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What Every Woman Should Know!!!!

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Ladies my opinions are based upon my personal experiences, watching and listening to the way men and women respond to each other in regards to sex and relationships. I have been fortunate to have dated some of the most beautiful and attractive women around the globe, but I was never satisfied. Beauty alone was never enough to hold my attention. Within my heart I wanted to be monogamous but the yearning for something else was always too great to overcome. I use monogamy in terms of focusing on my mate physically, emotionally and intimately.

I married my college sweetheart, she’s beautiful and beyond a 10, many of you may have seen her on television or in magazines. Well I married her after 8 years of dating and a pregnancy. However within that marriage I always felt like there was something missing. Even though there was something missing I remained faithful after we took our vow….. notice I said after I took my vow….lol. Looking back at myself, I’m not sure If I knew what I wanted or I simply didn’t want to acknowledge what I wanted, maybe it was a fear of appearing to be shallow. Needless to say the marriage failed and so did several other relationships after, but a funny thing happened.

Several years ago I started a strictly sexual relationship with a woman that started off as innocent flirtation, well maybe not so innocent. I invited this lady to my home one afternoon, I can’t even remember if we even said hi when I opened the door, we immediately started kissing and it wasn’t a “hi, it’s nice to see you” kiss it was a “hi, I need to be fucked immediately kiss. There were days when she would leave work to come over and we would fuck until she had just enough time to shower go home and go back to work. I can remember travelling for work as I did on many occasions and couldn’t wait to get home because I knew that she would be there to fuck my brains out. On one occasion I vividly remember having a phone conversation with this women right before the doors of the plane shut and we were asked to turn off all electronic equipment.

Well I guess my conversation wasn’t as quiet as I thought, the last two hours of a four and a half hour flight I rode home with a cock that was hard as a steel pole and I was desperately trying everything to hide my hard on from the women the was sitting next to me. Right before we were getting ready to land in Sacramento the lady asked If I would let her out so that she may use the restroom before the flight lands, I did so with hesitancy in fear of not being able to hide my hard cock. Upon this lady’s return I could feel the palm of her left hand gently glide across my crotch as she slid back into her seat. I wasn’t sure if she had lost her balance or if my mind was playing tricks on me because I was thinking about getting fucked when I get home, in any event I sat back down in my seat, there were no words exchanged. About five minutes before we land this lady leans over towards my ear and said “wow….whatever that girl said must have been damned good”. I’ll never forget that moment; I must have turned more than three shades of red with embarrassment. I asked if she had heard my conversation and she confirmed that she had, this was a conversation in which I thought my voice was barely at a whisper. Two minutes later she leans over to me again and said “don’t feel bad I have been rubbing my clit under the blanket thinking about what she must have said to you. I travel every week and I haven’t had anything like that happen since.

I know long story ….but the point I’m making is the sexual chemistry was undeniably hot, this went on for seriously four or five months before we really ever had a conversation. Things slowed down to the point of maybe asking what’s your last name and a few other insignificant facts about each other that we didn’t really care about at the moment. Our conversation if we had any was about sex, she had no expectations and I had no expectations, we were strictly fuck buddies….. she felt like she could tell me anything or do anything without me judging her. Men, if your reading she felt like she could tell me anything without me judging her. The ironic thing about this whole situation was that for the first time in my life I was fucking one women who wasn’t even my women and I didn’t care or want to fuck another women unless she was with me. We eventually ended up spending more time talking than we did fucking and now that woman is my lovely wife. I had gone 30+ years thinking that I wanted what many men call a “good girl” to spend the rest of my life with.

Well, ladies good girls are not what men really want even if that’s what they say. Of course they want you to act like a lady in public or in the appropriate places but when the doors are closed they want you to feel free to enjoy your sexuality and not be afraid to explore different things that might possibly push the envelope.

The most sexiest thing in the world to me is a women who’s not afraid to express her sexuality and let a man know that she is enjoying you fucking her even more than you enjoy fucking her. Because my wife is open to different experiences: FFM, MFM, Couples, I don’t feel the need to seek out a relationship beyond the one we have together and because she’s given me that missing piece of having a true friend to share anything without judgment I am willing to give her the world. Men are simple beings; we’re visual, we’re hypocritical, we’re ego maniacs, we’re sex maniac’s, we’re provider’s. However I truly believe that if a woman wasn’t afraid or apprehensive to do anything that her mate wanted to do or that she wanted to do, that man would be more loving and loyal.

If you already are that nasty, uninhibited women and your man is still doing whatever he does that might possibly wreck your relationship then he’s stupid and you need to move on and look for a man that will treasure what you bring to the table.

For those men who wont allow their woman to explore their sexuality without judgment and for the ones that are too stupid realize when they have that already and screw it up…… Know that you are fucking it up for all of the other men out there!!!!!!

Ladies if you haven’t experienced any of the following ask your boyfriends and husbands what they think:

1.FFM 2.MFM 3.Another Couple 4.A sex club 5.Anal Sex 6.Role Plays 7.Giving Your Man Total Control – following his every direction, without fear but excitement 8.Watched him fuck another women 9.Have him watch you fuck another man 10.Enjoy being nasty

For those ladies that have experienced 1, 3, 5 and 10 and have enjoyed themselves give us a call immediately!!! Hell if you enjoy any of them give us a call, lol…….

This blog was in part inspired by the profile of the one and only Drdickinstein, thanks for the inspiration. We both hope there is more inspiration to cum, wink, wink……….


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