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Welcome Home

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We hadn't seen each out in awhile. I'd been travelling for business for almost a month. These long business trips aren't always fun, but she always makes coming home a very special event. This time was even better than usual.

As I entered the house, there she was... wrapped up in a very short silky robe. She just gave me a smile and said "Welcome home."

"Thanks. Wow! You look very sexy" is all I could muster to say. I walked over to her to give her a kiss and hug hello but as I reached her, she just grabbed my tie and started to pull me upstairs.

"You'll get your chance to touch me, but first I want to show you something." I knew I was in for something good as she normally isn't one to take the initiative and take command of the situation. She lead me upstairs and into our room where I thought we were headed to the bed to have a little welcome home fun, but instead she pointed at the chair in the corner and said, "Sit there." I gladly obeyed and looked at her intently to see if I could figure out was coming next. To say I was surprised by the next move would be an understatement. She sat on my lap facing me and slowly untied my tie and then used it to tie my hands behind me and to the chair.

"I went shopping while you were out of town. I need to show you what I bought. You are going to sit there and enjoy it. If you try to get loose before I am ready, you are not going to get any sex for a week!" I knew better than to argue, so I just sat there and waited. She walked back towards the walk in closet looking so sexy in the black silk robe, those long luscious legs looking even sexier than normal. As she walked away from me, she untied her robe and slowly let it fall from her shoulders revealing that she was only wearing a black g-string on underneath of it. She turned and gave me a smile before bending over to pick up the robe. That's when I noticed that the g-string wasn't just an ordinary one, but crotchless g-string! "Do you like what you see?" All I could do was nod my head.

She stepped into the closet and closed the door. The scene had me so horny that my cock was begging to be released from behind my pants. Soon, she stepped back out of the closet wearing a very sexy Catholic School Girl's uniform... white blouse (top buttons undone), a plaid sort of tie loosely around her neck, and a matching short skirt that just barely covered those sexy butt cheeks. Along with the white lace stockings and glasses, the other accessory she was wearing was a wig. She looked like someone totally different. She was so damn sexy!!!

She strutted over to me and said, "Tonight, you call me Jane. I'm your favorite stripper and I'm giving you a private show." I swear I heard a rip in the fabric of my pants as my cock strained to be contained. She turned on some music and started to give me one hell of a lap dance. over the course of three songs (or at least what I thought was three songs), she slowly removed all of her clothes save for the crotchless g-string. She had also managed to unbutton my shirt and pants during the show. Now, this 'Jane', finished with her lap dance, came back over and sat on my lap again. She begin to kiss my neck and ears and finally whispered "now the real fun begins."

She stood back up and pulled my pants and boxers down. Finally my cock could was released! Jane smiled and bent down and took my hardness into her mouth. She sucked on it so hard that I thought I was going to cum right there. She obviously sensed that and stopped. "I can't have you cumming yet, the night is still young."

She untied my hands and walked me to the bed. She laid down on her back and quickly moved her fingers to her pussy. I could tell that she was wet and her fingers slid in quickly as she started to rub herself. "Your tongue would feel better than my fingers. Get down there and taste me." I didn't need to be asked twice. Immediately I was on my knees and my fingers and tongue were darting all over her sweet, wet pussy. She tasted so good and I probably wouldn't have ever stopped if it was for her pulling me up. We locked in an embrace and kissed passionately for some time. Finally, she crawled up the bed a bit and, while on all fours, looked behind and said, "Well?"

Again, I didn't need to be asked twice, I quickly moved in behind her and guided my still massively erect cock to the entrance of her pussy. It slid in all the way on the first push and we quickly found a rhythm as I grabbed her hips and pumped into her hard. She matched me pump for pump and she pushed back hard into me. Again, I was virtually at the point of climax when she moved forward off of my cock. She just looked at me and said 'not yet'. She was always good at knowing how much i could take without going over the edge. She pulled out her little blue vibe and started and brought herself to another orgasm.

"There, now I'm perfectly relaxed. Now, Jane wants to feel your hard cock up my ass!" With that comment, I knew she was Jane and not my regular, happy little house wife. She never lets me have her ass. To say the least, I was happy to have Jane tonight! There she was, lying on her back, slowly pulling off the crotchless g-string so that I could have full access to her alternate love tunnel. She lifted her legs and held them in the air. I quickly moved back down and started sucking on her clit and pussy a big before moving my tongue to her sweet little rosebud. After sticking my tongue in her a bit and definitely sensing how relaxed she was, I guided my cock to her pussy for a few pumps to get it nice and slick and then edged it into her tight ass. I moved in slowly at first, her entrance straining against me. Finally I was all the way in and slowly started to rock back and forth. "Fuck me hard, I want to feel your cock ramming into me. It feels so good up my ass!!" I started to pump in to her hard stroke after stroke. It didn't take me long before I was at the edge. I finally released my load up her ass as she came to yet another powerful orgasm, her muscles clenching against my hard cock forcing every ounce of cum out of me. Finally I rolled over, totally spent.

"That was the best sex we've ever had, honey."

"I'm not your honey, I'm Jane. thanks for a great night!" With that, she stood up, went back to the closet and emerged in a relaxed, silky nightgown, this time without the wig.

"Welcome home," she said. "Wow, thanks!!" is all I could say. "If you liked tonight, just wait until the next time you go out of town!"

I've never looked forward to my next business trip as I am now!

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