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Sally, my wife, and I had been waiting on Mary’s couch for almost an hour. Our home in the mountains was a little over 75 miles away and I regretted not calling Mary before we left. She had the best and most reliable connection for crank than anyone else I knew. This time, it was still all good, it was just taking longer.

When we left the house, Sally and I didn’t plan to visit Mary and pick up a bag pf crank. We had decided we would go for a ride along some mountain fire trails and take in the scenery. It was a pretty day, and the mountain views would be spectacular.

The mountains were full of animals this time of the year. I took my camera with me in case there was a chance for a good photo.

We had never taken a fire trail that didn’t end on a paved road at the end. Of all the trails we had been on, we usually never ran across anyone else. Sally would wear some sexy outfit and bring a few more with her. I could always find a nice spot to take some hot photos of her.

This time Sally wore a silk multi colored top cut low in the front with and a pair of “Daisy Duke Shorts.” If Sally undid the top button, located between her navel and the bottom of her tits, the front of this top opened up even more. If she wanted to, Sally could pull the top open even more exposing both her tits. I would take 4 or 5 photos with each top. On Each photo would become more revealing as I continued ‘till I was satisfied I had what I wanted.

I don’t remember how we ended up at Mary’s looking for crank. I knew if we got some it would enhance the drive when we returned to the mountains. During the hour we waited around, five other people arrived, 4 guys and 1 girl, looking for the same thing. I noticed Sally’s top button had come undone and her tits were showing nicely. She kept getting looks from the other guys, and I started to enjoy the show.

We were introducing ourselves and talking with everyone while we waited for the crank to arrive. Sally was talking with 2 of the guys the girl. She said we lived in the mountains and how much we enjoyed it. She never realized her button had come undone, but the 2 guys did!

Sally had to move to her right to make room for me to sit back down on the couch. I doing so, she noticed her top had come open and her tits were starting to show. She asked me why I didn’t let her know about the button coming undone. I told her she acted so normal I thought she knew, and was just showing some skin for the guys.

Sally apologized for what had happened with her button. She wanted them to know she was not a tease. Most of all Sally didn’t want to get them hot and bothered! The guys were very quick to let Sally know it wasn’t a problem. Dave and Harry both said they enjoyed the time they spent talking with her.

Sally went on to tell about our trips on the various fire trails and what a good time we had taking photos. Dave said he was into photography. It turned out he and I had the same digital cameras. He had taken a lot of photos, but none were erotic.

Sally asked Dave if he had his camera. He said the camera was always with him. A photo opportunity might come along and he wouldn’t want to miss it. Sally leaned over and whispered in my ear. She wanted to have Dave to take some photos of her in a couple of the items she had with her. Sally wanted to have my permission before saying anything.

I told her it didn’t matter, but I wanted to take some as well. Sally agreed and excused herself to go to the car. She returned carrying her bag with the change of outfits.

She went over to Dave and asked if he wanted to take some photos of her if she changed. She would change in Mary’s bedroom and return to the living room when she was ready. He could take of her outfits if he wanted. Dave ran to his car and got his camera. When he came back in Sally asked if he had a favorite color. He said white was the color he liked best.

It must have been his lucky day. Sally had packed a white night gown and it would be the firs one she changed into. Mary came out and told us the crank was on its’ way. Sally went into the bedroom to change.

While Sally was changing, Mary said we could pull some chairs in from the kitchen if more seats were needed. All together, there were now 10 of us. Mary’s new boyfriend and two new guys had just shown up. Everyone got comfortable and Sally came back in wearing the white night gown.

It wasn’t really white as Dave might have imagined. It was more transparent, having white flowers with pink centers. Sally wearing but it didn’t have any design on it.

I took a couple of photos as soon as Sally walked in the living room. Dave then asked Sally if he could pose her for a picture or two. Sally asked him where she should be and what kind of a pose did he want?

Dave sat Sally down on the couch and had her lean forward a little for his first picture. The second picture was had the same pose but Dave slid the left strap down along her arm to just above her elbow. Sliding the strap down her arm allowed the gown to fall away from her left tit. When the gown stopped slipping away from her tit, the upper half of her tit and nipple became exposed.

Dave pulled Sally’s left strap back in place. He then asked her to stand by the front window for his last picture. She got off the couch and walked over to the window. Dave then pulled Sally’s right strap off her shoulder and down below her elbow.

