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That evening after dinner, one of Sunday sister came to visit me, I took her to my room, I was eager to know how Sunday passed the week, Mary told me that he was crazy of me, they watched him from the curtain dividing their room?he was playing every evening with his huge pee moaning and calling my name even when he fell asleep?I could not wait the next morning, I was all wet.

The next morning wearing only a shirt of my father, a pair of transparent and very tiny underwear, a pair of sandals, a bag with a towel and some foodstuff for the 4 of us I reached the gate to meet them, there I was really disappointed to meet only the two girls, but they told me promptly to my relieve? ?let?s go to the pond, you?ll see, because he is too fond of you he?ll come??after reaching the pond, I got a surprise, Sunday was already there on top of his usual position, pretending to fishing and watching far?he could not see us...

I asked the two sisters to go far and to leave me alone with him, and not to embarrass him by watching us?so they said loudly: ?oh we forgot our towels, please Francesca stay here we?ll be back soon, Sunday will look after you?

?I answered: ?ok take your time? then I went straight to Sunday rock(about 20 feet high)?

I shouted to him:?hi Sunday how are you?? but he don?t answer?so I repeated again saying also:

?Please Sunday I want to tell you that I?m sorry for yesterday, for my behavior, please come down I?ll like to talk to you?

but agai he dint answer?

I shouted again:?ok maybe you don?t like me, so I?ll go back to the camp and ask my father to take me back to Lagos and I?ll not come back here again?

?again he was not answering?

?so you want me to go? Please answer only yes or no?

?then I heard a feeble ?noooo?

so I said to him ?please Sunday can I come over there?? after a very long minute I heard a feeble ?oookeeey?

?so I removed my shirt and sandals, wearing only my tiny "tanga" pants with the back string between my buttocks showing the magnificence of my pinkish bottom...

I climbed the rock, I reached his hand and he pulled me up, then pretending to fall down I embraced him?the surface was very small, so we had to seat one next to the other, my body touching his, he was tense and nervous?a white naked female?close to his blackish body?what a color contrast?

so to make him relaxed I asked him to teach me how to fish, so he showed me the cane and the worms and the two fishes he just caught?

so I told him ?oh you are very good at it?very clever and very strong? ?while caressing the muscles of his left arm ?and you are also very handsome, may I kiss your lips, if you like it of course, I don?t want to embarrass you, I want to be only your friend, please may I??

he then answered: ?yyyes?

then I took his head between my hand and gently I turned his face towards mine and gently I kissed his trembling lips, then watching his eyes I asked him ?do you liked it?

? he uttered a shy: ?yees?

I waited few seconds so he could relax then I told him: ? now is your turn to kiss me, of course if you want to?

? he pressed his lips against mine? he dint know how to kiss...

so I asked him: ?is it the first time that you kiss a girl?? , he answered ?yes, sorry? he was becoming again tense with both legs locked together to keep his expanding penis secured from me and for not letting it pop out...

I was excited but I decided to work on him differently from the last time, so he was not going to run away again, I had to win his confidence first? so while taking his big hand between mine I told him ?you don?t have to be sorry, also for me is my first time to kiss a boy and it was wonderful?are we friends now, are you still afraid of me? ?then he answered ?no but? but I feel ashamed?...? but why? I said ?you told me that you liked it, so why to be afraid of something that you like, something that is natural, it is the same as eating?are you ashamed when you eat?? ?no? he answered? so to hold the momentum I continued ??my father told me that if somebody wants to be used to something, he has to do that action at least 10 times???how?? he said?then me ?like kissing, if we want to beat our shyness and does not want to be ashamed anymore we have to kiss each other 10 times, do you like to try??

?he opened his eyes wide open and whispered ?ookey??

?but? I told him ?we have to learn to kiss the same way as they do in the movies?do you agree? ?

??I don?t know how? he said?

then me ?we have to use our tongues, they have to touch each other?let try?first I?ll keep my lips close to yours then I?ll take the tip of my tongue between your lips, if you like the taste then you allow my whole tongue in your mouse?ok?"...but he could sa a word...

"don?t worry" I said... "?you are going to liked it?

before he was going to say anything I pressed my lips against his?when I touched his lips with my wet tongue I pressed it in and he opened them, letting my tongue going in?but he retracted his, he was afraid to touch my tongue with his I stopped and?I asked him ? do you liked it, is it sweet??

