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Wedding Bliss with Wife’s Sister

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Wedding Bliss with Wife?s Sister

This event is true and happened 14 years ago. The wedding I was about to attend was my wife?s cousin. My wife and I are 33 years old and have been already married 13 years. So I did not look forward to attending this event but went any ways. My wife does not drink and attends church regularly. We attended reception an as dinner wound down drinks an music started up my wife stayed with her mom for about an hour, then left me with her cousins and some family members namely, her older sis who was 46 years old. Her name is Shirley and she has been a widow for some 14 years, she did not remarry. Shirley is five foot about 128 lbs a nice tight fitting body just curvy enough and with juicy thighs, fuck me bedroom eyes an a bust to drool over. Well tonight she was displaying all her assets in nice black evening gown with strap lace top giving awesome view of her 38C cleavage. And to boot was drinking a lot of the wedding livens. Tonight I could see she was getting tipsy or giddy, which I like as she gets so darn horny and sluttish when she drinks. This drives me crazy to no end. As it was she started dancing and began to drag me up to songs as the evening went on with shooters flowing freely. as time went pretty fast she grabbed my hand an dragged me up to dance to slow waltzes so I went she was sexy an horny now she pulled my body tight up against hers I could feel her womanhood pressing and grinding against my leg, this got me aroused instantly as my woody started to swell in my trousers. It is a really fat thick circumcised seven inch cock. I was now flushed red and Shirley must have known this and only pulled me tighter against her body; man was that a hot dance, I was sure she new I was almost erect now as she ground her mound of Venus even harder against me, it was a good thing the lights were turned way down as someone would have seen my disposition. No words were exchanged but my mind was racing and wondering she last had her oil changed and pussy pumped by a throbbing cock. So I told her when dance was over that i would escort her home as she was under the influence of the drinks she smiled an dragged me up for dance after dance I enjoyed the dancing as it kept me sober. Well as it was all good things come to an end an last song played I then took her home as this other young man about 25 was just about climbing all over to. When we got to her house she opened door an then put her hand up against the door opening an said ok time for you to go home, I said I had to pee an ducked under her hand an walked upstairs to her bathroom to pee an wash my face with cold water. The other young man Les and she went into kitchen. When I came out of washroom no one was to be found I went to living room sofa and sat down, this was November an a little cold outside. I was now feeling my drinks and laid back on sofa closed my eyes and I was out. The next thing I remember is waking up in strange dark room my mind was foggy maybe I had been a sleep for 35 minutes. I got up to look around no one around I seen a light from Shirley?s bedroom the door was ajar about 14 inches I walked down hallway an peeked into room an was frozen in my tracks by what I saw. Shirley was prancing from bed to closet in a dancing seductive way, in one motion she took her evening dress off she had no bra or panties on. My cock was throbbing now to full erection as I fantasized about this woman a lot. She had been a cock tease over the years to me flashing her juicy legs tits an always licking her lips in gestures that just drove me nuts. She also had been a slut in community, as a lot of stories circulated about her conquests with different men that came into community we live an a small town of 2000 or so, man I was consumed by my lust an her sexual escapades over the years so this was a real instant turn on. Shirley then danced back to the bed where Les was sitting with all his clothing still on and sat down on edge of bed laid back down in one motion an closed her eyes. Les started fondling her breasts and they were lovely. I was now hard so I did also in one moment take all my clothing off walked into room got on my knees in front of Shirley?s pussy and started licking her lovely pussy for all I was worth. I nibbled, licked, sucked on her pussy for about 25 minutes she then sat up as she neared her orgasm opened her eyes pulled me toward her kissed me hard and pulled my hard 7 inch cock into her hot wet pussy ,I pumped her mercilessly until I filled her hole with my man juice in her now gapping hot wet pussy and it was pure ecstasy. The young man got up turned light out and left the bedroom. The next thing I new it was about 830 am and I was in a spoon position behind her and I had a full morning glory erection so I started to fondle and caress her breast and tummy area working down to her wet hot pussy. She stirred and pulled my hot cock form behind and pulled my male member into her hot inviting wet pussy. I pumped and pumped a gallon of man juice into her steamy hot cunt. She whispered into my ear you are so sweet, I got up and discretely left her room and went home. Nothing was ever said between us but she still teased me with flashes of her pussy, tits and ass. She is so hot even if she is now a little plump it is still refreshing as yesterdays rain whenever the family has dinners. I just loved that night and have sprayed my cum all over my bed few times fantasizing about that wonderful night. Sad to say the marriage of her cousin did not last but I am still married. And man Shirley is still hot at almost 60, I would sure love seconds.

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