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What a Movie!!!

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So there we were on the road… MrsTwo and I on our way to catch The Bucket List. While I am as big a Jack fan as any guy, I must admit I had ulterior motives for taking MrsTwo to this particular movie this day. Motives that while perhaps less than honorable, certainly guaranteed a memorable rainy, afternoon for both of us.

As we innocently made our way into the theater, I was initially disappointed by the rather large audience in the stadium style seats. I had assumed there would be a smattering of people as the movie had been out for awhile. I began to realize my expectations for having a little fun just might be hindered.

While we climbed the steps towards the seats, I feverishly scanned the rows for an isolated area where we could sit and be comfortable. All the while, MrsTwo had no idea of my intentions. We found a row about one third the way up and sat down. Unfortunately, there were small groups of people off to the side immediately above and below us. I was beginning to accept that my devilish plans had been foiled!

As I was getting hotter and hotter thinking about what could have been, I decided to tell MrsTwo that I was “going commando” (which I never do). She flashed me a brief look of shock that quickly gave way to a sly grin. At that point, I knew… things were about to get interesting. After looking about the theater to be sure the “coast was clear”, MrsTwo gently slid her hand on top of my jeans to verify my claim. Her hand was met by my rapidly hardening cock. We both realized…“Game on!”.

In the partial darkness, we again scanned the theater for a “better” location. Not to look too obvious, I headed back out to the snack bar and immediately returned to get a better view of the seating while standing in front of the theater. I headed back up the stairs and motioned to MrsTwo to come with me. I had spotted an empty row and as luck would have it, it was the last row! Perfect, I thought.

We climbed to the top, moved in a few feet, lifted the arm rest in between the plush rocker-style seats, and sat down with MrsTwo to the left of me. Only one group of three or four people was in the row ahead of us, again off to the side, just enough to add to the excitement of what was about to transpire.

Although the light was only dimmed while the advertisements ran on screen, MrsTwo wasted no time in availing herself of my condition. Extremely tactile, MrsTwo accomplished the unbuttoning and unzipping of my jeans in one seamless, fluid motion. My rigid cock sprang to life... and there I was... in all my glory!

After a little re-positioning as to not be fully on display to moviegoers in the row in front of us, MrsTwo reached over to begin fondling and lightly stroking my manhood. As the lights went down, the action was beginning to get a little more involved.

Needless to say, I was thoroughly enjoying the experience of having MrsTwo caress me in a public, yet somewhat discreet setting. She is very attentive and knows just how to massage, squeeze, and grip my cock for intense pleasure. She lightly circled the head of my cock with her index finger then proceeded to fondle and roll my balls in between her fingers. After a few minutes, I was already beginning to feel my cock quiver and my thoughts entirely left the movie on screen and became lost in the passion of the moment... Very erotic, I must say!

As we didn’t have any lube at our disposal (I guess I should have asked for some popcorn butter on the way, MrsTwo seductively licked her fingers while gazing in my eyes and again returned her attention to stroking my stiff member.

While the movie played on, so too did MrsTwo. With my arm around her fondling her nice, full breasts and erect nipples she would occasionally slide down to envelope my cock with her warm and inviting mouth providing natural lube for continued stroking. This ritual gained in intensity over the course of the movie bringing me to the edge of orgasm a handful of times (no pun intended).

Near the end of the movie, I nearly exploded while MrsTwo licked and slurped in a furious crescendo as I ran my hands through her hair and thrusted my hips in sync with her swallowing every inch of me. My balls were aching, my cock was throbbing... but, unfortunately, the movie was over. Just as the theater lights began to expose our naughty activities, I quickly slid my still pulsating, saliva-coated and cum dripping cock into my jeans and returned to an upright position somewhat in a daze...WOW! Over the next couple minutes, the thought of my having missed the opportunity to glaze MrsTwo's lips and fantastic tits with my juices in public was driving me wild. It took all I had not to blow what would have certainly been a monster load in my jeans, a frustrating yet exciting experience!

All I can say is... WHAT A MOVIE! I don’t care what the Academy says, The Bucket List is Best Picture of the year for me... hand’s down!... or is it... hand’s on?!

Horny-ly submitted,


P.S. - For our next movie... MrsTwo has been directed to wear a button down, form-fitting sweater with short skirt... no panties! I am looking forward to returning the favor.

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