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Wifes First

I had been trying for years to get my wife to wear revealing clothes that would show off her lovely body. After trying for a while I finally convinced her to but some really short skirts to wear when we went on vacation since no one would know who we were. We had been out to the beach and Deb decided she would take a shower while I went to get something for lunch. Well about the time I got up to the front desk to ask for direction to a burger joint when I saw that the local pizza place would deliver. I got this idea to place an order maybe the delivery guy would catch Deb getting dress. Well I called and placed the order they told me it would be about 20 or 30 minutes. I waited out near the pool watching the door when the pizza guy pulled up. He goes to the room and knocks my wife thinking I had locked myself out just opens the door. She is standing there face to face with the delivery guy and she has nothing on but the towel that is wrapped around her head. He is telling her that the pizza order is 20 dollars and she is turning red from embarrassment . He said something that I could not make out and my wife closes the door. I wait and wonder what in the world is going on in there after just a few minutes the guy comes out and leaves. I run up to the room my wife is laying on the bed with cum all over her 36d tits. I asked her what happen she tells me the pizza guy made her an offer she just could not refuse. He told her if she would let him fuck her tits she could have the pizza for free. She said it was the spur of the moment and the fact that 19 or 20 guy had a hard on looking at her. I begin talking to her about the next encounter. She said she would have loved to suck on it for him since it was a really large cock. But that is another story.

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