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Warm Summer Day

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It's a beautiful warm summer day. I give you a call and invite you over for a swim. An hour later you show up and look very're wearing a very loose fitting blouse and white shorts. The white high heel shoes give you that very sexy look that you know I love. You come in and I pour us both glass of wine and we sit and chat and enjoy our wine together. After awhile... I ask if you're ready for the swim, you smile and nod yes. You say you must go change and leave the room for a few minutes.

When you return, I'm very surprise at what you're wearing.....but also very look very very sexy as you stand in front of me wearing a nice black garter belt......dark hose.........and, yes still wearing those sexy heels. MMmmmm you look good enough to eat. My cock......begins to grow under my bathing suit, you can see the bulge in my pants and you smile, a very sexy smile.

.I take your hand and pull you close, our lips meet and we kiss...letting our tongues search the inter depths of our mouths. MMmmmmmm we both moan as we pull each other closer.......your titts pushing up against my chest.<BR>

I take your hand and lead you out of the house to the backyard where the pool awaits us. As we near the pool and you glace down and see that my cock has grown and the tip is just visible sticking out the top of my trunks. You wet your lips with anticaption of tasting my love juice, of which you can see a pearl drop of precum oozing from the tip. You ask me if I'm ready to dive in........I turn and smile and say yes, I'd love to dive into the pussy of chuckle and say lets go for a swim first. With that you kick off your heels and we dive into the pool along side each other. The water is great, very refreshing......We seperate and both swim a couple of laps enjoying the coolness of the water. As we both step out of the pool you say, lets get naked.......with that I reach down and remove my cock springs out, hard as a rock and straight as a board, the only thing harder then my cock is your nibbles jetting forth from your titts. You've removed your soaking hose and garter belt and we both stand there totally nude. We move towards each other again and kiss, this time however, I move my mouth down to your neck and kiss your neck from one ear to the other. Then down your titts, sucking in one and then moving to the other, letting my tongue flick across your hard nibbles.

I drop to my face level with your pussy. I then make one longggggg.....slowwwwwwww lick from the bottom of your pussy to the top......forcing your lips apart as I go with my tongue..MMMmmmm you taste great, and you moan with pleasure. I stand up and you have a look of disappointment on your face and say "is that all"?? No way, I say. Follow me..........we move over to the diving board... I move out onto it and then I lay down on my cock still hard. I then tell you that I want you to come out onto the board and slowly position yourself over my face. In a matter of seconds, I'm starring up at your pussy, it's so wet, it's actually dripping your juices onto my face. I tell you to slowly lower yourself onto my face.....and once there, let your feet dangle off the edges of the board......I want your full weight on my I can drive my tongue deeper into you then you've ever had one before. You can't believe the feeling of my tongue in you.......I continue letting my tongue slide in and out of you, occassionaly stoppint to let my lips nibble on your clit and your pussy lips. I continue till you released your first orgasm of the day, flooding my face and mouth with your nearly collapse from the excitiment.......trouble is......I don't stop, I continue eating you.... my tongue working deep into you.....deeper then you thought was possilble.......I want to make you cum again......and continue till I do. This time you collapse and roll off my face and fall into the pool a couple feet underneath us. You pop up out of the water screaming in shear ecstasy. You smile and tell me......know it's my turn. You motion for me to sit on the edge of the pool at the shallow end. Once there, you swim toward me, as you near, you open your mouth and let my cock slide into you waiting mouth. My eyes roll back, your mouth is hot, you let your mouth slide all the way down to the base of my cock....tasting the precum as you inhale my cock. Once you have it buried in your mouth you remain there, pushing your tongue out between your lower lip and the base of my cock. I can't believe what you're doing, your mouth is full of my cock, yet you are using your tongue to flick across my balls. MMMMmmmmmm "Fantastic" I say. As slowly as you engulfed my cock you even more slowly move your mouth up the rigid shaft, up to the tip, removing your mouth completely.

The taking the tip of your flick it across the opening at the tip of my rod........tasting the precum ozzing out. You continue working my cock in and out of your mouth, not once touch it with your feel it grow and timing it just move your head back and open your mouth, just as the first rope of white, thick, hot cum jets out. It shoots up across your face, to your forehead, the next string shoots directly into your mouth as does the next shoot. Your eyes roll back as you savor the taste, and swirl it around in your mouth before taking one big gulp and swallowing my love juice.

The cum on your forehead begins to rundown and I drop down into the pull next to you and with my tonuge lick it clean. I then move down so we can kiss....sharing my cum. We continue to kiss for several minutes, loving what pleasures we bring each other. The rest of the afternoon we continue our antics. We even fuck while standing shoulder deep in the pool, then moving to the air mastress's along side the pool. We experiment and try any and all positions that come into our minds. We both cum twice more before stopping in exhaustion. What an afternoon it has been. We both have loved our pleasure we have brought each other. I ask you to stay for dinner and you agree. I suggest that after dinner and a little relaxation.......we might retire to the jaccuzzi smile, and with a glitter in your say........."Can't Wait"

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