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True Confession

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True Confessions

I know that everyone has a private story that they would like to share. Mine began 15 years ago when I was 16 and my sister was 21. Our parents were gone for the weekend to a wedding and had planned on spending a few extra days away to visit with family that they had not seen in quite sometime. We both told them that we were old enough to take care of ourselves and after some empty promises they agreed and gave us all of the emergency numbers that we probably would never need but would keep by the phone. After they left I was so excited to do whatever I wanted around the house. No bed time, no homework and no chores. My sister Crystal was going to go out with her girlfriends to the bar and I wanted to watch the football game. I must admit that my sister is HOT! She stood a little over 5?2? and had beautiful 36c with a nicely shaped ass and lips that were meant to be kissed. I had seen her many times growing up walking in T-shirts and tight shorts that left nothing to my imagination and as she grew older I noticed how her beautiful breasts filled out. I walked in on her getting out the shower?her nipples taut as water drops fell from her wet hair and it was the first time I saw her pussy, all shaved and her lips full and spread slightly as she stepped out and told me to leave and stop being a pervert. I couldn?t get the picture out of mind and went straight to the bedroom and locked the door. I pulled out my hard cock?it was 7 inches and pretty thick, but it always felt good in my hand?I imagined her the same way I saw her getting out of the shower. I was so excited my cock began to leak and then I shot my load across my stomach and chest. It felt so good to cum so hard, but I did feel perverted thinking about my own sister as I did it. I wiped myself up with a dirty towel and shot back out to the living room to set up snacks, food and drink for the game. About ¾ through the game I realized my sister was heading out. She was definitely dressed to impress and her tight mini skirt had my cock tingling as her short top almost spilled her full breasts out the top. ?I?m leaving so don?t stay up for me, I will probably not come home tonight. ? ?Okay.? ?So what do you think?? ? ? I told her I would do her if she wasn?t my sister.? ? Oh really?? Then out the door she went. The game went like I had hoped and I snuck a couple of my Dad?s beers after the game ended and brought out his ?Secret Stash of Porn? I was watching it and kept picturing my sister. As the porn continued I kept thinking how sexy she was and wondered how she tasted. I decided to just get naked as I was all alone and my cock was straining against my pants?leaning back and closing my eyes I grabbed my hard cock and began stroking it slowly and then faster as more and more pictures of my sister kept invading my thoughts. I couldn?t believe how hard I was and how good it felt to think of her in a sexual way and not a sisterly one. I was feeling tipsy as I drank a few more beers than I intended. I was so fucking horny and wished my sister was here to please me. I began to use my free hand to rub my ass as I saw in the porn and it excited me even more. I imagined my sisters tongue licking and teasing my ass while her hand stroked my cock. And then I pushed my finger inside of my tight ass after putting a little lotion that was close by. It felt different but as soon as I pictured my sister doing it I came? shot after shot and felt so relaxed between shooting my load and the six pack I had ended up drinking that I drifted off to sleep. It must have been a little after 3 and I heard someone coming in through the door.. My sister was drunk off her ass and laughing as she dropped her purse and keys on the floor as she came in. I covered up with a blanket but she didn?t even notice. Her words slurred slightly and she literally began taking off her clothes as she headed upstairs to her bedroom. By the time she hit the first stair she was in her panties and bra. I was so dumbstruck watching my sisters ass wiggle back and forth up each step. I didn?t even realize until she went into her room how hard my cock had become again. I just sat there and I jumped up and slowly walked up along the wall and the stairs. I heard her talking on the phone and she was explaining why she left and the guy just wasn?t her type. She then said she was horny and wanted to go. I heard the phone hit the floor and then I heard soft moans escaping from her room. She didn?t even close the door as I stood quietly listening. The moans were louder and I was fully standing at attention. I couldn?t help but look and there was my sister masturbating and I was watching her. She was completely naked and had one foot off the bed. I saw a her fingers brushing against her clit rubbing gently. Her other hand was pinching and rolling her hard nipples and I just began stroking. She took her fingers and began to slide a finger inside deep and slow. My own hand was stroking and I must have mad a noise and she looked up and our eyes locked. Yet she didn?t say anything just kept staring at me. My heart began thumping harder and harder and I wanted to do all those things that I fantasized about. She licked her lips and I decided I wanted to taste her. I let my cock hang down still hard and walked in and shut the door behind me. Her fingers didn?t even stop their rhythm and I