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What are Tuesday Afternoons Good For? (public sex)

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There is something naughty about a movie theater. Is it because it’s dark and lots of people are in it but they can’t see you or what you’re doing? Is it an illusion of anonymity? Perhaps, but whatever it is I have always wanted to have sex in a movie theater, and one day, I got to.

It was a Tuesday afternoon and I was playing hooky from work. It was just one of those days that absolutely nothing could get me to drive to work. So I called in and said I wasn’t feeling well. I put on a flowing loose skirt, sexy shirt that dipped down low between my breasts, and the best one of all, no panties. I was feeling naughty and wanted to do something naughty as well. I knew exactly where I was going, to the movie theater close to my home. I knew it would most likely be empty, but I hoped that there might be someone interesting playing hooky, just like me. I bought my ticket and some treats, in case I was all alone in the theater. I walked in to the overpowering darkness and began climbing the stairs to the 3rd row from the top, the best row in my opinion. As I was climbing the stairs I looked around and saw that there was 2 people in the 5th row from the bottom and an incredibly hot looking man in, where else, the 3rd row from the top. Looks like my kind of man. He had brown hair, a gorgeous looking face, and lips that begged to be licked and kissed. I made eye contact as I climbed the stairs and smiled. He smiled back and continued the eye contact. I was beginning to get wet and hoped this would be an afternoon I wouldn’t forget. I stopped at the 3rd row and started down the isle. When I got to where he was sitting, I asked if anyone was with him. “No, I’m all alone.” He said with a smile. I could see that he was interested and I moved to go past him. As I moved in front of him, I “tripped” over something and landed in his lap. I took a moment to “gather” myself and took note of his hands, which where on my hips. I looked back at him and said, “Oops. I must have tripped over something.” He smiled and said, “Lucky me”. I made a point of trying to get my feet under me, in the mean time grinding my hips on his lap like a stripper does during a lap dance. I could feel that he enjoyed this very much and knew this was going to be a day I wouldn’t forget. He helped me up by sliding his hands from my hips down under my ass, and I instantly felt my pussy contract. He took his time before lifting me so I continued to grind my hips. When I was standing, I turned around and bent down and placed my hand on his shoulder to thank him. I knew this would give him a great view of my amazing tits, which his smile showed me he enjoyed. “No problem, ma’am” he said. Since the movie hadn’t started yet, I sat down next to him and said, “You’re in the seat I normally sit in, so I thought you wouldn’t mind me having this one.” He continued to smile and said, “Please by all means”. I sat down and realized for the first time how good he smelled. I smiled at him and thanked him for the seat. I made a show of trying to open my treat, and turned to him and asked if he could. I hoped the bag would burst open and the candy would go flying. My prayers were answered. He looked at me as if to apologize, and I said, “Oh it’s everywhere. Let me help you.” I leaned over and began picking up the candy from his seat. I plucked it off his lap, shirt, on the outside of his legs, and then where I wanted the most, between his legs. I scooped the candy up with my left hand and began to explore. He just sat there and enjoyed me touching him. His erection was clearly evident in his pants and I continued to touch him as I was getting every last piece of candy from his chair. When I had gotten it all, I looked up at him and thanked him for letting me get it. He couldn’t speak, and just shook his head. I said, “Oh I see another piece, let me get it for you”. I moved out of my seat and knelt in front of him. I pushed my titties into his lap and dug around behind him on the seat for the “piece” of candy. When I got it (it was already in my hand before I did this), I looked up at him and put that piece in my mouth. “Yummy, I love candy at the movies”.

