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What Sex Means to a Man- One Husbands Perspective

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As I fall back next to you, I?m still shaking, convulsing involuntarily as the throes of my orgasm subside. I am exhausted, physically and emotionally spent in the aftermath of our torrid coupling.

I turn to see that you share in my current state, lying still next to me but for the quick rise and fall of your chest as you fight to catch your own breath, your beautiful face flushed, your soft skin glowing with a sheen of perspiration generated by our fevered pace. Your eyelids are fluttering a bit, but still closed. I know from experience they will remain so for a few more precious moments as you regain your bearings.

I turn on my side to face you, reaching out to you with my right hand, gently brushing my fingertips from the hollow at the base of your throat where sweat has begun to pool, tracing down your heaving chest, between your full breasts, finally allowing my hand to come to rest on your tummy, just above your pubic tangle. I am at peace.

I know you often wonder what stirs such passion in me; why my physical need of you is so inexhaustible. The answer is simple - you cannot possibly imagine the bliss I experience in moments such as this; the joy I feel in lying naked beside you, knowing that you are sated and completely contented, witnessing all tension gone from your face, from your body that I adore, because of the orgasms that I have been able to give you; the shuddering, breathless releases that my hands, my mouth, and my cock have helped to generate in you. My greatest moments as a man, aside from the birth of our children, consist of my successful conquests of you - those times when we have melded our bodies and, seemingly, our minds and souls, and shared in explosions of passion that will forever be etched in my memory.

I consider myself a relatively articulate beast; but, despite my efforts, I know that I will never be able to express myself as fully as you might like in conversation. That is simply not the way of my cave-man forebears. To the extent you?re not already aware, it is through the physical demonstration of my passion for you that I most clearly convey the immeasurable depth of my love. It is the only medium through which I can truly and accurately express the emotion I feel toward you. It is not a conscious choice, selecting physical over verbal expression; I am hard-wired for it. For me, that fact rings as naturally true as it may seem alien or contrived to your feminine psyche. Because of this, I suppose, it is also at these times that I feel you are closest to me, and that I am most loved by you.

I know it may run afoul of the movies you?ve seen, the books (certainly the magazines) you?ve read, and the general conditioning you experienced growing up, but here is another truth I perceive on this topic - the level of complete abandon, even depravity, that we allow ourselves to experience together bears a direct correlation to the love we feel for one another. This may seem counterintuitive on the surface, but at a base, guttural level, don?t you know it to be true? Is the depth of our love and the trust in which we hold each other ever demonstrated more completely than through our respective willingness to do literally anything that would bring the other the greatest pleasure?

In the moments that you open and give yourself over to me completely, unashamedly baring your body and soul and exposing the depths of your most decadent desire, I know, without question, the extent of your feelings toward me. By your feral display of passion, you affirm in my own terms, and at my most base level, that you trust me, that you desire me - that I am your man. I know no greater joy.

Understand this - I derive my greatest pleasure from knowing, seeing and feeling the pleasure I give you. There is no boundary I can conceive that I would not gladly breach to satisfy your desires; no fantasy you can imagine that I would bear to see unfulfilled. I love you, I trust you, and I need your love and trust in return. I feel all of those things most directly when we are naked, sharing our bodies and minds, surrendering ourselves to each other. These are the reasons I crave the physical aspect of our love, the underlying basis for my carnal obsession with you.

As I rest my hand on your still-shuddering tummy, reaching with my other to brush the hair from your perspiring forehead before placing a gentle kiss there, and as I say ?I love you?, understand that I am telling you all of this, and so much more.

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