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Hey it?s Teri again. If you have read the first two parts to my story, you already know that I spent my teenage years on a never ending quest to get laid. I was obsessed with fucking since my very first fuck with Vincent on that kitchen counter. Here is Part 3 of my story.

During high school I got a job babysitting for a couple down the street. They were a great couple. Joe, the husband, reminded everyone of the Marlboro Man, rugged and muscular. I had a wild crush on him, but I was half his age, and even though I was fucking Vincent, Joe had no idea of that and had never shown even a passing interest in me. Joe and his wife Carol were best friends with my parents and I think he cared too much for my family to even think about actually trying to have sex with me. The summer after my sophomore year of high school, they asked me to feed their dog while Carol and the kids were at the shore, since Joe would be traveling and would be in and out of town during the week. They left me instructions and a key.

At the time I was hot and heavy with several guys. When I got that key, I figured I was in for a fun week. Two days into my dog-feeding gig, I told my parents I was going to the local public pool. I put on my smallest bikini and headed to Joe?s house. I invited my friend Matt to join me. When Matt arrived, we started making out as only teenagers can. After 20 minutes of kissing and touching, he finally advanced to caressing and squeezing my tits until I was squirming on the couch, begging to be fucked. Matt removed the top and pulled on my nipples with his mouth till I was panting. When I reached for his cock, it was already sticking out of the top of his trunks. I grabbed it playfully and led him to the master bedroom, in the back of the house. Kissing his way down body, he removed my bottom, threw it across the room and began fingering my tight, blonde and now very wet pussy. I rubbed his cock through the trunks as I felt the start of what I hoped was my first of many orgasms. Just I they heard footsteps on the floor in the kitchen. Matt, who still had his trunks on, scrambled out the back door, but I couldn?t get to my bikini fast enough, and I ran to the master bath to hide. I went from was naked and horny naked and scared.

Into the bedroom walked Joe, apparently just home from one of his trips. Through the crack in the bathroom door I watched him strip. My God his body was strong and tight. My body became flushed at sight of his long cock hanging free. I was worried he?d be headed to the bathroom, so I was relieved when he lay back on the bed and turned on the TV. Apparently stressed from the trip and apparently missing his wife, he put on a porn tape and was slowly playing with his cock as he watched. I couldn?t see the film from where I was, but I could see he was really into it as his cock swelled to full size. He began stroking it up and down. I was trapped, but also incredibly turned on when I saw Joe explode, with his back arched off the bed and come landing on his hard chest. Then he got up and walked toward the bathroom to clean up. I had nowhere to hide. Joe was at first surprised and then excited in a ten-second span. Here was this beautiful young girl, long blonde hair spilling over her 34DD tits, erect nipples poking out from her firm tits. Embarrassed, I tried to think of something to say, but he just grinned cockily, took me in his arms and kissed me.

I was already wet from Matt. Now Joe was making me crazy with his skilled tongue and hands. He kissed me passionately while he ran his hands up and down my body. Within minutes I felt his thick cock growing against my belly and reached for it. We broke the kiss, and with one hand I stroked his shaft while with the other fondled his balls. I had already decided she was going to fuck that day, but I didn?t expect to have the services of such an experienced lover. As he backed me up to the long marble countertop, I continued to play with his cock. He kept saying, ?Oh, god, you?re hot,? as I pulled on and rubbed his erection. He knelt on the floor to prepare my tight pussy for penetration. He lifted my ass onto the cold marble, then licked my pussy while continuing to caress my belly and chest. Then he gently inserted his forefinger in my pussy while gently flicking my clit. He nibbled on my clit while he inserted his thumb in my ass. The combination was too much for me. I started bucking her hips off the counter in an extended orgasm. When my trembling subsided, Joe lifted me and took me back to the bedroom. We kissed awhile longer, with me playing with his body. When I finally got back to his cock, it was hard as a rock. I made love to it with my mouth for over ten minutes. I knew I wanted him to cum inside me, so I spent time teasing him with my tongue, alternating with my mouth and hands.

When I knew we were both ready, I rolled on my back and pulled Joe onto me. I have never forgotten the feeling of his cock pushing into my pussy. I was stretched as far as I could be as he took his time filling me for the first time. Once inside, he made slow, small movements until I started rotating her hips and urging him to go faster and deeper. I wrapped her ankles round his ass, reached down to play with his balls with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other. Even though he had come only a few minutes earlier, was amazetedd by his energy. I won?t ever forget staring in his brown eyes as we erupted in orgasm together.

Here I was, a sixteen year old high school sophomore and I'm fucking my boyfriend's father, my best friend's father, my social studies teacher, my boyfriend's football coach, and the husband of the couple I babysit for. I was a virgin when the school year started and by the time it ended I had fucked twenty guys.

I was fucking Butch, the football coach fairly often. When spring weightlifting started I would meet him ocassionally at the stadium after the guys had all left and we would fuck on a couch that was in the coach's office. The door I used to get to the back of the stadium where the office was took me past the showers and locker room. One day i was meeting Butch and as I walked by I stumbled upon Vaughn coming out of the showers.

We literally bumped into eachother. I was really embarrassed but there was nowhere to go so I just said "Hey Vaughn, how's it going?" He started to mumble something about Dom already leaving but I had glanced downward and say his cock and really didn't hear anything he said. He had the longest, thickest cock I had ever seen.

I quickly siad thank you and mumbled something about just go over to his house and hurried out to my car. The next day at school Vaughn tried to appologize to me for what I saw. I had to stop him and said , "Listen, you don't need to appologize I've seen a cock before. Never one quite like that but I have seen one".

Vaughn laughed and said "If you ever want to take a closer look ust let me know", and walked away. I was shaking as I walked to class. All I could think about all day was Vaughn's huge black cock. I had never before thought black guys were attractive but sudenly I was seeing things differently. That Friday there was a party at my friend Vicky's house and I knew mos tof the football team would be there. At lunch thatday at school, Dom and Vaughn came over to where I was sitting with some girlfriends.

Dom told me he couldn't go to the party because his dad grounded him but that Vaughn was going and he agreed to take me so I wasn't goingthere alone. What Dom didn't know is that I knew he was hooking up with one of the cheerleaders and thas why he couldn't go. I told him thats fine and told Vaughn to pick me up at 7.

Vaughn and I got to the party and it was pretty wild already. People were either dancing or already hooking up all over. We got a drink, then another. I finally got up the courage to say something to him. I looked him in the eyes and said, "Listen, I know Dom is with Heather. What I don't know is whether or not you plan on fuckin gme tonight". He looked surprised for a second then said, "Teri, I have wanted to fuck you since we met". I said, "Then what are you waiting for"?.

I took his had and we went to find a vacant room. Tere were none but as we walked down the hall I saw the bathroom was empty and dragged him inside. I quickly kised him and unzipped his jeans while he pulled my shirt over my head. When I grabbed his cock the full magnatitude of its size hit me. I went to my knees and started sucking him for all I was worth. He maoned a little then picked me up and spun me around. I wiggled my jeans down to my knees and Vaughn slammed his huge cock into me.

He started pounding my little blonde pussy as hard as he could. My big tits were bouncing up and down and with every thrust he liftee me off the ground. It was so very raw and erotic as I watched him banging me in the mirror. He held my hips so hard the next morning I had perfect bruise imprints of his fingers. After what seemed like an hour he finally shot his load in me.

Vaughn and I left the party and went to Coach Butch's apartment and spent the night fucking our brains out in his spare bedroom. Dom never found out that I fucked Vaughn and I bet I had more fun that nigth than he did.

Till the next time...

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