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Two Friends finally

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Arriving at the room, we were filled both with a nervous tension that we tried to ignore. The talk was light and casual, as it always is between us ? but tonight was different. And even through the usual joking on the ride up, what both knew what tonight was about.

?Should I change or not ? I brought jeans?? she asked.

We were heading out to a high-end steak house, but this was New York -at a time when you could pretty much wear anything. And the truth was, she could make a paper bag look like a million. She was already wearing a pair of sleek gray slacks and a pink sweater ? the same outfit she?d worn that afternoon while doing her presentation to the board. And she looked amazing. Her trademark tight blond curls framed her face and fell casually over her shoulders. She was the perfect combination of professional and sexy at the same time ? and as she spoke she commanded the room. I watched her constantly, and while I tried to concentrate on her work and supporting her ideas, I couldn?t help but continue to think ? ?tonight, it?s going to happen?.

?Wear what you want ? I think you look great in anything.? I said sheepishly.

She smiled ? as she always did, and started back toward the bathroom. I grabbed her on the way past and quickly pulled her toward me, kissing and pulling her tighter at the same time. It was the first time we?d touched since we?d arrived.

?Nervous?? she asked?

?Yes? I blurted out ? without thinking. I was caught completely off guard with my answer, because for weeks, I really thought I wasn?t. But the excitement, the image I?d built in my head of what this would be like ? weeks of anticipation, were all being fulfilled tonight. And now that it was here, that we were finally in the room together, she was right. I was nervous.

?Me too? ? and she kissed me again. ?It?ll be great. We?ll just need a drink or two?, she said laughing, ?and it?ll be fun.? Sounded like a great idea to me.

We quickly confirmed our dinner reservations, and then took a stroll down to the beautiful bar at the hotel - where she ordered her regular ?extra-dirty? martini. I just had a beer. We chatted and talked, and as the alcohol brought its warmth, it wrapped a familiar blanket around both of us ? bonding us together. After an hour or so, we were laughing as always ? touching, and joking. We began kidding about the pretzel ?nubbins? on the table? and soon she was holding one in her mouth, daring me to come take it. A dare which I gladly accepted, and which resulted in the first of many long, passionate kisses that night. Kisses that were the prelude to much more.

The walk to the restaurant was only a few blocks, but on that bitter cold night she put her arm through mine and pulled me closer as we went. It was wonderful, and she offered that we should do something similar for my birthday in a few months. Who was I to argue? As we passed by Broadway?s theaters, I suddenly realized how long it had been. Here was this girl, who I?d been working with for nearly five years and who I?d been friends with almost as long. We?d literally shared dozens of business dinners together, including this same restaurant where we first realized there was something between us ? almost two years before. It had taken me nearly 18 months since that first dinner here to get up the courage to make the move, and nobody was ever happier when she reciprocated. And yet ? for purely practical reasons - it had never gone beyond a little good-night necking after drinks at work. Hell, it had taken a minor scheduling miracle to pull even this one-nighter off.

Everything was wrong about it. For starters, we worked together, and I was above her in the company ? though not her direct superior. And yeah, she was married, and so was I. And both of us, it seemed, to the wrong folks. Or maybe the right folks ? but for a different time. Fact is, the state of both of our marriages was one of the common bonds that brought us together. As we learned more about each other, we both realized that we shared spouses who, when the truth was told, had become more old friends and a sense of family for our kids then lovers ? but sadly leaving both our relationship?s virtually stagnant.

And so somehow these two coworkers became close friends, and more. And after a brave alcohol-induced kiss in a parking lot after a work function 4 months before, we began growing closer? looking forward each week to simply getting away for an hour or two on Fridays. Away from our families, spouses, responsibilities ? and simply escaping. Not to grab a ?quickie? in a car or dive hotel, but to talk, to confide, to relax. My role in the company gave me the freedom to come and go almost as I pleased ? even to the point of spontaneously attending overnight conferences like the one I was attending in the morning. She?d simply offered to take a day off and join me.

It was not an affair ? not in the strictest sense. Despite our current situations, neither would ever leave our spouses or uproot our families for the other. We?d both talked openly and agreed on that. No, this was just escapism ? plain and simple. Two people sharing the opportunity to enjoy each other and take a few hours off the clock, and just believe that life?s possible outside the walled cities our marriages had become. Moreover, she was that rare breed of women who ? in her own words, ?understood the truth?: that sex and love can be either conjoined or separate, and that neither was truly required for the other to be fantastic.

Our dinner was uneventful, and we passed on desert ? joking we?d have our own later. We moved to the quiet, sofa-bar next door ? ordered another drink, cuddled up and just kept talking and laughing ? as we always seem to be able to do. I?d decided that our nightcap should be an upscale martini bar near the hotel, but upon arrival we realized it was closed. Instead we ended up downstairs, at a dance club ? and while neither of us are really ?dancers?, we let the night and the buzz ? and our own natural sense of humor ? take over. As the evening wore on, the dancing went from silly and self-conscious to becoming more sexual, more provocative, more intimate ? rubbing, then grinding, kissing. I was getting more and more turned on all the time. It was a wonderful warm-up for what we knew was going to happen ? and it was time to go.

