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Torment In The Dead Of The Night

"Hello" breathed the voice at the other end of the phone, it was late, very late, and I was being dragged from a deep restful sleep.
"I just wanted to let you know how succulently moist I am." her voice whispered in my ear.
"I can picture you walking into my bedroom, your eyes looking at me laying there in my white silk thong. My hair laying across the pillow and wetting my lips as I watch you come closer, your white shirt opened to reveal your chest." Her voice catches on the word Chest, and I knew her fingers had once again found their way down between her thighs.
I listen to her breathing as it quickens under the influence of her own caresses, I listen as I have many times before, always in the dead of night, always alone.
Who is this person, this dream in the still of the night? Do I know her? Have we met? And always the "Thank you, Nikolai" after she returns from her journey of pleasure and her voice is able to speak again.

End of Story