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Tragedy I

Megan sat quietly in the large, overstuffed chair that had
been relegated to her guestroom because it did not fit the
decor anywhere else in her country cottage home. Actually,
the plush monstrosity did not really fit in here either. The
chair arms' thick, velvet-pile upholstery was now permanently
crushed by the wall on one side and the room's bed on the
other. It was just as well, though, for tonight she had a
vigil to keep, and the chair, at least, made that onerous task
a comfortable one.

In the dim lighting provided by the small bed lamp, she once
again looked over at the restless form bundled up in the bed
covers. Every once and a while, the man on the bed would
whimper or moan, and she would bounce up to get a closer look,
to take a pulse, to check his temperature.

Fortunately, the medication had thus far kept him from coming
fully awake, while giving him surcease from the physical pain
if not from the mental and emotional anguish. For those
hurts, the sedative only provided a short reprieve, a moment
of drug induced separation from the full and unknown
consequences of this night's travesty. Which was a not all
that insignificant a blessing, she admitted. For all her
will and fortitude, Megan knew she herself was not yet
sufficiently recovered from the past day's ordeal to deal with
those injuries. She, therefore, welcomed this brief respite -
watching over the man she had only recently realized she

It was hard to believe that just a few short hours ago, she
had been so exultantly happy. Tears welled up in her eyes as
she made herself remember one more time the joy, and then, the
horrible grief and torment that had followed. . . .


Megan left the small private club in the Adams Morgan
neighborhood with a spring in her step. She was so incredibly
happy that she could barely keep from laughing out loud as she
unlocked the driver's side door of her sporty Honda Prelude.
The dashboard clock read 9:23 as she started up the engine -
an early departure for a club night, but Megan had things to
see and more importantly, a *very* special person to *do* this
evening. And besides, because of that person, she was not
particularly interested in the evening's scheduled exhibits
and demonstrations at Club Domaise.

She'd floored her friends at the club with her announcement
tonight, but they had, without exception, been very happy for
her. Of course, Deirdre had not been there tonight. Odd
that, Megan mused to herself, because Deirdre hugely enjoyed
exhibitions like the one planned for tonight. Deirdre loved
anal sexplay with her male submissives, and particularly with
newbies and virgins. Well, Megan had always enjoyed that type
of play, too. Megan had even participated in such play with
the other woman in the past, and had, on occasion, enjoyed
double teaming a couple of male subs into making out with one
another with Deirdre. Tonight, however, she was glad the
woman had not been there. Deirdre would have been sure to
make snide remarks about Megan's plans. The woman was a fine
technical top, but she did have her blind spots where men were

She pulled out of the little parking lot with a foolish grin
on her face as she once again hugged her special secret to
her. Mistress Megan MacBride, lifestyle dominant and
successful entrepreneur, was giddily, irrevocably in love and
was loving every minute of it.

She'd never expected it to happen to her, and in fact, had
resigned herself to a life without a special someone, without
a soulmate. Her past relationships had always burned hot,
but in so doing, had burned quick. She acknowledged that much
of that was her fault. As a domina, she was stern, demanding
and strict with her submissives, and had very little patience
with "me-me" types. Her intensity was legendary among the
scene players in the greater Washington DC area, and she was
greatly respected for her ability to train and to get the most
out of chosen submissives. But it was a double edged sword,
for few submissives could maintain that peak of near
perfection for any length of time.

Life got in the way, usually. A job, a family, perhaps
another less demanding dominant, and Megan would be in the
market for a new male to train. Since she'd moved to DC ten
years ago, only three submissives had stayed with her longer
than a year, and none had made it a second anniversary.

Until Andre.

Andre Pedoran had been her submissive for nearly three years
now, and had all but lived with her for the last year.
Remarkably, at each crisis point in their relationship, Andre
had found a way to keep them together. When his job as an
advertising junior executive looked to become a impediment, he
had quit his job and had come to work for her in her marketing
business. When his older sister had tried, on several
occasions, to set him up with a "nice old fashioned girl",
Andre had politely declined each time until finally, he'd told
her, outright, that there was no one else for him but Megan as
long as she would have him.

