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Your silloutte is illuminated in the light.

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I walk into the dimly lit bedroom. Candles burning everywhere. Your silloutte is illuminated in the light. I walk towards you in my black lace bodystocking and 5 inch stilettos. My hands glide over your back, pulling you downward to my lips. My tongue glides over your lips and into your mouth. I am hungry for you.

You run your hands over my back, down over my ass pulling me to you. We kiss long and hard until my breathing is uneven. I pull back and lie down on the bed. You approach me but I tell you to stop. I tell you to watch me.

I slip my finger in my mouth, wetting it thoroughly. I pull my knees up, my feet balancing on the heels and slowly spread my legs open. My finger goes directly to my clit. I start rubbing my clit. "would you like to see me make myself come?" I ask softly. "would you like to see me come and then fuck me?" I ask as I rub my clit faster.

I slip my finger inside my pussy and tell you how wet I am. You can hear how wet I am. In and out my finger moves and then back over my clit. I reach my hand under the pillow and pull out my vibrator. My eyes glued on yours I turn it on. Slowly I rub it over my clit, back and forth until I'm moaning with pleasure. Your hands are rubbing your now very big and very hard cock.

"I'm going to fuck myself with this vibrator while you watch." I tell you as I slowly slip the head into my pussy. Slowly I move it in and out, taking a little more of it with every thrust. It goes in easily as I am sooo wet.

"This is your cock going in and out of me. This is you I want." I say as I moan with pleasure. "I'm going to come my legs quiver and I come all over the vibrator. "Come here and let me taste that big, hard cock of yours."

You move towards me, kiss me long and passionately and then straddle my face as I take your cock in my mouth. I suck you with such desire, moving my head back and forth to try and swallow you. You move off me, turn around and take the vibrator from me as we 69 with your cock in my mouth and your hand now on the vibrator shoved inside me. Slowly I run my tongue down the base of your throbbing cock and over your balls. I can hear your moaning now and it really turns me on. As my tongue moves downward to the crack of your ass you remove the vibrator and start licking my clit. "I have to taste you" you say. And I come again shuddering from the experience.

My tongue is running back and forth from your balls to your ass and slowly i push my tongue right up your ass. You are begging me to let you be inside me. I move away from our 69 position, straddle you and as you think I'm going to put your cock deep inside me I push your legs open, move down and take your cock in my mouth once again. "I'm not done with you," I say. "You feel too good in my mouth for me to stop now." Slowly I take every inch of you deep down the back of my throat while my hands and gently rubbing your balls. Your cock moves in and out, deeper with each thrust. Your moans and words drive me crazy. I am so wet for you and need you so badly but I am going to wait. My tongue moves down the underside of your cock as I look deep into your eyes. My desire for you is obvious. Slowly I move further down and take your balls in my mouth. Gently I roll my tongue over them as my hand moves up and down on your cock. My tongue, once again, moves down to your ass. I love to do this. It turns me on to see you in such ecstacy. As my tongue and mouth work your ass my hand is rubbing your hard, hard cock.

Finally you can't take it and you pull me up, push me on my back, spread my legs wide open and slowly push the head of your cock inside me. My eyes are locked on yours and you can tell how much I want you. You are teasing me now as I did to you. Slowly you push a little deeper inside me. "Please Chris, I need you deep, deep inside". I say. You never take your eyes off me as you push deep inside. I am so wet that you slip in and out of me with ease.

You throw my legs over your shoulders and pump me sooo deep. I come with such force that we are both drenched with my come. "I want you to fuck me in the ass now" I say. "Put your big hard cock in my ass and fuck me and then pull out and come all over my outstretched tongue". Just the words make you crazy. You pull out of my soaking wet pussy and with my legs still over your shoulders you rip a the hole in the crotch of the bodystocking to get to my ass. As I watch, you slowly push your cock in my ass stopping every so often to ask if I'm ok. As I adjust I am getting turned on and begin to move with you. "That's your cock in my ass right now Chris, does it feel good? Is it tight?" and with those words I can tell your going to come. "Come on my tongue so I can taste you" I say. You pull out, move forward and come on my waiting tongue. You come loudly and forcefully and there is so much come dripping onto my tongue as I swallow every last drop of you.

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