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Wifes X-Rated story -more complete vesion!(swing,male domination,exhibitionism)

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(100% true)

My wife and I were staying in a midtown hotel for her college class reunion. On reunion night, she was fetched by Alex, an old college boyfriend. They had been previously exchanging sexy e-mail. My wife had admitted that Alex was still very interested in her after all these years.

I had agreed on this set-up since my wife said it was the most practical arrangement since his house was not that far from the hotel where we were staying.

I decided to spend the night in our hotel room browsing on the internet and watching some porno movies while waiting for her return.

She kept calling me regularly by cell phone to update me on the progress of the events in her reunion. She was very enthusiastic about the compliments she was receiving for her fantastic overall coordination of the reunion. She called again to tell me that her welcome speech was well received by the whole class. They said it was "witty, entertaining and so enthusiastic". She also said that the dancing was about to begin.

At about 10:30 pm, I got another call from her. My cell phone rang.

Me "Well, having fun?"

Her "Yeah, I have been dancing with some of the guys"

Me "Where are you now?"

Her "In the Ladies Room"

Me "So how many guys have you danced with?"

Her" I danced with 5 of the guys on fast dances but only 2 slow dances"

Me? Who were the slow dances with?"

Her "Of course, Alex....and he liked it"

Me "Oh?"

Her ?Alex is so possessive. He does not want me to have slow dances with anybody else! He said that I was his date for the night. He seems to be very dominant .Actually, I like it!?

Me ?Ohhh, I guess you are turning him on!?

Her ?When we were dancing, Alex kept on moving his hands all over my back. He obviously was trying to feel whether I was wearing bra and panties! I asked what he was doing...?

Me ?And??

Her ?He whispered that he was trying to see what needed to taken out later when he starts undressing me!?

Me ?Ha Ha Ha, what a horny bastard!?

Her ?I think so too. Alex is so brazen in his display of affection for me in public!?

Me ?Like what??

Her ?He keeps holding my hand. He puts his arm on my shoulder when we are talking with the other couples. He kissed me behind the ears and even in the lips when he thought no one was looking at us!?

Me: ?Wow! That?s getting serious!?

Her ?Yeah! When a friend wanted to dance with me, Alex grabbed me by the waist and pressed my body against his pants. He told him ?sorry, she?s mine tonight?. He then kissed me in front of the guy. His friend appeared turn on by our actions.?

Me ?Watch out! Alex must be extremely horny for you!?

Her "Yeah, he had a big hard on coz he placed my hand on his pants. I felt it."

Me "No one saw you did they, you have to be careful."

Her ?Alex and I then danced so sensuously in the dark corner of the room. We were kissing so passionately .We kept kissing tongue-in-tongue. Then, he started grinding his pelvis against my body. I told him that he was being too aggressive in public!?

Me ?So what happened next??

Her ?He whispered to me that I was giving him naughty ideas!?

Me "So what are you going to do now?"

Her "He told me we were driving around first before bringing me back to the hotel. He had this naughty grin in his face.?

Me ?What are his plans??

Her ?Alex was just smiling. Then, he said that every thing we would do later would have to be ?consensual? between the two of us. He would not force me to do anything against my will.?

Me: ?Hmmmmm.?

Her ?I told him I had to check with you first.?

Me "So what do you think will happen later?"

Her "Honestly I don't know .But in the party; Alex kept whispering that I was making him horny!"

Me "Well, I think you are horny yourself. Are you willing to go to bed with Alex if he invites you later?"

Her ?Only if it is ok with you. He really turns me on! "

Me " I have been laying here naked stroking my cock thinking about you being with him and what he is going to do to you"

Her "Oh boy, now I really have to do him since you said that!"

Me "So when will you call again?"

Her "I will call you later when I'm free."

Me "OK, be thinking about me playing with this hard thing in my hand"

At 11 my cell phone rang. This time her tone of voice was completely different from the earlier calls. It sounded giddy, excited and a little nervous.

Her "Hi! Alex just left for the men's room. He said that we were going straight to the motel straight coz he wanted to fuck me tonight!"

Me "WOW! How did you react? What did you tell him?"

Her "I was aghast on his very direct approach! I was speechless for a while! But that invite made me real horny!"

Me "So, what happened?"

Her "He brought me to a dark corner and whispered to me that he was very aroused and he really wanted to make love tonight!"

Me ?Wow! As I expected, you are going to bed with him tonight!"

Her: "You bet! I feel so excited. I am very wet right now. Do you know why?"

Me "Tell me. I can sense from your voice that you are really agitated."

Her ?Alex kissed me afterwards so passionately and he pulled down my bra and tweaked my left nipple and grabbed my breasts. He said that he really wanted to see me naked tonight!"

Me "Wow! Did your friends see Alex kissing and fondling you?"

