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Best Sex Ever

The best sex I ever has was about 2 years ago. I go out dancing
regularly and I had been noticing a new girl hanging around.
She was very petite which is what I like in a woman. I had noticed
that she was alone so, I went over and asked her to dance.
We did a few dances together, had a few drinks, talked for
about an hour. The next time I was out and saw her there I asked
her for a date on the next weekend. I could hardly wait for
the day to come because she was driving me crazy. She had
the most perfect ass. When the day came, I went to pick her
up and we went to eat seafood. Afterwards we went to dance
because we both loved it. It was about midnight so she was
ready to go home. We went inside her house to sit on the couch
and talk to kinda wind the evening down. I was thinking the
evening had gone bad on my end but she kept looking at me kinda
funny and finally asked me, "are you ever gonna kiss
me"? Wow, what a surprise. After thinking the evening
had gone bad for me she asks me this. So, I lean to give her
a kiss not expecting the passion of her kiss. I knew it was
on the instant our lips touched. She asked me what I wanted,
again catching me off gaurd. I said after a kiss like that
you know what I want. She went to her bedroom to slip into
something more comfortable and leaving me on the couch
for a few minutes thinking "can this really be happening".
When she came back she had on a pair of mens boxer briefs and
an undershirt. We kissed for a little longer until she finally
said "come on". When we got to her room I could
hardly wait. I laid beside her and kissed her. I put my hand
in her underwear and to my amazement and pleasure she was
as bald as Kojak. I took off her panties and moved around
to stick it in. She kept saying the entire time "I told
myself not to do this". I pushed her legs up to her chest
and she reached between her legs to guide me in. After about
ten minutes of watching my dick go in and out of the most perfect
pussy I had ever seen she wanted to change. Now she wants
to give me a blow job! She tells me to lay down and relax. I
lay on my back and she starts giving the best head ever. She
knew how it was done to perfection. She was letting her saliva
run down to lubricate my "hardest ever dick"
and using her hand up and down until I thought I was gonna
pass out. I remember looking at her and seeing her bent over
me, going up and down with her head. And I could see that most
perfect pussy each time she went up. After I had all I could
stand of that I told her to stop because, I wanted to eat her
out. So, she laid back and I knelt at the foot of her bed and
got between her legs. I ate that pussy like there was no tomorrow.
She was pulling my hair, she was pulling her hair, squealing
and kicking with her legs. She grabbed my ears and said "fuck
me now". Again I pushed her legs to her chest and she
guided me in. And after about twenty minutes of just hard
slamming it home sex we both were about to have one of those
earth movers. When it came she was sqealing really high.
Her stomach muscles were like out of control. I felt like
I had so much cum inside me wanting to get out. When we did
come, I was so exhausted. I lay there between her legs and
to her side softly kissing and touching. We were both soaked
in sweat. After about fifteen minutes of softly caressing
ang talking I got off of the bed. I looked at her clock and
realized we had been hard at it for an hour and a half. It was
now about two thirty in the morning and I had an hour drive
home. I left her with a smile on her face and me with the best
sex ever.

End of Story

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