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When reality meets fantasy-Valentine&8217;s Day

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In preparation and planning for the recent Valentine’s Day, I came across a party that was being hosted by one of the groups that we have grown to frequent. The group (Devious Delights) has grown from a group that was mainly for the B,D,S & M crowd to a more relaxed and varied group of couples who are into the swing lifestyle. While C and I have never really ventured into the “full swing” environment, we have dabbled and experimented to the point where C gets the occasional rub or touch from another couple, to the time she was tied and bound by a dominatrix while being watched by others, (and actually came from a knot rubbing her clit) to having a shuddering orgasm while being played with by a couple while at a costume party. While this may give you the impression that we are hardcore swingers or into the lifestyle, we aren’t……..We mainly use these parties as an escape from the everyday routine to relax, share some drinks, and enjoy the moment and let our hair down from the basically conservative lifestyle that we lead. Throughout our experiences, C has always maintained that she doesn’t need to have others involved with us, however I believe that like all of us she has a hidden desire and a few fantasies which we’ve discussed on occasion to be sent into sheer bliss by being completely taken while being touched by either a couple or group.

The Devious Delight group had planned a wonderful evening that included the full use of a spa and all the amenities that went with it. There was the sauna, steam rooms, Jacuzzi, showers, locker facilities, lounging areas, pool table, bar area, and of course the fabulous massages that were included in the price of the evening. Upon our arrival, we were immediately brought to the changing area where the staff provided plush robes and towels. This actually set a wonderful mood for the evening. Something right out of the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”. Everyone looked the same. And the knowledge that everyone was naked under their robes only added to the aura that night. As the evening progressed, you could tell that everyone was there to relax and enjoy. Cocktails were flowing and everyone seemed to be enjoying the ambiance of the wonderful and unusual setting for the night. After getting a couple of drinks and sitting in the wonderful padded lounge chairs, I submitted our request for a massage time. While waiting our turn, we struck up a light conversation with a couple sitting next to us. We exchanged pleasantries, sipped our drinks and nibbled on munchies while waiting for our massages. During this time, an attractive couple started the shoot a game of pool. The young lady was dressed for the occasion in a short fitted valentine red dress, and the guy was dressed in jeans and dress shirt. They were what would be considered a younger attractive couple. While they played their game, the guy would occasionally attempt to distract his partner by coming up behind her and lifting her short skirt to expose her ass.

When it was our turn for massage, we retreated to a wonderful dark room with soft music, candles, and two tables side by side. It was our first time getting a couples massage and we enjoyed ourselves immensely with the usual giggles that we always seem to get, as well as the occasional moan when the massage therapists hit just the right spots. During the massage, I took the opportunity to sneak a peek at the masseuse as he worked on C. She looked so peaceful, relaxed and content as he worked his magic with his hands. It was during this time that my imagination began to work it’s magic. I thought of how C would react if his hands suddenly became a little more adventurous and started to touch her more erogenous zones. Would she let him go and allow herself to enjoy the moment and relax and be brought to a blissful ending of a peaceful slow building orgasm? Unfortunately, our time in the room came to an end before my fantasy could play out. However, the night was still young and the best was yet to come. Now that we were relaxed and well oiled from the massage, we took advantage of the hot sauna. Armed with our favorite cocktails, we spent the next 10 minutes warming ourselves up in the dry heat that was provided by the hot rock sauna. We laughed and joked while still enjoying the glow of having the aches and pains relieved by the massages.

Upon exiting the sauna, my thoughts then switched to the play portion of the evening. We made our way to the bar to touch up our drinks and we were surprised to see that the lower level was relatively empty except for a few couples who were still waiting for their massage. While standing at the bar, we both noticed the couple from the pool table walk by. They now looked a lot different. She was in a short negligee, and he was much more noticeable white boxer briefs which showed off his very large package and physique. I saw C catch a glimpse of him which immediately made me wonder what she was thinking? Could she handle a package like that? She does like to be filled and feel full. The thought quickly faded as the couple disappeared and retreated for their massage.