And it was not as if she had gone easy on him, either. If
anything, over the past year, she had been even more demanding
and less accepting of anything less than perfect service.
Punishment sessions had become more frequent as each little
slip had been documented, tallied and dealt with firmly.

It was after one such session that had involved a rattan cane
and a heavy paddle, both implements that she *knew* he did not
enjoy in the slightest, that Megan had asked him, point blank,
*why* he stayed.

His simple answer had floored her. Through bitten and swollen
lips, with tears still freely flowing down his sweaty cheeks,
he had smiled at her, oh-so-very-tolerantly. "Because I am in
love with you, and cannot imagine being anywhere else than
with the woman I love."

Those heartfelt words still awed her, and had marked a major
turning point in their relationship because in that moment,
she realized that she was in love with him, too.

She'd taken him to *her* bed that night in her own private
room. She'd never done that before with *any* submissive.
Not to that special, private place that was hers and hers
alone. Not to that refuge where she had always gone simply to
relax or to take a moment's time out for herself. But that
had been a night of many changes, and she had desperately
needed something physical, something *special* to express and
to celebrate that new and frightening emotion.

And it had been so very beautiful. . . glorious . . .
transcendent. Megan still remembered being overwhelmed by
that exquisite loving they'd shared - so much so that she'd
been a little frightened the morning after. Frightened of
what she'd gained, and more than just a little bit afraid of
what she might have lost.

Only she'd lost nothing, as she'd discovered the next time she
had worked Andre in her subterranean dungeon. Throughout that
magical scene, and ever since, he had continued to challenge
her, to encourage her, to exalt and honor her. And to love
her. Never once had he tried to play upon their newly formed
bond to deter or inhibit her as his Mistress.

In fact, in all their time together, he'd only denied her one
thing she'd ever wanted or asked of him. Denied was not quite
correct, she admitted to herself - actually he'd negotiated it
as a hard limit - his only such limit. That limit was one
reason why she'd left the club early tonight - the exhibitions
were about an aspect of play she could not, would not indulge
with her favorite.

Odd, she mused to herself as she accelerated onto the
interstate, how she did not really mind that limit anymore. A
thoroughly proprietary grin lit her red lips. One aspect of
that limit might mean sharing him and she no longer had any
desire to share what was well and truly *hers*.

That, in and of itself was quite a change for a woman who had
never had any compunction about sharing any of her other toy
boys. For that matter, she'd never before failed to seduce
and tease one of her chosen submissives into eventually
willingly offering up to her any and all supposedly hard
limits. Before Andre, that had always been a matter of pride,
that ultimately, none of her submissives would deny her
anything. Now, that did not seem to matter anymore. At
least, it no longer seemed to matter with Andre.

The ride home went quickly enough, but her anticipation of
what was waiting for her grew with every mile, stretching out
each minute, each second. She found her eyes slipping to the
small, matching boxes resting on the passenger seat. Andre
was going to be so surprised, and she hoped, so very pleased.


Another groan of pain brought her back from her memories.
Quickly, she made yet another check, and found him still
asleep. He'd tried to roll over and even the sleeping
medication could not protect him entirely from that painful
shock of that action. Poor baby, she mused lovingly, he did
so hate sleeping on his tummy. She'd learned that early in
their relationship, the very first time she'd bound his hands
loosely behind his back for a night sleeping at the foot of
her dungeon bed. She'd finally had to restrain him further to
force him to *stay* on his stomach because his tossing and
turning had kept interrupting *her* sleep.

Gently, she brushed back a lock of his thick, almost-too-long
black hair from his face, and all but wept at the ravaged
torment she saw in a face that found no rest in sleep. He
looked so . . .so diminished.

