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Your Wife

Ted and Mary,(not real names) sat in the van as I walk up.
ted had contacted me after reading my story "dirty minded" and wanted to watch his wife fuck another but not just any man.
he wanted a redneck who could fuck his wife,so I agree to meet up with them out in the country.

Mary is a hot wife, she was wearing a short dress and as I found out later no panties, I begain by rubbing her tits, I nothice Ted had his dick out stroking it in the front set

Mary moan as I slide my finger into her pussy, I layed Mary on the set and Ted moved to watch my dick slide into his wife's pussy, with Mary's legs in the air I fuck her hard and soon shot my load into her.

the next day Ted and Mary wrote me a thankyou notes..
ted told me what got him off was watching her fuck a poor white guy..

I didn't take what he said to bad but some of us guys are like that we want to see our wife's fuck someone below us in class.

so if some of you highclass guys want to live out this fantasy let me..I don't use real names, in fact I don't want to know anyone name..

End of Story