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We Had The 707 To Ourselves!

It was the usual Dallas-Ft' Worth plane change from Orlando to SF/LAX. They were late, changed airplanes and we're waiting at the gate. I see an attractive brunette about 30 yrs old and sit next to her. We talk and we're getting along famously.She said she was just openning a doll shop on Rodeo Drive.They announce boarding and asked if any two passengers would wait for the next plane. It was almost like the loudspeaker interrupted us and we agrred to wait. An hour later we boarded a 707 only to discover we were the ONLY passengers.They said they needed the equipment in LA. We sat in the middle of the plane, cuddled in a blanket, the flight attendent gave us a bottle of champagne for FREE, turned down the lights and we made out and felt each other up, no sex, undisturbed for 2 hrs. I deplaned at SF, she stayed on and we never heard from each other again. Ships in the Night Flight

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