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Wrestler's Rhapsody Part One

Part One

I'm seventeen as of today. Killer's twenty two and a wrestler. A damn
big wrestler, too. Six foot eight, three hundred pounds and bossy as

I was only sixteen when we first met and he took me in. Kind of
becoming an instant parent. I found him and one of his buddies in a
lake. They actually started out in a boat, but didn't stay there long.
Can't really blame them for not being good swimmers after they got head
banged as the boat went over. I made sure they didn't drown. Anyway
that's another story. We had an instant attraction for one another. He
was half conscious when he first saw me. Not too hard to impress
someone who thinks you're an angel! I told him I wasn't.

So you could say I was kind of adopted. Legal guardian to a bratty
teenager doesn't bring any fame. Killer nearly had a coronary when he
found out how old I was. He was already famous, anyway.

Once legal papers were signed and I became his responsibility he wasted
no time bossing me around. Rule One: no sex, or anything even
resembling it was going to happen as long as I was under age. Rule Two:
no lying, ever or else. Rule Three: no brushes with the law. Rule
Four: no yelling, swearing, throwing things or tantrums in general.

The first three rules were pretty easy to follow. The last one was
hell. I was used to getting my own way. Killer was used to getting

I have to admit he was pretty patient. He took it pretty well the day I
dyed my hair blue (just a rinse). He'd made some piggish comment about
people with blue hair being morons. He saw an example of one while
choosing a school for me to attend. I thought the school had a lot to
offer academically. Killer preferred some stuffy all girl's school. I
won that battle because I promised to bring those leering little girls
home in groups with me to meet the famous man.

Killer is never wrong. He'll tell you that himself. Anyway, I figured
a straight A report card presented by someone with blue hair would be
good for a laugh. He didn't laugh. After the initial shock I was
ordered to my room. He momentarily backed off when I said "But I did it
for you!" That bought me enough time to explain why I had blue hair. I
guess he realized how important it was for me to prove him wrong, just

I'd been planning to surprise Killer by buying a dress. Tomboys don't
wear dresses until they're damn good and ready to. Well, I was ready.
I bought it last week at an exclusive shop in L.A. Killer's favourite
colour is midnight blue, which goes well with my red hair. He'd never
seen me in a dress and I wanted to make an impression. A big

This was going to be a special evening for Killer, but he didn't know
that yet. I found out he'd lied to me. About three weeks after I moved
in he took me to see the sun set over the ocean. I noticed some very
elegant looking people entering a restaurant. He told me the place had
a dress code and that he would only take me out to eat there if I wore a
dress. I believed him, too.

Imagine my shock when I called the place a week before my birthday to
make a reservation. No, they didn't have a dress code, I was told.
Well, it was pay back time. He'd threatened to spank me if I ever lied
to him. ( So maybe he has a few pounds on me and I'm not smart enough to
be afraid of him, but I'm not crazy enough to piss him off on purpose,
either.) Killer was going to regret he'd ever lied to me!

I needed a week lead time for those stupid shoes. I've never worn high
heels and I didn't want to break any body parts on my birthday (well,
maybe one body part). I practiced every morning for an hour and a half
walking around the house. I'm an early riser (say 5 am). Killer's an 8
am type of guy. The last thing I needed was to have him catch me
practicing and blow away my surprise.

My height is 5 foot seven which used to be tall until he showed up. The
dress was sexy. Kind of silky with skinny straps, low cut enough to
show off cleavage and a split up one side to show off some thigh. I
even learned to do something with my hair which spent most of its time
stuffed under a ball cap. It was piled up hanging down on one side. I
took the time to apply makeup to cover the freckles. I don't wear
makeup, but somehow freckles just didn't seem very sexy or mature to me.

When I got ready to make my grand entrance Killer's mom kept him and
Crusher (other wrestler I found in the lake) busy. As I entered the
living room their backs were to me. Even his mom was surprised at my
new look. Her facial expression caused them to turn quickly and
stare. I waited forever it seemed to get a reaction.

"Well, do I look fat?" I said. It was hard to just stand there getting
stared at without anyone saying anything.

"You look beautiful, Katie." Crusher said and excused himself. Killer's
mom just smiled and went to the kitchen to fix coffee. Killer smiled
and winked. I could have melted into the carpet. No guy has the right
to look that sexy!

"So you are a girl." he chuckled. I walked over to him and playfully
slugged his arm. Slugging wrestlers isn't really advisable. They don't
seem to notice so if you get carried away and slug too hard you end up
hurting yourself.

"I thought you hadn't figured that out, so I dressed up. If you
remember, you said you'd take me out to dinner at that place on the
wharf if I wore a dress. Is that still the deal?"

"Yep. I always keep my word, Katie. But this is Saturday and without a
reservation we might not get a table. I'll call and check it out

"I already made the reservation, just in case. The guy said I could
cancel without it being a problem." I smiled up at him sweetly and
winked back. The dress code lie was all I could focus on. When was he
going to tell me?

"How long do I have to get ready?"

"I made it for 6 pm." It was now 2 pm. That would give him four hours
to cough up the truth. Ample time to put my plan into action.

"I was going down to the gym with Crusher till around 4 o'clock. You
won't change your mind, now, will you?"

"Nope. I intend to put a big dent in your wallet tonight." He just
laughed at that. It was one of the things we fought about constantly.
He has money and he's very generous. I have pride and get pissed off
when he tries to buy me stuff. He gave me a playful swat on the behind
and left to join Crusher. Getting smacked even playfully by a wrestler
could be compared to being hit by a big truck!