Her "Yes, his friends were nearby. I?m sure they saw Alex when he was grabbing my breasts and kissing my nipples. I was almost topless, but at that point, we didn't care. We got so carried away by our emotions. I had to cover my breasts when two friends approached us. He told the other guys that I have good acrobatic skills in bed. Alex also told them he had a hard time getting me out of bed! ?

Me ?What did he mean??

Her ?He was strongly implying that we were already lovers and we had previously made love!?

Me ?Do you think your friends believed what he said?

Her ?I think so Alex was very serious when he said it. Plus the fact that I kept quiet since I was too conscious of my exposed nipples.

Me ?He must be so proud of you as his date tonight!?

Her ?He even wanted to take out my panties right there but I said he could do that later in the motel."

Me ?Why did he want to take out your panties in public?"

Her: "Coz I told him that he was making me horny by tweaking my nipples. So, he just wanted to know if I was really wet! I told him that I was sure I was very wet down there because of what he was doing to me. I told him that he could just touch me there to feel my wetness!"

Me ?And so what happened next???

Her ?He did it! He felt my wetness!?

Me ? In front of friends??

Her ?Yup .I just closed my eyes when he brought down my panties and touched my wet pussy! I was too embarrassed but so aroused. He was displaying me in public like I was already his mistress. He didn?t return my panties .He showed his friends my wet panties and then kept it in his pocket. ?

Me ?Oh boy, that gave me an instant hard on!?

Her ?That was just half the story!?

Me ?What????

Her ?Alex wanted to prove to his friends that we were lovers. Remember, he was so proud to have me as his date for the night. He whispered to me that he was going to asked me to do something really naughty in front of his friends! He said he wanted to have bragging rights?

Me ?What did he ask you to do????

Her ?Well, don?t get mad! He asked to drop my skirt .I did. There I was almost stark naked with my breasts and wet pussy exposed to his friends! Alex kissed and embraced me and quickly turned me around to expose my naked butt to them!?

Me: ?That?s too much!?

Her He invited his two close friends to join us in a secluded corner of the garden. He then brought me to a chair and asked me to sit on his lap. I just covered my pussy with my two hands while leaving my breasts fully exposed to his friends. Alex ordered me to take out my hands from my very wet pussy and then fingered me in front of them. Terribly embarrassing but arousing. He told his friends that he was going to give me the night of my life later.?

Me "You practically put up a live sex show there. Are you sure you want to go the motel with Alex??

Her ?Yup!, I feel so horny! I really want to make love with him if possible right now. I can hardly wait to go to the motel. ?

Me ?Ok, have fun and take care!?

Her "OK, Gotta go, Alex is coming .I think we are leaving now."

Me "I love you."

Her "I love you too."

Me "Have fun! Call me later. "

I slowly stroked my cock as I was thinking about them together in a motel room.

We hung up about 11:05. I figured they would be in the motel by 11:30 pm.

So I should hear from her no later than 1:00.

I flipped and flopped around in the bed keeping one eye on the clock.

1 AM came and went

1:30AM came and went

I was getting worried. It had been over 2 hours since we had hung up.

Finally at 2:10 my cell phone rang.

Me "I was wondering when you would call, did you fall asleep?"

Her "Yup! I just woke up. We finished fucking about 30 minutes ago ,got so tired and decided to take a nap."

Me "Where's Alex?"

Her: "He's still sleeping but he is embracing me tightly. His hands and legs are all over my body. This guy is really crazy for my body. Can?t you hear his snoring?"

Me ?Are the two of you still naked??

Her ?Yup,I feel so sticky. I haven?t washed up yet! I?m holding his dick. Limp, but still huge!?

Me "Damn, must have taken you a long time to get started."

Her "Hell no, Alex had been fucking me for over an hour. He went on and on and on!"

My hand was stroking my cock.

Me "How long were you actually fucking?"

Her ?Alex fucked me three times in one hour.?

Me "Did you cum?"

Her: ?Not on the first two fucks. Alex was fucking too slowly .On the third; I told him that I wanted to be on top. I had a really big orgasm riding on him?

Me ?What positions??

Her ?Alex was on top of me on the first two. But the third was a combination. He tried ?doggy style? but his dick kept slipping off my pussy. I guess my pussy was too slippery with his semen. I was soooo frustrated and I told him I was going to be on top of him. That?s the one I really enjoyed! I was moaning and screaming in ecstasy. His dick felt so good on my tight pussy.?

Me ?How do you feel now??

Her ?I told Alex that if it were not for our different wedding rings in our fingers, it felt like our own honeymoon! I wasn?t conscious at all being naked in front of him! ?

Me ?Did you notice anything different in your lovemaking with him compared to ours??

Her ? Ha,Ha,Ha, I had to open my legs more widely when he was mounting me to accommodate his huge frame! He was quite heavy when he was on top of me. In fact, I thought he was going to crash my body when he slumped after his climax.?

