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Wife Dominated by another man

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I had been fucking Bens wife for several months but I was thrilled whne she told me that she wanted to take it to another level.She informed me that she wanted me to totally dominate her in every way.

She came over to my house looking as hot as ever,Hubby had dressed her in a slik red dress with red fuck me heels to match. I then switched to dom mode and made her take off her heels so that she was on a lower lever,she did as she was told and I grabbed both hands handcuffing her,whispering"your mine now bitch".I saw as her face turned red quickly,I kissed her red lips and tasted the lipstick sticking my tongue down her throat.I led her back to my bed like a captured prisoner.She put up no fight as she knew that she was mine.

I had laid out several of my toys and her eyes widened as she knew some were going to be used on her and in her.I then got a blindfold and told Carol that she wont know whats coming,I then undressd her working my lips down her naked body,kissing and biting her nipples,her letting out a huge moan as I tugged on her hard nipples stretching them,her red nails digging into my back.I grabbed her by the handcuffs and used another pair to handcuff her to the four poster bed,I made her spread her legs her toes digging into my carpet as not knowing what to expect next,I grabbed my light whip and beat the sides of her tits with it,her moans intensified as beat her big hard nipples with the whip making them bright red,I then moved up to her neck and rubbed the whip against the side of her face,making her shiver in both delight and worry.I then relased her from the corner of the bed and made her get on all fours I then got a big black suction cup dildo and shoved it straight into her married cunt,filling her up,she cried out loud,I then grabbed her cell phone and sent a pic to her hubby who was at home waiting for his used wife to come home,I titled the text,"ur wife is black cock slut now"him not knowing that its just a toy,I watched as she rocked back and forth on this monster,her mouth was open so I Shoved my big hard cock inside it,she then said"Is ther someone else here to"I said "shut the fuck up you dont get to speak today" I took my cock out and beat the sides of her face with it,I watched as she had several orgasm from the big black cock toy and I knew it was time to torcture her again.

I took the cock out of her and she let out a big hard moan since she was in the middle of another orgasm.I then grabbed my anal beads and shoved the first big ball in her ass using her own pussy juice to coat it.I grabbed her hair and pulled back as I shoved the second and third bead into her virgin ass,her body was bent in half as I slid a total of five beads deep in her ass,her cell phone was vibrating and I knew who it was so I took a golden oppurtunity and shoved it in her stretched cunt and she cried in delight.I had a hand full of her silky brown hair and pulled hard on it.

I continued to fuck her ass with the beads sliding it in and out and the phone was deep in her hole as hubby continued to buzz her,not knowing he was getting his wife off at the same time.I pulled the phone out of her as she was once again climaxing and yanked hard on the anal beads and pulled them out at the same time.I then dragged her by the hair and got her to the edge of the bed,undoing the handcuffs and then tieing her to each side of the four poster bed,I was distracted by the phone so I answered it angerily,It was hubby and he said"dont let her fuck black guys"I said "shut the fuck up she is black cock slut now and she just took black seed and nothing you can do to stop it".I then hung up the phone and laughed with him still thinking he toy was real,her body was strected each limb tied to the bed,I kissed her soft lips and moved my tongue and mouth all over her neck and chest area,working my way down,I then put a collar on her and a leash and pulled hard on it even tho she was tied,she started to choke so I did it alittle more,She screamed out "o fuck yes" but i told her once again to "shut the fuck up'.I released the leash and worked my mouth down to her pussy which was swollen and leaking of her own cum,I lapped up her juices and she sweeter than ever,I watched as she bit her lip and whisper "o yes master" I knew then that her cunt was mine,I tongue fucked her for what seemed like hours.I then raised up and took my cock in my hand and beat her eaten pussy with it,making it red,I then took my belt and beat her clit with it and she screamed with all of the breath she had,I stopped and admired my work as her cunt was red and swollen,I was getting a condom when she said "no,I want to feel you inside me raw,its ok Im on the pill".The thought of finally cumming in a married woman turned me on so much that it was the only order I took from her that day.I shoved my hard cock fast into her,her screams turned me on more,she was wanting all of my hard veiny cock as she bucked with excitement and I was more than happy to help,She cummed several times on my cock and her chest was flushed from desire,I felt my balls fill with cum and I explded deep in her married cunt,I layed on top of her spent,I left the room and went and got something to eat and she laid on my bed,spread wide and leaking my cum,I returned 20 minutes later and shoved a strawberry down her throat, she was hungry from the fucking and gobbled it down quickly.I then flipped her over and put a pillow under her stomach so that her ass was high in the air,I then beat her plump white ass with my hands at first leaving hand marks and then I grabbed my belt and beat her ass hard,making big marks on her,she cried out more as I beat her,I said "I told you shut the fuck up".I then stopped and mounted her like a bull,laying on top of her as I fuck her hard,my cock real deep in her cunt,feeling my cum from our previous fucking,I couldnt take it any longer and I shot another hot load of cum deep inside her.I got off of her and did as before to the kitched as she left spent with my seed leaking from her cunt,I took a picture of her spread eagel face down,I true used wife.I untied her after waiting an hour and she dressed and kisssed me and said that it was the best sex of her life.I told her"best sex for me to baby".

A few weeks past and I get a phone call its Carol and she has something to tell me"I lied to you."Im shocked and said"about what'She told me she lied she wasnt on the pill.I was alittle shocked and turned on at the same time,She then said that we fucked when she was fertile and she wanted to come over adn take the test with me.I agreed she came over and inside my bathroom she took the test,I held her around the waist as I watched the test say positive,she kissed me deeply and I took her by the hand and we made soft love to one another,me this time cumming in her pregnant womb ,She told hubby who worried for 9 months that the baby was black since she never told of him of our night,They are still together and I am happy they have a baby in their life..

I still see Carol and we have new games,but once a month she wants it rough and I am happy to help her with her fantasy.We only play raw now with the idea of knocking her up exciting both of us,She is late again so we shall see....

the end

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