??yes? he answered ?

?now is your turn to put your tongue between my lips?let try?

?but he was reluctant and said ?please, may be you are not going to like the taste of my tongue...maaybe it is bitter??

?Sunday we made an agreement, so let me try?I?m the one to decide if it is sweet or not, please let try??and without wasting more time, I was on his lips again?after several seconds the tip of his tongue was between my lips, I started to lick it and suck it in slowly?while I was moaning with pleasure??mmmmmm?

?he also was pleased because he allowed all his tongue to be sucked inside my mouth?I was loosing my breath?so I released it?but I kept my lips against his?

then I told him??your tongue is very is wonderful?as any part of you?you are wonderful?please remove your t-shirt?let me contemplate your chest?

?he agreed and removed his shit...his nipples where almost bigger than mine?I wanted to kiss them, but I was afraid of his reaction?so I thought to let him first kiss mine?

so I asked him??do you like my tits??his answer ?yeeees??

?you may kiss them if you like? I told him?while laying my back and my head on the rock?allowing him to contemplate my almost naked body?

then he started to kiss and then lick my tits?I started to moan of pleasure??mmmmmmm please Sunday, my love?you may do anything you like with my body?please caress all my body?I liked it?mmmmm??

when I started to feel his big hands on my belly I open wide my legs, his hand reached my crotch and started to massage it gently?so I moaned??please Sunday if you want to remove my pants and caress my peee?please do it?I feel very hot down there?

?so I took up my buttock to help him remove them?then his long fingers were playing with the labias and the clit of my vagina?he was driving me crazy?

I moaned again ?please my love kiss my pee?it is very sweet?you are going to liked it?

?he was aroused, his shy attitude gone?he started to kiss with his big lips my little pussy?the heat in my pussy was burning me of more desire?so I screamed??please Sundaay eat my pee?put your tongue in here??directing with my hand his huge tongue on my clitoris?

then I begged him to remove his trousers?

his magnificent stiff penis was free in the air?and while he went back to lick my pussy I took his monstrous snake in my hands?stared at its beauty?

then I asked him??Sunday, please may I kiss it??

?I dint heard any answer but I was already on it?at last the real thing ?not the vegetable I played with in my room?but a shaft of really meat? very black beautyful meat?sweet black meat?

I started to lick the shining big black head and suck the tip?then a small quantity of sticky liquid started to come out from the small orifice on the head, it tasted very good and mixed with my saliva it formed a kind of lubricant ?that helped me in taking inside my mouth at least part of the huge penis head...

I swallowed every drop of that honey coming out from Sunday cock?I could not believe?I had a penis all for me ...

while a big tongue was bringing my hot pussy to climax?I was kissing and licking a huge and beautiful penis?a black cock?

I felt to be the most lucky of the girls?I started to have an orgasm after another, my first orgasms with a man?a young one...blissful...

but the blissful moment was at the end?I heard my name called?

?Francescaaa where are youuu...Sundayyyy?

Sunday? sisters could not see us on top of the rock?so I shouted to them that we were coming down?

so I put my pants back, covering my swalled, excited and wet "loto' flower"...

while Sunday was attempting to put back in his trousers the object of my desires?I asked him to let me kiss it one more time?mmmmmmmm then I noted that he was again nervous?I asked him what was the problem?

then he told me that he was afraid of my father?that maybe he was going to know about us?

I tried to calm him down by saying him that he will not know and that what we have done was our secret?no body will know...

he agreed and while still holding his dick, I kissed his big lips...wet and still with the tasty of my pussy?asking him...

"Sunday have you enjoyed? You like the taste of my pee?"...and Sunday..."yes Fracisca...I like it...thank you" "My love you don't have to thank was my pleasure....are we lovers know...please"...

"yes mam" reluctanty we decided to descend the rock...we reached down?and I told the girls that we got 2 fishes and that I enjoyed fishing with Sunday...while the young boy was trying to hide his still hard maleness with the catch, the fishing-cane and the t-shirt)...the two sister smiled.. and could not hold their not to make him feel in distress, I told them ..."let go and swim in the pond"......

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