We staggered back to the hotel and up to the room ? laughing and kidding most of the way - the cold air and alcohol making the trip a bit perilous. But on arriving at the room, she was on the bed in seconds, still dressed - head back and just relaxing. I suggested she get changed for bed and get comfortable, and she asked me what I like to wear to bed. I said honestly ? nothing. She immediately laughed and agreed ? saying she could not understand dressing to go to bed. With that, both her bra and top came off simultaneously, and her pants followed, and in a flash she was in bed.

I shed my clothes, doused the light, and slid in behind her, honestly not sure what was going to happen. But she felt incredible. Her skin was like velvet, I couldn?t stop touching her. She complained about being cold so I rubbed her back and let the warmth of our bodies merge. Then I slid my hand down to her ass ? that gorgeous ass I?d stolen glances at so many times at the office. Feeling it chilled, I began to rub it - and she moaned in response. I continued to rub for a few more minutes and she began to react?slowly at first, but more deliberately she pushed her ass against my body, my hand, driving it deeper into the cleft between her legs, breathing heavier. My cock was hardening and rubbing between her legs as well. I began to nibble on her shoulder and she reacted by turning to me face to face. Our tongues met, and as she turned, I turned my hand?s attention toward the front of her - running my hands down the front of her thighs, then finally back up along the crotch of her dampening g-string panties ? teasing the outside of her pussy through the small piece of fabric. My God, I thought, it was really happening!

Her breathing really began in earnest now - as did mine. Our tongues intertwined, chests rubbed, and I nibbled on her nipples as I stroked her clit lightly ? still teasing and working her up. It was clear she was enjoying it - moaning and telling me how good it felt. We changed positions and I lay face to face along side her, working her clit with my other hand ? but more determined now, no longer just teasing but varying in intensity ? quickly, provocatively ? entering her tight pussy with my finger and then emerging and teasing her outer lips and clit above. God she was tight.

I stopped and began to kiss the length of her body - making my way down to her breasts ? with rock-hard nipples that I rolled and teased with my tongue. After ensuring both sides had equal opportunity, I slid lower ? across her stomach. I knew she was always a bit self-conscious about her tiny little roll (after having two kids no less!), but I reveled in it. (Fact is, I?ve always found a little softness much more appealing than rock-hard abs.) With both of our heads still spinning, I licked and kissed my way lower- then slid the g-string down her legs. I had imagined going down on her a thousand times ? and had been dying to eat her pussy for months ? imagining driving her wild and knowing her sweet taste, and she did not disappoint. Of course, she was shaved ? just as I knew she would be ? and that only heightened the experience. Feeling her naked pussy rub against my lips, dipping my tongue deep in her hole, tasting her sweetness, then back up to concentrate on her hardening clit ? was driving us both wild. I really enjoy getting a girl off with my mouth and she was no exception. God I?d wanted to eat her forever. I continued to flick my tongue over all her most vulnerable spots ? teasing her clit lightly and delicately, then more flatly and broadly ? her fingers were gripping the sheets. It was clear by this point that I really had her working, and I begin sliding a finger in as I ate her ? tickling inside her pussy in a way that I?d found drove women wild. She moaned even more loudly as I did, and reacted not only by arching her back, but later lifting her entire body off the bed ? forcing her pussy further into my mouth. As I glanced up along her body, the sight that I beheld was one of the most erotic experiences of my life: eyes closed, head back in ecstasy, pinching and pulling her nipples, ass arched completely off the bed ? feeding me her glorious wetness - moaning passionately as she rocked her head from side to side. She was lingering in that world between too much and too little ? between wanting more and not being able to take it- changing the pressure and angle of her sweet box against my face as she ground her hips up and down against my tongue. More and faster, she seemed both unable to take it and unwilling to stop. I could have gone on for hours ? though I don?t know how long we actually went. I just know it was heavenly ? and eventually, when she could stand no more, she looked down and pulled me upward, rolling her knees to her shoulders as she did. Clearly she wanted to fuck.

But not yet. My cock was rock hard, and trust me - I wanted nothing more than to plunge deep into her box. But not just yet ? not with me on top. Sensing her urgency, I knew I?d have my way ? and I flipped her atop me and let her take me from the above ? so she could control the pace. As she straddled my hips, she grabbed my stiff cock and teased it at the opening of her pussy, lightly rubbing it across her clit before centering it at the entrance to her glory - almost not being able to fit it in. When she finally accepted my pulsing cockhead, and slid down it?s length, the tightness of her pussy was unbelievable. The muscle control as she fucked me? sliding up and down on my cock ? sometimes just taking the head of my cock in, sometimes taking the whole, was incredibly intense. She increased the rhythm now as she rode atop me ? rocking violently, teasing her clit as I rubbed her nipples and ran my hands along her perfect legs. She continued alternated between sitting on my cock ? squatting with incredible control, and straddling me ? riding deeper and more intensely. On and on we went ? just about pulling out and just barely taking the head in ? alternating with long deep strokes that had my balls pulsing in no time. This was heaven.