Sally’s entire right tit was exposed for all to see. Her nipple wrinkled up and she just looked so sexy! Dave set the camera up and handed it to Harry. He went and stood next to Sally while he had Harry take a photo of them both.

All the while Dave was taking his photos, I just kept right on taking mine. I got a good record of what went on during Dave’s sessions with Sally.

Everyone seemed to like what was going on with Sally and the photos. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves. The last fellow who showed up seemed to be enjoying himself the most. I caught him adjusting the front of his pants right after Dave lowered Sally’s right strap.

Sally had Dave put her right strap back in place and went back to Mary’s bedroom. She changed into her second outfit. It was a long sleeved red puffy top with two buttons in the front and a short black skirt. The upper button on the top was left undone. A long gold chain hung between her tits and went down to her navel.

The top wasn’t see thru. It didn’t have to be. Anyone standing next to Sally could see her tits. The top just seemed to fall away from her chest and stay there showing everything!

I took about 10 photos of Sally while she had this top on. At least 5 of them were when Dave was setting up and taking his pictures. I was starting to get quite a photo record of the day’s happenings.

Dave took his pictures of Sally. She really looked good. Again for Dave’s last photo Harry took the picture. This time Dave stood behind Sally. He reached both hands over her shoulders and slid them under the material and onto her tits. When Dave had both Sally’s tits in his hands, Harry snapped the shudder and took the picture.

I hardly believed my eyes. I didn’t think Sally would let someone handle her tits and photo himself doing it in front of a room full of people.

Just as Harry took the picture, the door opened and the crank arrived. Sally went to Mary’s bedroom. Mary followed along with the guy who brought it and I took up last position and closed the door behind me. Mary paid the guy and he left. She then handed me a big crystal. I putt it in my pipe and melted it down.

Sally stuck her head out the bedroom door and called for Dave to come in the room. I took a big hit, handed the pipe to Sally who did the same. She gave it to Dave. It was passed around two more times before it was gone. Mary portioned out a bag for Dave, and then did mine. She left and went into the living room and gave everyone what they wanted and collected her money.

It got real quite when the others left. There were just the six of us, Mary and her boyfriend, Sally and me, and Dave and Harry. Harry was in the living room with Mary and her boyfriend. Dave was with Sally and me in the bedroom. This time Dave handed me a crystal of his to put in the pipe.

As we smoked and passed the pipe, Sally pulled out another outfit. She turned her back to Dave and me and took off her red top. She slipped a black night gown over her head and pulled it down. She slipped out of her skirt and turned around to face us wearing only the black night gown.

Sally asked Dave what he thought of the one she just put on. He said he liked it. I knew he would. It was made from some thin black material. From her tits upward it had l lace pattern allowing her nipples to be seen.

I started taking my photos right away. Sally asked Dave if he wanted to take his pictures in the living room. He told her the bedroom would be just fine. Sally stood and posed in front of the bed for the first one.

Dave took hold of Sally’s left night gown strap and pulled it off her shoulder. It didn’t fall all the way off her tit this time but he took the picture anyway.

For his third picture Dave asked Sally to stand up with her back against the wall. She did and Dave walked over to her and gently pulled the night gown down to bring her left tit into view. He then stepped back and took the picture.

Dave asked Sally if he could take one more picture. He said her nipple got so hard and excited he just had to have a record of it. Sally told him it be ok to take another photo. I was stunned when She said if he wanted her nipple to get real excited, he needed to come to her and play with it a minute. He wasted no time doing what she suggested.

While Dave was occupied with Sally’s tit and nipple she looked my way and winked. I knew she saw the bulge in my pants. My cock was straining to get out! When Dave saw her nipple was about as excited as it was going to get, he stepped back and took the photo.

After Dave took the photo of Sally’s wrinkled up nipple she told him she had brought a red night gown. She said she would put that one on for another nipple shot if he wanted. The red color she said would contrast her nipple and would photo nicely.

Sally reached in her bag and pulled the red one out. After she put it on she told Dave he was going to have to excite her nipple one more time before he took the picture. Dave once again obliged Sally’s request. This time I could have sworn there was some hip grinding going on as well. When Dave stepped back for the photo, even I could tell his pants were straining to keep his dick inside. Dave said Sally had been right about the contrasting colors. Her wrinkled nipple did show up better!

Sally told Dave that was going to be his last photo. We had to get back to the mountains before the whole day was shot. Sally did give Dave our phone number and told him to call if he ever got close by. I started to wonder how long it was going to take him before he called. How long do you think?

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