I spent some time with Killer's mom having coffee. Once the guys left I
was able to sneak up to his room to finish off my preparations then went
off to have a nap. I'd been planning the loss of my virginity for an
entire week. Tonight I would need a mountain of courage to actually make
a pass at him. He'd made the rules clear, but as of today, I wasn't
under age. It seemed worth the risk. Anyway, he'd lied to me and I was
determined to make him pay dearly for it.

We met in the living room at 5 pm dressed and ready to go. He still
hadn't mentioned the big lie. I was beginning to wonder if he
remembered telling one. I was starting to get worried by the time the
limo pulled up. We hadn't made it out of the driveway when he spoke up.

"Katie, I have a confession to make." I flashed an angelic smile at
him. Here it comes. "Do you remember the time I took you to the wharf
to watch the sunset?" I nodded still smiling. "Well, Katie, I lied to
you about the dress code at the restaurant." I pretended to be shocked.
"Please don't get upset. It's just, well, I didn't know you very well
then and I thought if I gave you a reason to wear a dress that you just
might do it. I never meant to hurt you, Katie. If you want to change
your mind about going to dinner I'll understand." He looked sincere, but
he hadn't suffered nearly enough to suit me. He was going to do A LOT
of suffering if I got my way.

"Do you remember what you said you'd do to me if I ever lied to you,
Killer?" I said trying to look as crushed as possible. "You said you'd
spank me. Well, what am I supposed to do to you? I think I deserve
some kind of compensation, you know. It's only fair." I finally had
the upper hand. He looked kind of sheepish sitting there, lost for
words. That was a first. I moved over to the other seat in the limo.
Still close enough to touch his knee if I reached out with my hands.
"It seems to me you should be punished for lying. Don't you agree?"

"I guess so." He kind of shrugged but one eyebrow lifted. "What did you
have in mind?" That was the opening I'd been praying for.

"Well, I think you should pay a heavy price for lying. The only reason
I bought this dress was so you'd take me out like you promised. Anyway,
if you really are sorry I want you to lean back, relax and close your
eyes. I have something I'd like to say, but if you're staring at
me...well..I'd just end up getting flustered or pissed off. Will you do
that?" He nodded got comfortable and closed his eyes. I couldn't read
the expression on his face. "You have to promise to listen until I'm
done. No interrupting. OK?"

"Go ahead, Katie. I'm all ears." It wasn't his ears I was interested

"I figure you lied because you were trying to con me into looking like a
girl. You know I'm not comfortable wearing that sissy stuff. So first
I want to know if that's why you lied?"

"Yes it is."

"Well, now I look like a girl. But let me warn you, I intend to fix
your little red wagon and before tonight is over you're really going to
regret provoking me. I have a proposition for you. After you've heard
it, and I mean all of it, then you can answer. You get three choices.
Yes. No. Or, you'll take a raincheck. Should I continue?" Please say
yes before I chicken out.

"Keep talking," a lopsided grin spread over that devilishly handsome

"I'd like to make a pass at you. I'm not quite sure how so I'll just
come out and say it. I don't want to wake up tomorrow morning still a
virgin. Since it's your fault that I don't feel like one, or look like
one, I think you should do something about it." This was a lot harder
than I thought it would be. Even though his eyes were still closed I
knew I was blushing.

"When I bought this dress, I'd already found out you lied. So, I picked
out some of that sexy lingerie. I bought six outfits all different
colours. I'm proposing to model them for you privately after dinner."
Thank God he was smiling when I took a peek at him. I was spending most
of my time studying my shoes. This was really embarrassing.

"My private sitting room is all prepared. There's a bottle of champagne
in the fridge and a pound of those red gr*pes you like. I fixed up the
big arm chair for you and on the table beside it is a bowl with six
folded pieces of paper. Each one has a different colour written on it.
So you would have to get comfy, pick one, and we'll see what colour you
get first." I peeked again. He was grinning. He wasn't supposed to be
enjoying this. Just wait, I thought, you'll get yours.

"Then I'll go put it on. Now remember, this is punishment for you. I
made sure every outfit is put together with laces. I figure a big
wrestler like you should be able to operate laces. I put them on. You
get to take them off. No touching though, just looking." I swear I
heard him groan softly. "I think an old guy like you should be able to
make it through all six colours. There's even a special door prize if
you behave yourself. One outfit is the "I Dream of Genie" type. That's
what the gr*pes are for. I'll peel them for you while your busy
working." I could hear him breathing.

"I think if you can behave yourself until the show is over I can forgive
you for lying. It seems to me the ultimate pay back, even if it hurts
worse than being spanked. I bet you'll never lie again." There it was
out. Killer was still grinning. He didn't look very penitent to me.
My face was still hot. I was sure when he opened his eyes I would just
die of shame.

"Alright, that's what I wanted to say. You can think about your answer
until after dinner, if you want to. You can open your eyes now."
Please say yes, Please say Yes, Please SAY YES!!!

When I was able to look at him I was surprised to see him staring out
the window. He seemed deep in thought. He finally looked at me,
patting the seat beside him. I moved over happy not to have to look
straight at him. One arm dropped around my shoulders and he leaned over
giving me a kiss on the side of my face. Hot lips slid over to my ear.

"You've been planning this for quite some time, I bet. I ought to spank
you for being such a tease, little girl." he whispered in my ear. I
shivered with delight/fear.. something was spreading over my body.

"That might even be fun, as long as you're not pissed off when you do."
I turned to give him my cutest smile.

"Cheeky little witch," But the way he said it made me feel like a
million bucks. I could have attacked him right there in the car. But I
had to steel myself against the temptation. Killer was going to endure
all six colours, even if it took until Monday.

End of Story

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