After what seemed a lifetime, we switched again, and this time she made it clear she wanted it from behind ? positioning me behind her and practically shaking her ass at me as she fell to all fours. The sight of her below me, the crack of her gorgeous ass and my raging hard-on only inches behind, was utterly unforgettable. I took my position and gently teased the purple head of my cock against her slick pussy hole, she arched her back - moaning in reply. Finally? I stopped teasing and slid in behind - again experiencing a tightness I?d never before felt. At first I squatted behind and leaning well over her ? both of us holding onto the headboard, our hands and fingers intertwined and I pounded her steadily. Later we shifted and I slid down lower behind her ? spreading her legs, grabbing her hips, my knees on the bed and driving home. Incredible wouldn?t begin to describe it. The image of her holding onto the headboard, back arched, long tight blonde curls falling down across her back, me looking down on the whole thing, my hands on her hips or reaching around to tease her swollen clit, was just indescribable. It was the scene I had imagined forever, but this was no late-night fantasy ? this was actually happening. Soon she dropped down, head on the pillow, face turned to the side where I could see her closed eyes and open mouth panting with each stroke I gave her, and she rocked her hips back against mine with each thrust. I didn?t know women could fuck like this. Suddenly I became aware of a new sensation, and realized she was reaching back between her legs ? diddling her pussy and rubbing my balls at the same time. My sack tightened estatically with each thrust ? and she was thoroughly enjoying herself as well.

?Oh God you feel so good? she kept saying and our rhythm increased. ?Oh my GOD you feel good!?

I couldn?t help but reply in kind ? ?you are fucking amazing, babe. God you feel so tight!?

We kept going classic doggy style, and I soon realized she started saying something low and under her breath. At first I couldn?t quite make it out, but she got breathier and louder.. ?Cum on my ass, babe. Cum on my ass? ?. It continued and as she became louder and more passionate, I almost did.

I was close, but not there yet, and this night of mine had at least one other thing I needed for it to be complete. We slid back to me being on my back, and as if reading my mind - she went down on me. Not just the feel, but the sight of her taking my cock in her mouth must have been the most incredible sensation I?ve ever experienced. Those lips, that velvet tongue; those soft fingers wrapped around my cock and pumping my prick, was sheer toe-curling ecstasy. This girl could give a blow job! With one hand working my cock and her mouth weaving it?s magic, the pleasure was exquisite. I knew I couldn?t hold back. ?Yeah, baby, she moaned to me, ?give it to me. Come on baby, I want to taste you - give it to me ? I want to taste you?.

And that was all it took. It felt like mounds and mounds of cum gushed forth from me ? she swallowed every drop, until I stopped shuddering. Then she leaned up and kissed me, and then fell atop me ? both of us panting together, exhausted and sleepy.

Later we kissed again, and I got her a drink. We hugged a bit and then held each other ? reveling in the uniqueness of this amazing situation, before we slid down next to each other. Neither of us are ? admittedly - the cuddly types, but we couldn?t help it, and we both fell asleep lying against one another. Or, I should say, she did. I lay there awake, for the better part of the next few hours ? just feeling her. Looking at her in the pre-dawn light ? she was amazing. Her lips, her hair, her body ? it was already starting to seem like a dream. Had it really happened? I held her more ? just drinking her in, and I knew I just couldn?t sleep. Sleep would lead to morning. Morning would lead to the end of this amazing moment - likely to hangovers ? hopefully not to awkward feelings. So I wanted it to last, to maximize every second I could ? and so I stayed awake. Maybe we?d repeat in the morning ? maybe we?d shower together. In all probability we?d wake up and have a good laugh. But I wasn?t worried, either way? I?d be happy.

In the end we both woke up feeling ? of all things ? ill. Fortunately it wasn?t awkward feelings, but the food from dinner seemed to have gotten us both sick, and we laughed our way through the irony of the moment as best we could. We tried to eat some breakfast, downed some pepto, and fell back into our old routines. There wasn?t a hint of the awkwardness I?d feared. And that?s when I realized that even if it never happened again, it was still wonderful. We were friends ? a light in each other?s port, and something for each other to look forward to each other once in a while. Sure we?re not going to leave our families, run off and start a scuba diving company somewhere in the Caribbean. That?s not the point. But if every once in a while, we get to check out of life and just let go ? with a special friend, for a few hours or a night, then tell me - what?s wrong with that?

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