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You have seduced me all day - Fantasy - (MF)

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You have seduced me all day over the phone and via emails...My pussy is wet and soaked from your words and excited you're finally going to meet me, the anticipation, the excitement…I’m so ready to be owned, TAKEN, pleasured, used and loved...I come to you as you have demanded...a short skirt and knee high boots, remove my soaked panties and put them in my hand...I knock on the hotel door and when you open it, I melt and feel weak in the knees. I know at this point I have given up my control and words do not need to be spoken. You will be in control as your hand takes mine and leads me into the room. I’m scared... yet excited. I know I shouldn't be here, but needed you, needed to experience what ONLY YOU CAN GIVE ME. The anticipation is overwhelming; as I’m trusting you will touch me and make me feel as never before.

You’re wrapped in a towel only; I glance down and see your huge hard on trying to come thru the towel. You grab me and pin me against the wall, taking my soaked panties from my hands, finding my lips and drowning me in a seductive, long and passionate kiss. Your hands are roaming, feeling the soft curves of my body as I feel your long, hard and thick cock under the towel. I want to taste you… you grab my hair, push me down, put me on my knees and allow me to take you in my mouth. I feel your excitement, throbbing, ready for my throat, tasting your sweetness and running my hands and mouth over the entire length and thickness of your hard shaft. You grab my hair and pull me up to you wanting me to finish you off into my mouth, but not quite yet. You kiss me again, tasting my delicious lips and feeling my body tremble in your arms as we drown in each other's passion.

Grabbing my hair again you turn me toward the wall, hold my trembling hands, put them against the wall, spread my legs and put me in a "police frisk" position. You push up against my ass; I’m excited with the feeling of a huge hard on against me, knowing you can excite me without ever seeing you naked or touching you. Your fingers in my hair, lips against my neck slowly and gently kissing for a moment, then moving to my ear until you whisper, "you have been a naughty girl thinking of me, coming to me without your boyfriend's knowledge, wanting to give yourself to me, wanting a huge cock to fill and TAKE all of you for hours nonstop, needing to be touched, loved, pleasured, used, taken and owned by another man, being forced to suck and fuck like a slut, being spanked, your nipples and breasts bitten and sucked, wanting to feel pain and have been playing with yourself until orgasms flow over and over with the thought of my cock buried in your pussy and coming to me for your cravings to be I will punish and satisfy you for your naughty thoughts"

You firmly, yet gently grab my hand, take me over to a wooden table, put me on my knees and bend me over it. My breasts and my nipples feel the hard and cold surface thru my blouse, as you spread my legs wide, and the heat coming from between them is intense. You take my wrists and tie silk ties around them, one at a time. I feel how gentle you are with me and the feeling of the silk against my soft skin sends chills all over my body. You take your time and tie my hands behind my back, I’m excited knowing that you will slap my ass and fuck me hard, deep and long. I’m in position now, it’s overwhelming me and I know there is no going back. I’m on my knees, bent over the table, my tummy and breasts against the wooden table, my nipples hard and erect, my hands tied behind my back, my legs spread open as you put a blindfold on me..

I gasp as I feel your strong, warm; firm and gentle hand lift my skirt. You feel my wanting ass exposed as you lift and place my skirt in the small of my back. I’m completely vulnerable and anticipating the forthcoming pleasure on my pretty ass. I moan as I feel your hand cover both soft cheeks. You spank my sweet ass with several swift strokes so I know who owns me, who will teach me, whose student I am. Then I feel your hand rub and play with my ass… so soft, so gentle and how wonderful it feels as you rub…You grab my hair, pulling it as I feel your fingers opening my cunt. You whisper naughty words in my ear as I feel your experienced hands playing with and stroking my clit, rubbing my labia and your fingers entering my sweet and hot wetness. You finger me, touch me, and stroke me. I’m helpless as you take control over me. Spreading my legs more for you, my body language is telling you that I need you that I need this, that I need to be TAKEN.

As you bring me close to my first wave of pleasure, I feel your fingers leaving my sweet wetness. I feel the head of your cock teasing me, entering the opening of my sweet pussy as you begin to stretch me. You take your time just teasing with your enormous head as I moan and want more. You slowly fill my throbbing cunt with a little more of your cock. I am begging you to fuck me. I need to feel a huge cock inside me and I want this more than anything at the moment. I arch back, opening my cunt for you as you slowly tease me with a few more inches. I’m begging to be fucked and push back showing you I’m ready. You hold my hips and SLAM; you prick deep inside me, fill me with every hard and thick inch and POUND my cunt as never before. I scream, I buck and I fuck you back...You unload your first load of creamy cum, shot after shot of your hot seed buried deep in my wanting pussy and don't stop until you have given me all of you. You stay deep inside of me as you feel me tighten down on your shaft with my tight cunt, keeping you hard and knowing you will give me more.

You slowly pull out of me and I beg for you to play with my pussy more, you feel my cunt dripping and I love how you have taken control and made me YOUR SLAVE. You grab my hair, pull me up, reach underneath and RIP open my blouse, exposing my pretty tits and hard nipples… You lay me back on the table and my nipples are rock hard and longing for your hands and mouth... You place your hand on the inside of my thigh and feel the heat and see my juices dripping, I spread my legs more, I want you to touch me, but you won't. I feel your strong yet gentle hands playing with me.

Then I feel your mouth, kissing me, your tongue traveling down, down my thigh and back up, kissing my sweet and wet lips, tasting my juices and smelling my delicious aroma. Tasting my sweet cream mixed with yours is heaven and your tongue plunges in my waiting cunt... licking, sucking, probing, tasting as I can't believe what you’re doing to me. You have me on the edge and you decide to bring me over it.

TAKING me, sucking me, licking and tonguing me over and over again until I cum and explode all over your mouth, not able to hold back, you make me cum and cream again.. and again… and again… with your mouth and tongue up and down my clit, and pussy...for the first time in my life, I can't help myself, I have never cum like this before and I’m gushing all over you.. YOU’RE TAKING IT FROM ME., bringing the WOMAN out of me!!

You finger my pussy, and then your mouth and tongue work it, getting it ready to ride your huge hard cunt is being explored, pleasured and satisfied at the same time…my legs spread wide open and I’m riding your face and tongue; pushing back and begging to have your cock fill my hole... I want cock…I want BIG cock…I want huge loads of sweet cum shot inside me and leaving hot, wet and sticky cream between my legs…I want to give you my pussy and I want you to TAKE and own it…

You untie my hands, take off my blindfold, pull me from the table as I fall on my knees and your dick is there, in front of my pretty face and lips...throbbing and ready for me...I take you, wrap my lips around your thickness, feel how huge you are as I take you in my mouth and choke on you, feeling your head touch the back of my throat...your hands in my hair... thinking to yourself, should I let her suck me her way or force fuck her mouth and throat instead?

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