Not at all what she had anticipated finding when she'd finally
pulled into her driveway.


The house had been dark when she'd arrived home, but that was
in keeping with the orders she'd left for him. She did not
believe in wasting electricity just to come home to a well lit
house. He wouldn't be expecting her quite this early, and
she'd just see if he was following her orders precisely. A
darkly mirthful grin lit her face - a nice little hiding might
be *just* the spice this brew needed to be *really* memorable.
Nothing *too* rough, though. Certainly, nothing that would
impair his . . . performance or his enthusiasm in Megan's bed
later on.

It had been oddly, eerily almost-quiet when she'd let herself
in the garage door. There hadn't been any real discernable
sound, except that she'd been aware that the house was not
truly silent. Some second sense made her pause to listen
carefully, and then urged her to move as quietly as possible
toward the stairs to her room.

She'd been halfway up the stairs when she'd finally heard the
first actual sound - the hissing wheeze of a overtaxed voice,
rasping out nearly noiseless sobs of pain and despair. A
sound that came from now menacing darkness of her own room.

How she'd gotten into her room so quickly, Megan would never
remember, just as she would never forget the sight that had
greeted her when she'd clicked on the overhead light inside
her bedroom door.

Andre had been restrained to the bed, his wrists and ankles
stretched incredibly tightly to the corners of her brass
headboard and footboard. Her knowledgeable eye had
immediately seen that this spread eagled position was not the
fairly gentle self bondage as she'd ordered. In fact, there
was no way Andre could have possibly done this to himself. A
bolster had been wedged under his hips and the bindings had
been pulled so tight that no part of his body, except his
fingers and toes, could touch the mattress.

She'd walked around behind the bed and had stopped dead in her
tracks at the first sight of his ass. In all her experience
as a domina, and she had thought she'd seen or done it all,
Megan had never seen an ass in such a pitiful condition. He'd
been brutally whipped with a very heavily caned implement.
More welts than Megan could bear to count criss-crossed his
buttocks, making it appear like some incredibly large waffle
iron had been pressed to his backside. Reddish brown tracks,
looking like dried rust, meandered down the sides his ass and
hips from many of the weals where blood had been drawn time
and again.

>From the top of his buttocks to the crease formed by his
cheeks and his thighs, not one square inch of skin was normal
flesh toned. Blacks, purples and reds combined and blended
into something one might find hanging in a gallery of modern

But that was not the worst of it.

Alan had been horribly, brutally r*ped. Wet blood still
trickled down the crease of his ass and then down the length
his of his shriveled penis to drip onto the comforter. Only
years of self discipline and control kept her from crying out
and sobbing aloud, because that would not help Andre. He
needed far more than her grief if he was going to triumph over
this tragedy.

Someone had just broken his hard limit for him, and had broken
it savagely.

Fear burned at her gut as she suddenly recognized the
implication of the liquid red rivulet still flowing from his
anal aperture when all the cuts on his buttocks had already
coagulated and dried. He was still hemorrhaging, inside his

She had to free him, *had* to get him to a doctor. Without
thinking, she'd reached for the key chain she'd always ordered
him to keep around his neck during this type of self bondage
session. For safety reasons, he'd been directed never to lock
that last handcuff until he heard her enter the house. That
way, he would still be able to free himself in the event of an

But her fingers touched nothing but skin. The chain, and the
key that was supposed to be hanging from it, was not there.


The key had been no where to be found, but since all her toys
used the same key, she'd quickly had him free. She'd tried to
help him to his feet, tried to get him to the bathroom where
she could clean and dress his wounds, but the moment he'd been
upright, the trickle of blood out his ass had turned into a
spurting fountain. That had put paid to her idea of taking
him to a scene friendly doctor she'd met at Club Domaise.
Fearing for his life, she'd grimly called 911.


Megan closed her eyes hard against the dark memories, as if
that would stem the horror movie that played over and over
again in her mind's eye. Sadly, what had started out being
*merely* horrible somehow became progressively worse.