I stood up then and went to move back to my seat. He grabbed my waist and pulled me down onto his lap. I said, “Did you see a piece somewhere?” “Yes, let me get it for you.” He said. His left arm was wrapped around my low back and I straddled his lap. He put his face into my titties, which had basically fallen out of my bra and shirt at this point, and began kissing between my tits. He moved up to my nipple that had indeed come out of my shirt. He sucked my nipple and lightly bit it, rolling it between his teeth. He looked up and smiled at me and said, “Yummy, I love candy at the movies.” As he looked up at me, his other hand moved under my skirt. I could feel his hand moving up my thigh and I watched to see his reaction when he found out I didn’t have panties on. When his fingers found my pussy, he flicked them back and forth on my lips. “Nice, very nice” is all he said. He played with my pussy lips for a couple of minutes until my pussy juices started to drip out of me. He got his fingers wet and then brought them to his lips to taste. As he was licking my pussy juices off of his fingers, I bent down and kissed his lips as well, tasting me on his lips. I grabbed his hand and stuck his index and middle finger into my mouth. I sucked them, like I was sure I would be sucking his dick soon, until I sucked all of my juice off of him. I moved his hand back under my skirt and he began playing with my lips again. His fingers felt so good moving over my skin and in my pussy. He explored my pussy and let the juices drip onto the chair. I couldn’t believe how wet I was. He fucked me with his fingers until I started moaning. By this time the movie had started, so no body could hear us. I put my hands down to his pants and undid his zipper. I pulled his dick out and couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth. He wasn’t done finger fucking me, so I scooted back on his lap so I could see his dick. It was about 6.5 inches long and fat with an even fatter head. I started moving my hand up and down on his dick, stroking him faster and faster. He started to precum and now I wanted it in my mouth. He was still finger fucking me so I said, “are you gonna let me taste you? It’s only fair.” He said, “No, I want to feel your pussy now.” So I moved up on his lap and rested my pussy on the head of his dick. I could feel him pulsing and straining to get in my pussy, but I was going to tease him a bit. I rubbed my pussy around his head and let only his head go in. He moaned. I began kissing him as I let only a little bit of him in at a time. I would let ½ an inch go in and then pull him out so just his head was in. A little bit more in, and pulled all the way out. When he started moaning deeply in his throat, I stuck my tongue in his mouth and took him all the way in.

When I got to the base of his dick, I just sat there. I leaned back and took my titties out of my shirt. I wanted him to suck and bite my nipples as I fucked him. I began moving slowly on his dick, not letting him rush me. He put one hand between us, and let it rest on my clit, so that when I moved, his finger would stimulate my clit. I continued this motion for a good 5 minutes and then I wanted more! I began riding his dick faster and faster as he bit my nipple. Oh my god was I wet! He wanted me to cum quickly so he could feel it, but I had other plans. I twisted around so that I faced the movie screen. He pulled up my skirt so that he could see my ass and leaned forward to play with my titties. He squeezed my ass and started to push me back and forth on his dick. We teased and fucked each other for a good half of the movie and then I was ready to cum, but I didn’t want him to. That was reserved for my mouth. I told him so and he said go ahead, I’ll hold it. So I went to work on my clit and soon enough I was having the most amazing orgasm. By this time, the people in the front row were looking around, so I knew I was being loud. I didn’t care, they could come watch for all I cared. When my orgasm was over, I stood up and knelt down on the floor. I wanted to taste me on his dick. I took his dick in my mouth. He tasted so good; well I tasted so good on him. After a couple of minutes I had sucked my juice off of him and I could then taste him. Did he taste good or what? I didn’t play around; I knew he was close to cumming so I started working on his dick. I love sucking dick so I know all the tricks to it. I could feel his dick getting harder than before so I took him all the way in. When his dick hit the back of my throat, his cum shot out and slid down my throat. He pushed on my head so I took more of him, and came again. He tasted so much better than the candy!

After he came, I sat back on his lap and kissed him so he could taste his cum on me. He kissed and bit my nipples some more. The movie was ending soon, so I said in his ear, “Thanks for the candy. It certainly made the movie worth seeing.” I stood up and left the theater. Sweet, anonymous sex. That’s what Tuesday afternoons are good for!

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