped her breasts and deliberately shoved them together, forcing her cleavage to reveal it?s depths. As soon as the valley of her mounds was deep and pronounced as any he had ever seen he proceeded to plunge himself into them, smother himself with her skin. When he had his fill, he was up again, undoing her pants once more. She knew she should resist him, but she had no strength to oppose, not that she really wanted to anyways.

Her pants slid to her ankles, where they stayed suspended above her heels. He shoved her panties off to one side, and began to stroke her clit with his fingers, returning them to his mouth for sufficient lubrication and to taste the sweet cum that dribbled on to them from her wet cunt. He dove himself into her over and over, sending little bits of electricity through her every time. He slid his hip bones over the swollen nub, while squeezing at her tits. She moaned and screamed unlike she ever had before in her life. In fact she had never been this vocal with anyone anywhere! He felt her tension mounting, the explosion close, and so he inserted himself an inch or two into her wet snatch. He pressed into her a little farther with his fat cock, every time he thrust forward, until the whole of him was as devoured by her pussy as far as it would go.

He drove into her over and over again, lifting her off the bed several times as he penetrated her deeply, touching the back walls of her. Her finger nails found their place rooted deeply into his ass as she pulled him into her, not worrying of the pain and tenderness of such a long prick stabbing at her insides. It felt so good, she wanted all of his cock inside her no matter the consequences. He thrust deeply, and harder with every movement, his face pressed up against hers as he moved his hips opposite hers. They were moving fast now, and the passion continued to rise.

She came and pulled him into her, throwing her legs around his waste, forcing his body to crush hers, as the obscenities began to spew out.

?fuck, oh fuckkkkk? she screamed, and he never slowed down, he just plowed and pounded her pussy hard and fast as ever as he felt her contract around him.

?oh god,? she cried as he surged into her again and again. She was biting the tan sweaty skin of his forearm now, trying anything to keep herself in check, and reminding her to pump her hips and bring him his satisfaction. She rose up and met his movements, throwing one leg off the side of the bed to use for leverage, and the rest of her body keeping up the pace. She could not breath, the ecstasy too great inside her, her mind racing with everything and nothing all at once. She was on the verge of cumming again, and knew he was close too. Their breath quickened, and skins touching briefly between each thrusting movement, leaving a glistening line of perspiration every time they separated. She felt her insides begin to tighten once again, but kept pushing to him, determined that he must be appeased.

Then in a rush of fever and ultimate bliss, they came. Together.

?Shit, I?m cumming? he growled as he pushed into her harder than ever.

This threw her over the edge, the pressure of his cock head pushed to the depths of her once more. She arched her back, her stomach tightened and her insides clamped down on his cock hard. He grunted to push though its embrace to finish spewing his load and she gripped him hard while he slammed his balls up against her cunt for the last few times as they finished the series of convulsions.

They lay there catching their breath for a long while, enjoying another cigarette. A while later, after it had been a bit, she decided that she would go, though she wanted nothing more to stay and fuck all night long. I mean, she had only two holes penetrated, she still wanted him in everyway possible!

They kissed and he said, ?let?s never do this again, but the next time we do, let?s get a hotel room?? and with that she laughed, waived and headed towards her car.

When she got home it was actually the next morning. Her husband was asleep on the couch. ?Where have you been?? he asked. ?Sorry! We got to talking and went to the casino, and had our coffee and all, but I spaced the time!!!?

He accepted it and they went off to bed.

Will there be a next time?

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