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Warm Awakening

Couple, Oral -
Male lovers wakes his lady

Your annoying alarm clock has been muffled,
that is not what awakened you.
You are in a warm and enclosed in a chamber of skin?
You struggle to the surface of consciousness...
something warm, soft and scratchy with a soft center
presses against you forehead...
Your eyes flick open, with trouble focus
...on the shaven throat below the auburn beard of your lover,
his bent arms periscoped to either side,
his chest the roof to the pillars of his arms.
He continues to kiss you forehead,
drifts softly down, kissing all along the way,
to your nose and then
engulf your lips wetly.

His kiss too brief,
he collapses gently,
your breasts slide against the hair on his chest,
your nipples jump to his command.
He passes them,
breathing warm moist breath on each,
to then attack you belly button,
flicking quickly with sloppy tongue
the wetness smacks your memory
of his treatment of your pussy.
His hands come from the sides,
cup and squeeze your breasts,
and then pull them by the nipples towards each other,
teasing pleasure and prickly pain of strong fingers,
pinching, rubbing and stimulating your nipples.

As you are now awake,
he throws you legs over his shoulders,
and opens your legs to full comfortable spread.
He surveys the wonderful site before his face,
and wiggles his butt,
shoving his hard member into the mattress.

He groans with pleasure,
and then something happens...
his shoulder pop out,
the muscles on his arms are suddenly defined,
pecks swell from the ill defined chest,
he grunts like a horse stung on the flank,
and you become aware he smells the love from the night before
that has been marinating you.

You both flow from the lower portion of you bruised lips,
down on to your perineum,
but before it can escape to the fabric of the sheets
he lunges down and licks it quickly up
like the precious cream he considers it to be.

His tongue wanders further down
poking at you tightly sprung bung
his fingers open you
so that he tongues your inner anal surfaces.

You lose track of the world as he opens your apertures
and he is lost,
the fever is without relent,
as he attacks your pussy
the urgency, delirium and manifest need he translates to your own body...

and so the day begins.

End of Story