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Wife 3

Was driving down 7 n stopped at a red light n noticed the guy nxt to me looking at me so I smiled n pointed to the gas station n he was able to figure out tht I wnted him to pull over cause he went to the nxt gas station n I followed him n parked nxt to him n asked if he liked wht he saw n he said yes n I told him I did to and then I turned my car off n got in his car n told him if I should him something he had to promise to do it so he said he promised n then I undid my pants n showed my tat but only the tat n a lil of the top of my clit n he said fuck yea thts so sexy where can we go..like one right after the other..think he was breath taken haha..anyways I told him it didn’t matter..if he had a place thtd b nice n he said no he had wife n kid at home which really shocked me n I said well random dirt back road somewhere n he told me ok n to tell him where to go so I led him to the back way to my aunts house cause those r really only back roads I kno n it wa night so not many cars anyways n on our way there I started grabbig him on his leg n then over top his dick n then I felt him get hrd so I smiled at him n said jus keep drivin n I undid his pants n pulled his dick out n started suckin on it n u keep sayin baby tht feels amazing n woudld randomly reach down n grab my sides n waist n then when we got to the end of the road I sat up n told hi mto make the turn n we were almost there so I didn’t go back to giving him head I just licked my fingers n started to finger myself n started moaning a little bit n when we got to the spot I told hi mto pull over n get out n come to my side so he did n I opened my door n I already had taken my pants off while he was walkin around n I told hi mto get on his knees so he did n then he started licking around y pussy n the inside n started fingerin it also n sucking on my clit n then I told him I wanted his dick so he pulled down his jeans about half way n I got out n stood facing the car on my toes n he got behind me n I grabed his dick n put the head n my pussy n then he jammed it the rest of the way n n did tht a few times n the car door was still open so I put one leg on the edge so it was a lil up n he grabbed my hips n started fuckig me really hrd n I started moaning n orgasmed n about tht time he jammed his dick n as deep as he could n I could feel his dick pulse as he was cumming..god it felt so fucking good n then he pulled out n I turned around n we kissed a little bit n he said it was amazong and loved the tattoo..i said thank you gave him another kiss n told him we might wanna get going since u have a wife n kid..n he said y aim gonna b n trouble..i laughed n then we drove back to my car I told him thanks for the great time n hope he didn’t get in to mmuch trouble but if he did tht it was def worth it he said hell ya n I gave him another kiss then I got n my car n left.

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