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It was fifteen years ago, and the memories of that night still make my dick hard. My wife and brother and I had moved to California, and rented a bungalow in Venice. My brother and I immediately met up with a group of partying people and spent our days and nights out, leaving my wife to tend to the house. With her terrific tan, shapely body, and outgoing personality, it didn't take her anytime at all to land a job at one of the upscale nightclubs in Santa Monica, where she enjoyed pouring forty dollar shots and accepting heavy bribes for time on the pool tables. Kymm knows sex and we had had a great seven years of marriage. We were friends and sex partners, and enjoyed trading sexual tricks with each other. She is a squiter who never shies away from a bi-sexual experience, and we've left wet spots from Washington to New York to Boston, and enjoyed several adventures of second girls in our bed.

However, you know what they say about the seven-year itch?

It was at her club on the 3rd Street Promenade where she quickly became friends with a young bouncer by the name of Jeb. He was a trim and muscular guy, and stood a few inches taller than me. She mentioned him a couple of times, but quite frankly, I was too busy partying to pay my wife's conversation much attention. In fact, I was disregarding her in a big and uncool way.

One day, a sports car pulled up in front of our place, and Kymm informed me that she was going to Jeb's to give him a haircut. She had been a hair stylist for years, and I was rather surprised as my brother and I watched her cross the street. The car was small, and the guy who welcomed Kymm, obviously Jeb, offered her to ride on his lap. He was tall, dark haired, and his tan and wife-beater tee-shirt accentuated his steely frame and left a perfect outline of abs like you see on work out nuts. He was the exact opposite of me. She quickly accepted his lap offer and off they went. She came home in time to change for work, and I went out. I didn't see her again for a couple of days.

When I did finally see her, she informed me that she was sick of my partying and laziness, and my not paying attention to her, and that she was moving in with a girl from work to an apartment on Venice Beach. With that, she gathered her clothes and left.

A few mornings later, Kymm woke me up from sleep. My brother was gone for the night, and we had the place to ourselves. Kymm broke the news to me that the night before she had gone to Jeb's house. I could tell how excited she was from the glow on her face, as she began to share her exploits with me.

She told me how she had driven her '68 VW Bus to his house and how he'd met her on the porch, while his roommates sat inside, able to see out the porch window. After just minutes of small talk, Kymm's insatiable appetite for sex took over and she made her move. Jeb took her face in his hands and gently kissed her eyelids, neck and chin, working her into a frenzy. She knelt before him, and undid his belt buckle and unzipped his pants to let his cock out. When I asked, she simply told me that he was bigger than me. She also informed me that all of his muscles were like nothing she'd had before. Her eyes glazed over as she related these facts to me.

I had become rock hard from her story, and she continued to recant her tale of conquest, while jerking me off. She told me that Jeb's cock had filled her mouth. "He came all over me when he got off," she said excitedly.

With that, I arched my back and shot a load up her arm The story was told well, and incredibly hot.

Kymm left after that, and we only saw each other a few times over the next month. However, I couldn't get my wife's excitement for her California boy-toy out of my mind. I wasn't what you'd call "jealous"; I was actually excited for Kymm and her fling. We'd shared so much together that I was interested in her adventure.

Finally, one evening, my curiosity got the best of me, and I waited for Kymm after I got out of work. I parked my car a few rows over from her bus, and waited for the club to close. A little after 1:00 AM, she entered the garage with whom I recognized as Jeb in tow. They got in her bus and headed toward Venice, while I followed at a discreet distance.

When we got to Venice Beach, Kymm parked the bus. I drove my red VW Bug right past them, coming within ten feet of them, as she and Jeb took the familiar steps up to her first floor apartment. After parking, I walked back to the apartment and stepped up to look in the window. The apartment faced the small beach street, and a big bay window with two smaller side windows offered a full view of the living room and bed.

The windows were open and I listened as Jeb put in a Harry Connick Jr. CD for my wife and he to dance to. Kymm made drinks for the two of them, and they danced and drank for a while, as I kept my post, just outside.

I watched as they slow-danced and Jeb fondled Kymm's ass with his big hands. Soon, I began to see Kymm grind herself against her lover, dry-humping him as her sexuality took over. Jeb repeatedly bent his neck so that he could kiss my wife, and I watched as their tongues played in the light and to the music. Kymm threw her head back to allow Jeb to ravage her neck with kisses, turning her on to a point of no return.

