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Windstorm on a Motorcycle- The erotic ride of our dreams

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As the bike rolled down the highway smoothly through the curves the skies overhead began rolling. Clouds were swimming through the sky as quickly as the wheels coursed the miles towards home and safety. The sky started to electrify. As I hugged Paul around the waist the tension in the air grew. Giving over control of the ride became much more difficult for me when the threat of storm made the ride much more dangerous. Only 100 miles left to go before home and the safety of our warm bed with satin sheets.

As the ride had begun this morning I was to be a passenger for the first time in many months. Piloting my own machine, having control, gave way to desire this morning to experience something new. To experience the thrill of being totally controlled by one I trust implicitly both body and soul. So I hopped up behind Paul on his machine this morning rather than take my own. The promise of an exciting ride was all that was needed to motivate me to be his passenger.

The day had begun nice enough. The sun was shining as we set out in no particular direction, just wherever the turn in the road would take us. I?d spent particular time on my appearance this morning; making sure that I would gain the full benefit of being a passenger on Paul?s high powered machine. I had purposely worn a skirt on the bike, with no panties. I chose a halter top to take advantage of the sun predicted for the day, not to mention the feel of Paul?s touch at every stop. While sandals are not necessarily the most sought after riding apparel they do allow for being cool on a 95 degree day while on the bike. According to my lover Paul, the ?fuck me heels? of the sandals do something incredible to my ass when I walk. I had every intention of doing something to him at every opportunity when we stopped. Having Paul to have to touch my ass every time we stopped, to help me on and off the bike while wearing the heels, was a side benefit I had not expected. It added to my growing need for him as the day wore on.

At one point I don?t know how Paul was able to concentrate on driving his powerful machine. We had settled into a rhythm on the bike. We were cruising down the interstate in and out of traffic. The sun was beating down warming us both as we rode. As I leaned forward to ask the question of how long before we stopped again I got a whiff of Paul?s masculine scent. A moan escaped my lips before I could stop it. Paul asked me ?Babe do you want to play??

?You know I do babe, but you just said we had about 40 miles before we stopped again, I can wait until then.? I replied. He just chuckled and said ?Come here. Scoot forwards just a hair and try putting your leg up, stretched out on top of mine toward the highway peg. Now, that?s it. Steady now. Sit back and enjoy babe.? I realized all of a sudden what he had in mind. He had every intention of making me cum on the bike as he drove.

He had positioned his body right next to mine. His fingers were within easy reach of my nether regions. All he had to do was reach back as if pulling his wallet out of his back pocket. Only he was placing his fingers so they touched my clit and started to stroke. Thank goodness his Harley Ultra Classic had a rear seat with a back rest. It gave me the support I needed to balance on the bike as we moved down the road. Speed steadied by cruise control provided a rhythm with the ridges in the asphalt. As we ran over the highway a subtle tension began to build; from deep within my core started the waves of orgasm. I reached up to hold onto Paul?s shoulders as his fingers stroked my most special place. Wave upon wave of rippling sensations was felt. So strong was my reaction, I was sure that I was shuddering so hard that we would tip the bike over. Fortunately Paul is very good at handling his machine and me. I could not help but squeeze tighter and tighter on his shoulders. I laid my forehead on the back of his neck and before I knew what I was doing I was biting it as Paul stroked and pushed and tweaked the last waves of orgasm from my body. It was all I could do to stay in an upright position as I regained my composure.

I had no idea how many miles we had gone while I was riding wave upon wave of delight at Paul?s touch. All I knew was that I felt like I had flown to heaven via the Harley and his touch. I began to look around and remember where I was. Traffic was still going by and us a part of it. I wondered if those pickups and lexis? had any clue what happened just a few feet away from them to the lady on the back of the Ultra. As I pondered that thought we pulled into a rest stop to take a break and give me the opportunity to wash up.

?Babe, Thank you for that. I can?t explain it but that was so fabulous. I?ve not felt an orgasm like that before. Combining the motion of the bike, your touch, and the needs of my release made it so fabulous.? Paul held me long and strong for several moments. Finally I felt as if I could walk to the restroom without falling though I was still a bit weak in the knees. How I was ever going to make the last of the distance home was beyond me. This ride had become more than just a day of freedom on the bike. It was fast becoming one of sexual enlightenment. By my calculations we had over a hundred miles to go to reach home. What was in store for me during those miles? I can?t wait to find out.

?Babe we need to get the move on? said Paul as I returned from the restroom to the bike. ?It seems we have a storm brewing. I just checked the weather report and the look in the sky confirms. It is going to be a race from here on out to get home dry. I hate that for us. I was so enjoying our leisurely ride but now it is time to roll, and fast.?

?No problem darling. I am ready when you are. Besides, a little rain never hurt anyone. I certainly won?t melt. As hot as it is it will probably feel pretty good? I said. I climbed aboard the bike and we were off. I could see the storm already in the distance. The clouds were rolling in at an incredible rate. It seemed home was right in the direction of the storm. As the miles wore on the sky got darker, and the air started to become charged. I could feel the storm in the air as well as see it in the sky.

