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We both get home from work around 6 for a nice long weekend.. we are so excited about spending a weekend just paying attention to one another. Its been such a long time that we were able to do this since work has been crazy with the holidays. We decide to enjoy a nice cozy dinner at home. We have steak on the grill and baked potatoes. The steak is so juicy, and watching you lick the juice off the plate is making my mind imagine and making me think how i am going to tease you like you are teasing me... i clean up the kitchen as you shower and get ready for the night.. i begin my shower and all i can think about is you licking all that juice and i can almost feel your tongue sliding up and down me.. feeling my body tremble... i cant stand it so i reach down between my thighs with the hot water hitting my nipples. The pressure feels so good but i know he is waiting for me so i must hurry my finger rubs my clit so fast.. i just need some release ... pay backs are such a bitch... i make sure that i stay very quiet since i don't want him to hear me satisfying myself in the shower. i get out of the shower and thought i am going to start teasing a little early.. i walk out of the bathroom in my towel and walk over to him and i kiss him on his lips licking the outer part of his lips... i stand before him and drop my towel and walk away leaving the towel laying on the floor before him... i put my make up on and pick out my outfit... i decide to wear a short silky black dress... i go to the living chair and i sit on the ottoman as i pick my black hose off the side of the chair... i look up at him hoping and wanting him to watch me ... we meet eyes and i smile .... i then spread my legs showing him i am not wearing any panties.. as i begin putting the thigh highs on my legs.. i ask him to get my heals and he brings them to me.. I asked him if he could put them on my feet ... he gets on his knees as i spread my legs apart and handing him my foot. I can feel his hands on my feet and i notice he is looking up my dress.. i try so hard to control myself and hoping that he cant see any wetness forming on my outer lips... i then hand him my other foot as i brush the side of his face letting him feel the softness of my thigh highs. i stand and turn and make sure his eyes are on me and i can see the excitement in his eyes. we walk to the car and you open the door for me.. i sit down down and await you.. we begin driving and you reach for my hand.. i feel your warmth on my hands.. i begin to rub your fingers massaging them i scoot over and get closer to you so our hands are in your lap.. i turn my hand and begin massaging your cock. rubbing it up and down circling the head.. you look over at me and i smile. i can feel your cock is happy to be with my hands.. i stoke it nice and slow.. touching every inch i can. you look at me again i can see the arousal in your eyes. we finally get to the pub you want to sit there to calm down some since your pants are so tight.. i say no lets go this way i know how much you enjoyed our car ride.. we enter the bar and u stand close behind me.. you help me off with my coat as i back into you.. i want to feel your hardness one more time before sitting down. You whisper in my ear letting me know how much you enjoyed that.. we sit and have a glass of wine and enjoy one another's company.. the band is playing soft love songs we get up to dance. your hands are rubbing my ass but i just keep grinding my pussy into you. wouldn't you you love to bend me over the table and fuck the hell of out me? your hand spanks my ass some.. and you laugh.. we finish the song and i grab your hand and pull you with me.. we walk to the back of the bar and i enter the ladies room. i come out and pull your hand and have you enter with me.. you stand on the inside of the door alittle curious.. i lock the door and i stand in front of you.. our lips join and our tongues dance.. my hands rubbing up and down your body... i squat down and i begin licking the outside of your pants you begin unzipping them and i reach for your hands.. i put them to your side and i finish unzipping them.. making sure the button is still buttoned.. i open your underwear and there is my beauty.. the head has some precum on it so i look up at you and i lick it off.. i stretch my lips around the head and use my tongue to tease it some more. i then tuck him back in and zip you up. i stand and kiss your mouth and say lets go i want to play a game of pool. i see how disappointed you are that i stopped but just making you want me more. we go and play a few games of pool.. as i walk around the table i make sure i rub myself against you. wanting and craving you more.. you beat me at pool like you do everytime but we have such fun playing turn me around and kiss me pushing me up against the table you sit me on the edge of the table and hold me there.. i get worried because there are other people in the bar but they are unable to see us at the angle you have me at.. your hands reach under my dress.. you feel around and slowly spread my lips apart.. you can feel the wetness i hear you sigh and u ram your finger inside me.. my body just tightens up and i spread my legs to go around you as you push your finger in and out of me.. and then you stop... i look at you with the expression "why are you stopping" and you let me know you want to smell me all night. you help me down from the table and we stand there... i couldn't believe that you did that.. it was only supposed to be my night for teasing.. we go back to the bar to have another drink.. you keep putting your fingers up to your nose and mouth.. you grab onto my thigh and say lets get out of here.. we walk to our car and your hands are all over me... i like how they feel.. we sit inside the back seat and we are like high school students again.. kissing and massaging each other.. you push me back against the passenger side and you spread my legs.. your tongue is so hot you start licking up all the juice.. oh what a feeling i open the top of my dress and grab on my left nibble i pinch it and i can feel more wetness build up ... my legs spread more as your tongue swirls around my clit.. you wrap your teeth around it and pull on it some.. as i let out a push your tongue deep inside me as my hips ride your mouth you place another finger inside. my body begins to ride your tongue and fingers when all of a sudden i let out a scream and i cum all over your mouth.. my body trembles as i feel the juice run down my ass... you turn me over and u slide your cock in my pussy and u begin pumping me hard my head keeps banging u then place a finger in my ass.. i can feel u pushing so u can feel it with your cock inside me almost as if you are stroking your cock with your finger and my pussy.. i immediately cum .. as you spank my ass.. i tighten down as if i am milking your cock... you lose your load right there... we gather ourselves together and we head home.. the smiles on our faces are permanent. We enter our home and you pull me to our bed.. you tie my hands up with me in doggie position... you know how i love that.. u get on your back and you lick more of me... i hear you moan and enjoy my pussy.. you pull on my clit more with your teeth and then lick all around it.. then all of a sudden i feel a toy.. u turn it on and place it on my clit.. i get so wet.. you stand on your feet.. and u slide the vibrating dildo inside me.. i moan louder.. you then lay back and u suck and lick up my juices as u fuck me harder with the toy... i cum again and this time i squirt all over your face.. u keep the dildo inside me and u reach for the ky i hear you lubing up your cock.. it sounds so good... you rub your cock in the inside of my thighhighs.. i can feel the warmth of the precum on it .. and then all of a sudden i feel u sliding inside my ass u push the dildo in me deeper and you turn it on full blast the sensations on your cock is making u swell even more then usual stop stroking yourself in my ass.. and u just stay there telling me how much u enjoy the vibrations but i know the real reason u don't want to cum yet.. oh baby your cock feels great.. the toy inside is making me want to cum.. you pick up the pace and fuck me hard.. i begin cumming all over the toymy ass tighens down and i feel all your juice squirt inside my ass! wow my body just stays still enjoying your moans.. what a great fuck you are! we get out of bed and we shower and climb back into bed and lay in each others arms until we fall fast asleep..

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