Finally, Kymm's hands began to rub Jeb's shoulders and rake down his shirted chest. She grabbed his package through his pants, and gave it a little jiggle. "Let's get you out of these", I heard her say.

Herself still fully clothed, Kymm yanked at Jeb's belt and quickly extracted his hard cock from his pants. I had a perfect view as his cock came out and I was more than impressed by his size. His cock was somewhere around eight inches long and as big around as my wrist. My own cock got even harder in my pants, as I watched him strip off his pants, while Kymm peeled off her cloths, and shoes until she was standing before him in just her bra and panties. Jeb pulled off his shirt , and I saw what had Kymm so excited. I'd never seen a guy in real life who was built like that. His chest muscles seemed to bulge involuntarily, and his washboard stomach was the type that made most men jealous.

Jeb reached out for Kymm and she allowed herself to be drawn to him. In one quick move, Jeb scooped up my wife, and carried her to the couch, where he laid her down gently and knelt on the floor next to her. Jeb proceeded to kiss and lick his way from Kymm's forehead to her chest and I saw the look of complete ecstasy in her face as Jeb removed her bra, freeing up her lovely tits. He sucked each nipple in turn and she used her hands to feed him her hardened nipples. He continued on hs trek down over my wife's flat belly, stopping at her belly-button and its brand new piecing to turn that spot into an errozonous zone and making my wife arch her back. She stayed arched like that as Jeb yanked her panties down in mock frustration, causing Kymm to laugh a sexy little laugh. He smiled at her with his white teeth, and then dipped his head to her trimmed mound. I knew what he was enjoying as he tongued Kymm's pussy lips and darted his tongue into her hole. Kymm ran her fingers through his dark hair as he pleasured her, and shoved her pelvis into his mouth and chin. From my vantage point, I could hear her panting, as Jeb continued to lap up her wetness.

After another few minutes of this, Kymm sat up and swung her long legs off the couch, spreading her legs wide, and Jeb brought his now fully hard cock to her pussy lips. What little bit of hair Kymm had left on her pussy was matted down to her flesh, as she grabbed hold of the base of Jeb's large cock. Slowly, Kymm pulled him into her, and I watched with a raging hard-on as her pussy engulfed his girth. She lay back on the couch as Jeb gently pushed into her with one long stroke until just a few inches showed. He bent to deep kiss my wife, stopping to kiss her eyelids, her forehead and then her mouth again.

They were in profile to me, and I watched as Kymm began to buck into Jeb and he used long strokes to impale her. With her arms spread across the back of the couch, her legs spread wide until she was almost in a spilt as she welcomed his thrusts. With increasing speed, Jeb began to pound into my experienced wife, while she dragged her nails over his muscular chest, tweaked his hard nipples, and urged him on with deep-throated yelps of pleasure.

After about ten minutes...could've been a half hour for all I know...I wasn't watching the clock...Jeb eased his cock out of Kymm's pussy. I was entranced as I watched his cock, glistening with Kymm's juices, pull out of her. It seemed to take a full minute before his cock head popped out of her hole. They moved to the bed, and Kymm lay her upper body down over the bed, and spread her legs, inviting him to take her from behind. Her pussy was gaping open from his recent pounding, and she snuck a hand down to caress and tug at what I saw was a very swollen clit. Jeb's young cock stood straight up, and I noticed that the head was truly the size of a plum, and veins covered it from head to base.

Jeb planted his feet inside of Kymm's and I had a view from behind them and right between their legs. Jeb's balls hung low and swung heavily as he spread Kymm's ass cheeks. Her sexy toes curled and tried to grip the floor as she took his cock into her. He picked up his pace, as I watched Kymm's fingers grab the bed cover and hold on for dear life. The sexy bit of cellulite that gave Kymm her awesome ass shook ever so slightly under the repeated thrusts of his big cock, and I had to force myself not to touch my cock so that I wouldn't come in my pants. I thought to myself how he's probably having the best month of sex of his life, at the hands of my experienced wife.

