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Beach Bi

It started when my wife and I were on vacation at a beach house on gulf. Tina and I had been acting like we were newlyweds again strolling around town. She was wearing very racy out fits, short shorts with her cheeks peeking out and mini skirts with no panties. We were really trying to go all out with an erotic week. During one of our lovemaking sessions I pulled out a very realistic looking dildo that looked and felt like a cock. I had ordered it online a couple weeks earlier for the vacation. She was shocked and smiling a sinful little smile when I pulled it out. I got her in a 69 and started to fuck her with this dildo when she really started getting into it. She started saying things like "thank you baby for letting him fuck me" "I am loving these two hard cocks"!! Needless to say she came real hard and as we laid in bed exausted she started to talk to me about bringing a man in our bed room. Not really thinking this would ever really happen I said that if the opportunity should arise that I could c

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