The EMT's had arrived within minutes, although it had seemed
like hours. They'd had Andre on a stretcher with an IV in his
arm in moments. She'd tried to go with him, but they had made
her follow in her own car.

Once she'd gotten to the hospital, no one would talk to her.
She'd tried to be patient, knowing that these people were busy
fighting death, but *her* Andre was in there and *no* one
would even *talk* to her. Finally, she'd introduced herself
as his wife to a very "in-charge" - looking nurse, and that
finally had gotten her some attention.

Shortly thereafter, an incredibly young looking doctor in
blood stained surgical greens came out to talk to her. The
compassionate look on his face changed to furious anger the
moment he saw her clothes. Megan caught a quick glimpse of
herself in a nearby mirror and was dismayed to see she still
wore her club garb - a leather bomber jacket with tight
leather jeans and boots. That was bad enough, but her
favorite flogger still hung, tails streaming gently down her
thigh, from the utility ring on her belt.

"Don't you know enough to play safely if you are going to do
this kind of crap with your husband?" the young doctor hissed
at her. "That man is seriously injured. We've stopped the
bleeding and he will be all right so long as no serious
infections set in. It is not as bad as it first looked, but
it was a near thing. Another rip or tear in the wrong place,
and he might have bled to death internally before you would
have known anything was wrong. Dammit, woman, you have to be
careful when you stick things up a person's ass."

Megan answered without thinking. "I did not do it, he was

"What?!?!?" The doctor was no longer whispering. "Where?
What happened?"

Megan had explained that she'd gone to the club alone, and had
returned home to find him in that condition. The doctor had
turned on his heels and walked away, leaving her gaping at his

Minutes later, the cops arrived, for all the good they
*didn't* do. She'd soon found herself longing to wipe the
smirking looks off their faces, but in the end, she'd
restrained herself. She'd tried to answer their damned
questions, but it was obvious that they did not believe her
when she told them that she had not done it. Their shifty
eyes had kept stealing not-very-subtle looks at her flogger,
before looking heavenward, as praying if for divine strength
and patience with this lying female.

The doctor returned to tell the officers that Andre was lucid
and could give a statement. Without another word, all three
men had left a furious Megan behind.

The story that Andre told the two snidely grinning cops was
one of two burglars who had broken into the house and caught
him unawares. He'd told them that he had been tied up when
they arrived and had not been able to get free quickly enough.
They'd caught him, bound his other hand and then tightened the
restraints. They then proceeded to beat him and r*pe him
before making their escape with Megan's jewelry case and some
art work.

After the cops left, all but chuckling, the doctor had let
Megan into his hospital room to see him. She had stood in the
door, just watching those bastards walk away, wishing she
could do something that would pound just a bit of basic human
compassion into their unfeeling souls. For the first time in
her life, she was seriously tempted to work someone over non-
consensually, so that those heartless piss-ants could feel
even one tenth the agony her man was feeling.

"Fortunately," the doctor had said, breaking her train of
thought, "there was no semen on the swabs we took. Whoever
*they* were," and the doctor's tone indicated his own doubts
about the burglary story as well. "Evidently, if they were
male, they used condoms during the r*pe."

That was something, Megan had mused. They had at least
practiced "safer" r*pe. Probably more for their safety than
for Andre. Someone, she promised herself quietly, was going
to pay for this. Someone was going to pay big time.

The doctor had kept Andre overnight for observation, and had
wanted to keep him there longer, but Andre was having none of
it. Megan had considered ordering him to stay, but had
discarded that thought the moment she'd seen the grim
determination in his eyes. She'd compromised by saying he
could leave the hospital only if he came home with her and
promised to stay in bed. That way, she could ensure that he
took his medication because she didn't trust the stoic, anti-
drug submissive to take the pain meds if he went to the
apartment he still kept, but rarely used any more.

End of Story

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