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Wife is worried about her age

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Right around the time that my wife's 63rd birthday began to approach, our sex life changed. At first, it completely disappeared. I mean completely. Then we finally addressed the problem and we both realized that she was afraid she was too old and I had no interest. After a nice heart to heart conversation, I convinced her that she was still great and I loved her more and she still had great her sex appeal and her bedroom skills were super.

As my wife she had nothing to hold her back from fully indulging her every desire. Much to my surprise, she had never thought of this. In fact, she didn't even realize that she held herself back sexually until we talked. So I wanted to know, what made her hot?

Her answer stunned me. Without stuttering or blushing, she said that she loved when we had sex after a few drinks. Apparently I treat her differently, less like my loving wife and more like a hot piece of ass to fuck and she loves to fuck!

I had to know more about this. What exactly did I do that she liked so much? What exactly did she do that she liked so much. Again, her answer stunned me. She told me that, when we're both a little drunk, she feels like she's got a responsibility to serve me. But, at the same time, she says that she gets very horny when drunk and likes to use me too.

Wow! I cannot tell you how earth shattering this is to hear from your typically shy wife! To find out that she likes it when I treated her like a hot piece of ass for me to use. It makes me so hard and horny just thinking about that!

She wanted to know what she did differently when we're drunk that made me so wild and I told her, that when she is drunk she isn't as shy. She doesn't get undressed under the covers. She just strips, even if we're not in the bedroom. Sometimes, she's undressed in the living room and I have the pleasure of watching her big bare ass as she walks around.

When I told her this, I couldn't help but reach out and give her ass a big smack. God it felt so good to do that, so I did it again. I asked if she liked that and she replied that she loved it. So I told her she'd love it more if she got out of all her clothes and stripped naked.

With incredible eagerness, my wife began to undress. I did not, however, getting turned on by the idea of her being naked and me being clothed. I took advantage of our new openness to tell her all the complimentary things I think about her body whenever I get a good view of it.

I told her how soft and full her tits are and how I loved watching them rock back and forth when she got on top of me. I told her how I love the curve of her hips and the incredibly hot thickness of her thighs. But, most of all, I liked her big fat ass.

My wife isn't fat. But she's blessed with a nice round ass. A nice thick hot round ass. And I love fucking it doggy style, she looked so amazing that I've often thought she was born to be fucked this way. And I told her that as she undressed. I told her that her ass is so fucking sexy that it just begs to be fucked doggy style and she proceeded to bend over and show it off for me.

I was sitting on the couch and she was standing in front of me, bare ass naked, bent over and shaking that big round ass in my face. I wanted to squeeze it, to bite it, to smack it which i did with lust. I pulled her around and helped her onto the couch, having her lean over the back of it. I told her to shake it, to move her body like she was being fucking doggy style.

She started to and got right into it, even reaching behind and spreading her ass cheeks apart. My heart felt like it was going to explode. I started to pull my clothes off, asking if she's ready for me. She didn't reply in words, my wife isn't much of a sex talker. But she replied in moans.

I guess to compensate for not talking much, she moaned more and more and I knew that I didn't stand a chance of lasting too long once I entered her pussy. So I got down on my knees first, and started to lick her a little from behind to get her close to cumming before I event entered her. But my aim was off, yea right , and I went straight for her asshole, which I have fucked a few times over the years. A tight hot asshole with my cock pounding it and a dildo in her pussy makes me ready to cum as I write this.

Her moans got noticeably louder now. A combination of surprise and pleasure could be heard in her moans and they encouraged me to keep going. My tongue found its way to that little rosebud and I could feel her tightening up as my tongue slipped in the slightest bit.

She reached down a spread her pussy lips, touching my chin and making me aware that she was rubbing her cunt. I pressed my tongue a little harder now, not trying to enter her ass really, but just to apply good pressure to it.

"Oh fuck me!"

These words , excited and motivated me as she moaned them . My wife couldn't take it anymore and wanted to fuck. I quickly stood up and prepared to enter her. I told her there was no way I could last long. She replied that she didn't care she just wanted me to fuck her.

"I want you to fuck me hard", she told me.

I gladly obliged. I slid right into her cunt , and could feel her fingers as she was still working her clit. With no one to spread her cheeks, her big round ass fell back into positions, providing the sexiest cushion for some hard fucking.

I didn't fuck her hard, but, steady and fast enough to make her cheeks shake. As she approached her orgasm, I smacked that ass, called her a "sexy fucking slut" and listened with shear amazement as this sent her over the top for one of the loudest most intense orgasms I think she ever had.

It was the kind of orgasm she gets from oral sex, when she gets so sensitive after that I have to leave her alone. So I pulled out, slid my dick between her soft round cheeks and rode them for another minute. I forgot what I have been never missing.Her hot ass with my cock all over it.

Suddenly, it was me making all the noise, with my wife giggling and encouraging me to cum, to use her ass to cum. And I did, I did with a force, sending wave after wave of cum onto her back.

She looked so hot still in positions with my cum on her back and a flushed look all over her body that I made her suck my cock before I cleaned her up.

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