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birthday prank call

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Birthday prank call This is a true story back when I was 17, a friend came over to my house it was his 17th birthday his name was Patrick. We tried to figure out what to do on his birthday and couldn?t come up with any good ideas, so being young and stupid back then, we decided to make prank call and call numbers at random and fuck with people by breathing heavy on the phone and just being kids. This was back when caller i.d. wasn?t even thought of yet. Anyway we called this one number, and was talking to one lady, her name was Dianne. We were talking real dirty to her and she started talking back real dirty to us this went on for about an hour.

She asked our names and we gave her fake names, and she said she want to meet us, and told us she was going to return a movie that she had rented and what rental place it was, she told us what she would be driving (a white Chevy nova) and we told her what we would be driving (white dodge truck), meet her at 1 pm in the afternoon. We drove to the rental place. We showed up around 12:45. Thinking about it she could have had us arrested for the stuff we were talking to her about, but any way we waited and 1 pm came and went we started to leave about 1:15 and we pulled out and went to the stop sign we saw a white Chevy nova pull up to the stop sign and it was her she was a knock out from what we could see of her so we turned around and went back to the store and we pulled up next to her and she went and returned the movie when she came out, we got a real good look at her she had long straight brown hair that stopped at the middle of her back she had a white tank top with firm c-cup breast and had some skin tight jeans we talked for about 15 minutes found out she was an aerobics instructor and she was 29 years old she had the most perfect body I had ever seen a hell of a lot better than the girls in high school. We talked for a little bit and she asked if one of us wanted to go for a ride with her and before, I could get the word yes out my friend Patrick jumped out of my truck and jump in the passenger seat of her car. They left and about 10 minutes went by and they came back. My friend looked at me and shook his head no at me and got back in my truck and mumbled that she was a real bitch, she looked at me and ask if I wanted to go for a ride and just to be nice I said sure I climbed out of my truck and got in to her car and we left we didn?t even get to the stop sign half a block down the street before she put her hand on my thigh and told me that I was a lot better looking than my friend and ask me if I ever had a woman or girl ever give me a blow job. I told her no that high school girls wouldn?t even think about sticking a dick in their mouth. She told me that she loved to give blow jobs but her husband didn?t like them and she told me she had levels of giving blow jobs and she wanted to see how many levels I could get before I came. She turned her car around and met my friend in my truck and I told him to take my truck that I would catch up with him later and then we left again. We pulled over about a mile the road and told me that she wanted me to drive so I slid over to the driver seat and she got in the passenger seat and we took off again and then she reached over and put her hand on my crotch and said let me see that cock of yours and she unzipped my pants and took my cock out of my pants and was semi hard from just talking about sex and she slowly stroke my cock and it instantly got hard now I?m not to well-endowed I?m 5 ½ hard she leaned down and took my cock in her mouth and sucked on my cock real slow.

I never had blow job in my life and damn it was the best feeling I ever had (damn near wrecked the car twice and was going well over the speed limit. She finally told me to pull over in the store parking lot and she continued so suck my cock she would go all the way down to my balls and come back up real slow working her tongue on the bottom of my cock she sucked it in and swirled her tongue on my cock for 30 minutes and I felt that I was about to cum and I told her that I was about to cum and she sucked me all the way down her throat, and started to cum and she swallowed ever last drop of my cum and she came up licking her lips and said are you sure I have never had a blow job and I told no I never had a b.j. and she told me she has never had anyone last as long as I did. That she was going to have fun with me. She met me the next day and I picked her up in my truck and she suck my cock again she told me that she loved sucking my cock cause I could last so long and make her use all her levels. We hung out all day that day after she sucked me dry. We ate lunch that day and then found a secluded spot next to the river in our area. She told me to lay down in the bench seat and then she took my pants down and she took her pants down and she said she was going to fuck me she slowly lowered herself down on my cock, and she slowly fucked me and grinding on my cock and she started pounding herself down on me she came and came several times on me to where I was totally wet from her cumming on me. We fucked for about 6 months, ever where we could find to fuck her car, my truck, an old abandon house at one time even one time in her house on her bed when her husband was gone at work. She taught me so much about how to have sex in many, many positions she even had a friend Christy that joined us a few times and I fucked her friend several times by ourselves without Dianne but that is another story

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