Suddenly the sky lit up with streaks of lightening so close the hair was standing up on my neck. It made Paul jump at the crack. Rain was coming ? the smell was in the air of damp and wet, the tension palpable. The first drops of rain hit us. Neither of us was dressed for the race home in the rain, he in a tank top, jeans, and riding boots, I in a jean skirt, red cotton knit halter, and sandals. The race was to come to an end. I hugged him tighter. Paul bent his head lower to try and avoid the rain as it pelted his face. Paul knew that he needed to find us cover, and fast before we were more than just damp. The severity of the storm meant that with lightening we would be a target out in the open on the bike. There in the distance was an overpass, shelter, however small. The rain was coming down harder now, we were getting drenched. Shelter would not come soon enough.

?There?s cover up ahead. It?s not much but will have to do? shouted Paul over the rain, thunder, and rumble of the bike engine.

?Good, I am already drenched clear through? I replied as we closed the last half mile to come to a halt on the shoulder of the road under the overpass. Traffic continued to move through the storm. The swish of water heard as tires ran through the puddles at the shoulders edge. ?I?m totally frozen Paul. I am soaked to the skin.?

?Well that isn?t hard to do when you don?t have much covering your skin, if at all? replied Paul with a grin. ?Come here, let me try and warm you up. I certainly didn?t expect this storm to move through so fast. We?ll have to wait it out here, or at least for it to settle down to a slow drizzle, not this torrential downpour.?

As I stepped forward into his arms the sky lit up with a streak of lightening which touched within a couple hundred yards beyond us. The crack of thunder followed almost immediately. All combined to electrify the air. I reached up to Paul as I stepped into his arms. His lips touched mine and we were immediately electrified. The passion of the storm in the air was translating to our bodies.

Immediately I became wet between my thighs and it wasn?t from the rain. The same must have been true for Paul as his grip in my hair was so strong that it felt as if he was trying to rip it lose. All I could do was feeling, the roughness of his lips as they plundered my mouth, his hands in my hair, rubbing my bare back. My body was responding in waves of its own. All sense of where we were dissipated. All propriety disappeared with the waves of wind and rain.

I raised my hands and my fingers clutched hair and strong shoulders looking for the strength to stand as I became week in the knees. The wind brought mist from the rain to my skin. Cooling the heat generated by Paul?s touch. However the coolness didn?t last for long. A hand found its way beneath my skirt. Fingers rubbed that most intimate place, instantly finding the pleasure nub. Tingling began low in my belly. I parted my legs and lifted one back up to the foot rest on the bike; giving better access to Paul as he stroked with those magic fingers. I reached for him, placing my hand between his thighs. He was rock hard and moaned at my touch. He responded by increasing the intensity of his stroking on my pleasure center. Sliding a finger in and creating a rhythm that mimicked the rain.

?Ummmmm baby what are you doing to me? I gasped. ?We can?t, not here. We?re on the side of the highway. But ohhh it feels so good. Don?t stop.? I reached for his belt buckle. Fumbling with the catch as another wave of please ripped through me. Lightening struck. The rumble of thunder reverberated through the underpass area as Paul?s manhood broke free strong and proud from the enclosure of his jean shorts. I reached for him lowering my head at the pressure of his fingers on the back of my head, pushing myedown toward his pulsing manhood. Shielded between the bike and his body I began to lick tentatively at the juices dripping on the end of his cock.

One, two three little flicks of my tongue and a moan escaped deep in Paul?s throat. As the moan escaped Paul reached down lifting me at the waist sitting me across the bike seat yet pulled just enough forward to allow access. I wrapped my legs around his waist as his manhood entered my pussy. ?oh baby, what are we doing, right here on the side of the road. God you feel so good inside me. Yes, yes, yesssss. That?s it. Oh my god. Noooo, not yet? he slowed his rhythm to allow the wave of orgasm to slow. Only slowing brought a renewal, another wave began to build. Paul began to stroke my nipples, little circles to match the rhythm of the rain drops. Peaks hard with passion, sensitive to the slightest pressure of Paul?s fingers were even more sensitive as he rolled the nipple between his fingers matching the circles with the rhythm from below. All this through the cotton fabric of the halter I wore.

More wind, more rain, air cooling the heat on my skin yet the heat from within building so intense I didn?t feel the cool dampness of the storm. All I could feel was wave upon wave of orgasm as it shook me. I clung so tightly to Paul that my nails actually tore through his shirt and left marks on his shoulders. Over and over the waves continued. ?Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!? Suddenly I felt the tension in his shoulders, the firmness in his belly, the grip in my hair tightened. The spasms in my belly were now echoed by his release.

?Oh baby, aghhhhhh, yessssss!? exclaimed Paul as he found release at last from the tension that had built from the beginning of the ride to culminate in the midst of the storm on the side of the highway, under the underpass.

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