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Work Parking Lot Fun

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This actually happened last night and i had to write about it today because i can not stop thinking about it. The hot girl is M, who i have wrote about before. She is a HOT asian girl with the most amazing body. She has firm breasts with the nicest soft nipples. Her ass is so amazing and she always tells me what thong she is wearing and all i can imagine is tearing them off of her. She has a nice tight body because she works out everyday.

This night has been planned for over a week but we had no idea what it would lead into. Our company got tickets for us for a local sports game and there were a lot of people attending. However, our coworkers live downtown far from our office expcept me and M. So we decided that i would drive and after the game i would take her back to her car at work. Well on the drive down there you could tell that there was some sexual tension in the car, but nothing too crazy because it was still early in the night. Once we got to the game we talked with our coworkers and didnt really talk much with each other. By the time the game was over it was about 11pm and we were walking back to my car. After getting through the traffic we got on the highway. After a few minutes i couldnt hold back and started talking about how bad i want to have sex with her. She is the type of girl that is so hot and so sexy that you know that the sex would be a night to remember and i cant stop thinking about it. After telling her this she completely agreed and we discussed having sex on business trips if we ever go on one together. I couldnt believe she actually agreed to fuck me on a business trip. By this time my dick was rock hard thinking about it and i was slowly rubbing her leg.

We finally get back to our office and she tells me she is parked in the back. I pull around back and park my car and turn off the lights. It is pretty dark back there and not many people drive by, especially since it is so late. As we were finishing up our conversation we talked about if we should kiss or not. Knowing we were both going home to someone else we couldnt resist the sexual tension. She leans forward and we start to kiss. Her lips were so incredibly soft and as i put my tongue in her mouth i slowly massaged her tongue. She has the softest tongue ever. It was such a hot passionate kiss i am still thinking about it today. I felt like i was back in high school.

After a few minutes we stopped and i asked her if she would like to finish kissing in the back seat. After she agreed we both got out and went to the back seat were she stratelled me and we started kissing like crazy. I couldnt resist and lifted her shirt up exposing her firm breasts in her bra. I undid her bra as fast as possible and started sucking on her left nipple. She started to moan as soon as i started to suck on it. She started grinding harder and harder on my rock hard dick. I wasnt wearing any underwear so she could feel everything. I started to suck on her other nipple and pinch the other until she moaned louder. She kept saying that she wants to suck my dick so i pulled down my pants and exposed my rock hard 8in cock for her. She leaned over and started sucking better than i have ever had it sucked before. Up and down she sucked licking my whole cock and it felt so good to have her soft lips and tongue all over my dick. As she was sucking i undid her pants and started to rub that tight ass. She wasnt wearing any panties which almost made me cum when i found out. I was able to reach down a little lower and touch her soaking wet pussy. She started stroaking and sucking my dick harder once i made contact with her clit. I started to rub it and i could feel her wet pussy all over my fingers. So i plunged one finger in and started thursting it in and out. Then i slowly slipped another finger and started fingering her faster and faster. I thought she was going to cum right there. Then i took another finger and started playing with her tight little ass. So i started fucking both of her holes with my fingers. Her tight little ass felt so good. She got up and demanded to be fucked. She slowly slid her jeans off exposing her fully shaven, throbbing pussy. She sat on my lap and in one quick motion my dick was buried inside of her. We both let out the loudest moans. We started fucking harder and harder. She kept bouncing up and and down on my hard cock screaming at the top of her lungs. Feeling her tight ass was amazing as i pushed her pussy down harder on my dick. Then i reached up and grabbed onto her hair and pulled it like the kinky girl she is. She whispered in my ear she wanted to be bent over.

So i put down both seats in my SUV so we had more room. After i did this she leaned over and started sucking my dick again. I could tell she was enjoying the taste of her own pussy all over my cock. Once she sucked it clean she bent over and grabbed onto the driver and passenger head rests. She arched her back sticking her tight little ass and pussy up in the air. I had to lick it one last time. I leaned down and started licking her clit so softly which drove her crazy. Then i shoved my tongue deep in her pussy and started fucking her with my tongue. After a few minutes i couldnt leave her tight little asshole so i licked around it and slowly stuck my tongue in her ass. She let out a huge scream as i started fucking her ass with my tongue and fingering her pussy. I knew she was ready to cum so i slid my dick deep in her pussy. I started out slow pushing in and out then i started going faster and faster all while trying not to blow my load. I leaned over and was holding her while i fucked her and whispered in her ear how i loved fucking her tight pussy. Then i grabbed on to her hair and gave it a little tug as i fucked her good. I could feel her pussy start to tighten so i stuck my finger in her ass. Her ass was already lubed up from me licking it so my finger easily went in and i just kept fucking both holes until she let out a huge scream saying "IM CUMMING IM CUMMING!!" i could feel her pussy tighten around my hard cock and just kept fucking her harder and harder. As she was starting to calm down i had her lay on her back so i could cum. I slowly stuck my dick in again when she was on her back. I started fucking her as hard as i could and within minutes i could feel a rush of cum build up so i pulled out and shot my hot cum all over her breasts and stomach. She just grabbed my dick and jacked it off until there was no more cum. Then leaned down and sucked all of the cum off my dick including the cum from her pussy. Then we kissed each other so pationaltly and you could taste everything on her tongue. We then layed down and continued to laugh at how random it was but loved every minute of it. I held her hot naked body for a few minutes after before we had to leave.

I can not wait until our first business trip together! I cant wait to fuck her in the shower and all over the hotel room. Hopefully that story will be ready sooner than later.

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