knelt down before her and kissed her inner thigh and her hand began to brush against my head and then I let my tongue slide against her lower lips. I heard her moan and I lost all sense as I began to lick and suck on my sisters wet pussy. She tasted sweet with just a touch of tangy. Both hands began to pull my head closer and my mouth found her swollen clit. I began to lick and suck on it softly. Hearing her moans grow louder I slid a couple of my fingers inside of her. I was shocked as she thrust her wet pussy not only against my face but pushing my fingers deeper and deeper inside of her. I felt her body tighten and then her knees squeezed against me. A warm gush of cum filled my mouth and it excited me even more. I didn?t even care it was my sister. Crystal was now a woman I was going to fuck and take and use. I slid up along her body and kissed my way to her nipples. My tongue flicked against her nipples and my lips brushed against her full breasts and her nails grazed against my back. I kissed my way up farther and my tongue slid along her neck and I felt her heartbeat fluttering and her breathing was heavy and hot. I kissed my sister for the first time like a man kisses a woman and our tongues danced and she sucked on my tongue as I felt her hand take my hard cock and guide it to her open pussy. I slid in easily and looked into her eyes and began to thrust harder. ?Fuck me Mike! Oh God I want it? So I did. I lifted one of her legs over my right should and placed my left foot firmly on the floor and began thrusting hard and deep. The look of pleasure in my sisters eyes just made me want to please her more. Hard and deep as I watched her naked tits sway back and forth. She began to scream out she was cumming and I lost it as I felt her pussy spasm around my cock. My own body shuddered as I blasted load after load deep into my sister. ?Kiss me please? Crystal whispered and I laid my body on top of hers. We kissed and she told me she wanted me to spend the night with her. I nodded yes and felt my cock getting hard again. I kissed her and told her to turn to her stomach and saw my cum leaking out of her pussy and it truly turned me on more if that is even possible. I rubbed my cock against my own cum and then slid it home. Crystal felt so much tighter this way and I wanted to be so deep in her. I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me as I fucked pussy. I was fucking my sisters pussy and it felt so right. I didn?t thing about my cum filling her or that I was in her room on her bed in our parents house giving her the fucking of a lifetime. Her face was sliding back and forth in her pillow as she told me how good I felt. I began rubbing her asshole with my thumb and then just spit on her hole and as I thrust deep in her I worked my thumb in her ass. As I pulled out I would thrust my thumb in and after a few minutes she told me it was okay to fuck her ass. I pulled out and her feet where on the floor as she leaned against the bed and with one hand pulled her ass cheeks apart and I spit again on her ass. I slipped my cocks tip in it was tight and I pushed my head through the rim and stopped as she tensed up. ? Do you want me to stop?? ? Please no?.just put it in baby? please I want it so bad right now.? So I slid it in deeper and with each pump it became easier to feel my cock penetrating until my balls were slapping her pussy. I didn?t think anything would feel better than my sister?s pussy, but I was wrong. Her ass was heaven. I heard her screaming in pleasure as she came and then I pumped my load into her tight ass and as I pulled out I saw some of my cum dripping out and just licked her ass and tasted my cum. Salty, thick but just another turn on. As I licked her as she moaned and I proceed to tongue fuck her ass as my fingers found her quivering pussy. I was being the nastiest, dirtiest brother and she was loving every bit of it. She turned and said, ?My turn Michael.? And she had me lay on the bed. She began licking my balls and sucked on my softening cock?she didn?t even care it had just been in her ass?I saw the same look of lust I was still feeling. I was shocked when she began to rim me and play with my ass with her tongue. I didn?t think you could get so hard so quickly but I did and she began to give me the best tongue lashing of my life and then she straddled me and I found my cock deep in her pussy. She was rocking and slamming herself onto me and I could feel her tightening her pussy like a hand that just drove me crazy. We both were building up together as my hands caressed her breast and as she was about to cum I twisted her nipples slightly and she threw he head back and as her pussy tightened. I began to thrust up as she came down and we both let our pleasure come out however it came out. Her loud cries and me telling how good her pussy felt. My sister and I were truly fucking. I knew in my heart even though she was drunk and I was a little tipsy and that this was just the start of some very naughty and taboo type shit. We came together and he leaned forward and we kissed and I felt myself still in her throbbing as she snuggled against my chest,. As she was falling asleep she said this is our secret and I laid there thinking how awesome it was going to be that my sister wanted me.

A lot more happened later that morning and a few other times, but as they say that is another story and maybe when I am ready you will get to read that too.

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