We were informed by the staff that everyone else had retreated to the upstairs portion of the spa where the “VIP” room was located. Upon our arrival to the room, we were met with large cushion lounge chairs lining each wall, along with two well placed mattresses that were near the center of the room. Everywhere you looked there were couples enjoying themselves in varying positions and engaged in some form of sexual activity. The music was perfect, the lighting was dim, and the moans and deep breathing of the participants set the stage perfectly. We positioned ourselves against a wall and took in the sights and sounds of folks enjoying themselves. With C in front of me, I continued the gently rubbing and stroking that we had just experienced moments before. Only now, I made certain that I came in contact with her fabulous 34 D breasts and nipples. Feeling the warmth of her breasts from the atmosphere and the sauna, I ventured lower and parted her robe. Now while standing in full view of everyone, with her breasts partially exposed I began to work my way and gently rub her well groomed and completely shaved pussy. The warmth again caught me by surprise as C’s wetness was immediately noticeable. I parted her sexy pussy lips and rubbed her natural lube upward to find the nub of her clit already exposed and ready. C immediately reacted by pushing her head back into my chest and arching her back to ensure that I had full access to her pleasure points. Wanting to find a spot where we could relax and call our own, I looked behind me to see a small massage room with a table and clean linens that were unoccupied. We went inside as I positioned C in a comfortable spot on the table. Once she was positioned, I placed myself between her parted legs and began to lick, suck, and nibble on her very aroused clit. As she began to adjust to my stimulations, I gently stroked the very inside of her pussy lips while nibbling her clit. This has a tendency to drive C crazy to the point where she wants to have her pussy filled with something……anything. I surprised her by pulling out a new pocket rocket vibe which hummed and sent tingles throughout her body. This allowed me to reposition myself more upright next to the table. It was from this point that I could insert my fingers in her now dripping pussy, as well as suck and stimulate her lovely 34 D tits. This went on for a few minutes and I could tell that she was getting closer to going over the edge for orgasm number 1. All the while, and undetected by C due to her positioning on the table, couples would look in and see her getting pleasured by me. Intermittently, C would lean over and take my now fully erect cock in her mouth. She has confided in me that she enjoys knowing that she can control me with her sucking. However, for the moment I was in control and she was enjoying it. She took my cock from her mouth and said very seductively that she was about to come and she wanted my cock inside her. It was just at that point that the young couple who was shooting pool earlier ventured to take a peek inside the room we were in. As I continued to bring C closer to her orgasm, the guy with the large package came close and asked if we would like to play? Knowing that C was so close to cumming, I didn’t want to interrupt the mood and graciously said not right now-thanks. They stayed in the doorway and politely acknowledged my answer as they watched C shudder and shake through a wonderful orgasm. As she slowly came down from her blissful moment, I started to go back at her for round two. As her pulse quickened and body again followed the lead of her pussy, she insisted on have me insert my cock into her wanting pussy. I took the engorged head of my cock and placed a couple of well placed slaps on her clit which made her jump. I then parted her sweet puffy lips and pushed my now throbbing cock into her warm and inviting pussy. Once again the combination of the pocket rocket and the thrusting of my cock were working her toward orgasm. I pulled my cock out so that just the head was rubbing her enlarged G spot. While this has a desired effect on her, it also proves deadly to my cock as it isn’t long before I lose control and feel her pussy grip my cock which causes me to spill my hot love seed deep within her. It’s at this moment that I wonder what she would do and how good she would feel with another hot and hard cock ready to take right over. After basking in the glow of our mutual orgasms, we shed our robes, gathered our clothes and dressed for the short ride home. While this may have signaled the end of the evening for us, little did I know that I would be treated to a little surprise?

Later that night when we got home, we both fell into a well deserved deep sleep. As I often do, subliminally I replay the events of the evening. With my imagination taking over, I found myself dreaming and saying yes to the couple from the pool table when they inquired about playing. This time, the couple came in and immediately started to pleasure C as she laid on the table. The young lady gently nibbling her clit and making her moan with delight, while I gently sucked and rubbed her highly aroused tits. When I came up for air I realized that C was not only receiving pleasure, but also giving it. She had the young studs package neatly placed between her succulent lips. She guided his cock in and out of her mouth while making gentle popping sounds as his large head came free from her lips. As he began to moan, he replaced his dates head by placing the head of his well endowed cock at C waiting pussy lips. It was then that we switched and the young lady rubbed and tweak C’s nipples while I got to have C bring my cock back to life with her talented lips. It was only a matter of moments when the stranger’s large cock started to do its intended duty. C was shaking and quivering to the point where she could no longer suck my dick. Just as I was ready to blow my second load of the night, C released me from her mouth and yelled for her young stud to “fuck me good, give it to me hard”. It was then that she jacked the cum right out of my cock and all over her heaving chest as the studs date rubbed my cum like it was body lotion.

Needless to say, I awoke with a ragging hard-on and looked over at C sleeping peacefully; never realizing that while we had a wonderful evening together on Valentine’s Day, I got to relive it all over again with a little added twist of my dream. Can’t wait till next year!

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