Eventually, Jeb whipped his cock out of Kymm and she quickly rolled over on her back to spread her legs and lay on the bed at just the right height to Jeb's cock. Without hesitation, my wife grabbed his cock with both hands and roughly rubbed it over her pussy lips, before pulling him into her.

"Fuck me hard", she said loudly, and Jeb pushed his full length into her for the first time. Kymm grunted as Jeb drove into her over and over. "Your balls are slapping my ass", she said between heaving breaths. I took notice and saw that his balls were proportional to his cock size. One of his nuts was as big as both of mine.

I lost track of my hand as it rubbed the front of my jeans.

Jeb started fucking Kymm in single strokes, the way I love to do, pulling his cock all the way out with each stroke, before slamming back into her. My eyes focused on her ass between strokes, and I watched as her puckering little asshole changed from a fleshy brown color to an excited pink hue, to a bright crimson under the weight of his meaty balls slapping into her. "Oh my God," Kymm said excitedly, "you are so fucking hard!"

"I'm gonna cum," Jeb said, as sweat rolled down his back and dripped from his face. He slammed into my wife, and she wrapped her legs around him to pull him in to the hilt. "Come all over me!", Kymm yelled, and in a few more strokes, Jeb pulled out of her swollen pussy and I got a great view as his ass cheeks flexed and his back went rigid. Without touching himself, his cock erupted. I watched as six solid ropes of cum jetted from his prick to land on Kymm, marking her from her hair to her belly. "Holy shit!", she yelled as she raised her hands to block the shots.

Exhausted, Jeb fell to the bed, as Kymm ran her fingers through his cum trails and into her sopping wet pussy. She fingered her pussy gently for a moment, before turning to Jeb and grabbing his cock. I was amazed that he had not even softened a bit after his huge climax. Kymm tickled his nut sack and asked, "are these still full?"

As Jeb lay there, Kymm rolled over and put his wet cock head to her lips. I watched intently as she opened her mouth and took in a few inches of his cock. She bobbed her head, and then, breathless, she took his cock from her mouth, and licked the length of it, flattening her tongue to cover his girth, and then stiffening her tongue to jab at his cock head and hole. She flicked around his head, and.Jeb flexed his body as my wife hit a few sensitive spots. She pawed at his nut sack and squeezed, and Jeb jerked from the sudden pain. Kymm came up and nibbled on his nipples, kneeding his chest, while continuing to stroke his dick.

She stroked him faster, watching his skin ride up and down the length of his impressive shaft until a glistening drop of pre-cum dribbled from his cock head. I know how much she likes pre cum, and I watched as she swirled her tongue around his tip. She tasted him, and then engulfed him again, still only able to take a little over half of him into her mouth.

Kymm released his cock, and turned around so she was facing away from Jeb, and for a moment, I thought for sure she saw me peering in the window. If she did, she didn't let on. Instead she pulled her legs up to put her feet flat on Jeb's thighs. She grabbed the base of his cock again, and shoved it into her pussy, moaning a bit as his cock reach her depths. "Do you feel that?", she asked as her eyes closed in a look of pure joy and fulfillment, and she arched back, leaving Jeb free to pump up into her. He pumped her with long strokes, his head just showing a bit before he plunged back into her. Kymm's tits bounced in rhythm to their fucking, and when Jeb's cock would occasionally pop out, their four hands quickly guided it back into her sopping-wet hole. I watched as her puffy pussy lips grabbed on to his shaft. Kymm suddenly threw herself forward, planting her beautiful feet on the hardwood floor, and ground down on his cock, grabbing his balls with both hands in the process. She rocked back and forth on him, and squeezed his balls so hard that I could see the muscles in her forearm. His balls drew up into firing position, and Jeb yelled and spasmed heavily as he released another load of cum deep into my wife. Kymm kept grinding his dick and Jeb kept pumping as his cum spilled out and ran down her thighs.

As she rose off of him, she was weak-kneed, and he wrapped his muscular legs around her to pull her down onto him. They made out for a little while. That was enough for me, and I headed toward my car with my dick aching to be released. It was late and no one was around, so I stood next to my car and whipped out my dick. My underwear was wet and grabbed at my pre-cum. I gave my cock about ten quick jerks and shot a huge load all over the door of my car. I drove the few blocks home in a daze.

All these years later, and we are still together, having a better time than ever, and looking to up our game.

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