Me ?So what are you thinking now??

Her ?Little confused; I?m now Alex?s mistress and also your wife .My body now belongs not only to you and also to Alex. I feel he has ?conjugal rights? now! He has practically fucked in every hole of my body. He is the first man who has fucked me in the ass! I feel so slutty when he stares at my naked body. I literally melt under his seductive stares. ?

Her ''Are you jacking off"

Me "Yeah, I just did! It was terrific!"

Her "Alex is awake now. He just went to the bathroom."

Me "Are you going back to our hotel soon?"

Her: I should hope so. I'm dead tired. My pussy is sooo sore! He really has a big dick even when it?s limp!?

Me: Ask him now. It's almost 2:30!"

Her "I will call you back. Alex is calling me to the bathroom now"

The phone went dead and I waited a long time for her next call. I was starting to wonder what the two were doing in the bathroom.

Finally, the phone rang.

Her "Sorry to keep you waiting."

Me" What the hell, what took you so long to call back? Why did Alex ask you to go to the bathroom?"

Her "Alex was showering. He asked me to take a shower with him."

Me ?Ha ha ha! Was it just a shower??

Her ?Nope. We did almost everything except fuck again. The hot water from the shower literally woke up every part of our naked bodies. Alex and I got so horny again. We were embracing and rubbing our nude bodies against each other. We were actually slow dancing under the shower. It was really so arousing. Alex kept teasing me by pointing his hard dick on my pussy and rubbing my clit with the tip of his dick!?

Me ?What did you do??

Her ?I kept kissing and licking his nipples. At first ,it tickled him. After a short time, he said that he got so horny from my kissing and sucking of his nipples.?

Me ?What happened to all that teasing of your clit??

Her ?Alex gave a nickname for my clit, called it ?Tingle?. He said that I always get a tingling sensation when he tweaks my ?Tingle? gently.?

Me ?Funny??

Her ?Alex was so horny .I was so shocked when he told me to face the wall . . . He then opened my legs wide apart. I was going to get anal fucked for the first time in my life.

I told him I was still a ?virgin? there. But, you know, Alex is too dominant and I could not say no. I reluctantly agreed try anal sex with him. He tried to insert his penis on my ass. He had a hard time entering my ass since I was not properly lubricated there. When it was half way inside, I told him to stop fucking me there... It was getting so painful. .I told him to fuck me in the pussy again in bed .So he pulled out his penis from my ass. He then concentrated on soaping and washing my whole body. ?

Me "Squeaky clean now?"

Her "I'm clean and fresh all over! Alex made sure of that! He soaped me all over but placed emphasis on my pussy which was full of his semen earlier."

Me 'What else did you do in the shower??"

Her "I did something naughty after washing his cock. I sucked it. He then asked me to hold his penis and to help him masturbate in the shower!?

Me "Boy, he is really taking advantage of you. You are Alex?s whore!"

Her "Ha ha ha. I'm more than willing to enjoy him too"

Me "What are you doing right now?"

Her "Waiting for Alex. I left him in the bathroom. By the way, he told me that we were checking out of the motel in one hour."

Me "Why that long time? What do you guys still plan to do after all that fucking?"

Her: "He whispered to me in the bathroom that he wanted a 'one for the road' fuck."

Me "He's insatiable!"

Her "In fact, he wanted to fuck in the shower. He kept fingering me .I told him I had to call you back immediately. Wait. Alex is coming."

ME "So?"

She "Hey wait, gotta go. Alex wants to fuck again! "

Me ?Again? You gotta be joking!"

Her "Nope, I'm serious...?

Me? Does he ever get tired of fucking you?"

Her ?He really wants to mount me now!?

I heard moaning sounds in the background and then she came back on the phone.

Her "I really have to go. Can't do two things at the same time...Alex is fingering me right now,,Ohhhhhhhhh.. "

Me "With how many fingers?"

I overheard her shouting "Alex!!!! Don't put your third finger! It's too much! Ohhhhhhhhh."

I "Hey,tell Alex to take it easy. He might tear up your pussy!"

Her "Alex please fuck me now!"

Me "Incredible , you guys are so horny!"

Her "Gotta go now, Alex is mounting me now!!!"

After about 30 minutes, the phone rang again

Her ?Hi,we are checking out of the motel shortly. Alex is just waiting for the room bill.?

Me ?So ,what did you just do??

Her ?Too embarrassing! Alex took pictures of me with his camera phone before AND after fucking.?

Me ?What kind of poses?

Her ?Very suggestive! The last two ones were too much! You wont? believe it!?

Me ?WHAT were these?????

Her ?I will keep you in suspense .I promise to tell you when I get back to the hotel later. Alex is calling me now. He will wash up my very wet and sticky pussy now before we check out. Bye.?

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