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Title- Car Wash Deluxe Category Interracial

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I had recently inherited a car from an elderly relative, the proverbial ?only drove it to church on Sunday? type of owner, who had purchased it new in 1986, kept it garaged, and had only put a little over 25,000 actual miles on the odometer. The paint was original and pristine, the interior immaculate, and best of all, being connected with the collector car culture, I knew that a 1986 ?Box Chevy? Caprice was highly sought after on the modifier market.

I woke up that Saturday in August with nothing special to do. My husband had been out of town for several days, and although we kept up by phone, I was feeling restless. We have a very full erotic life, not only with each other, but were also with lifestyle friends. Our particular passion was MMF and multiple partners; I played, he either watched or joined in, and I am frankly quite an exhibitionist. None of this was doing me any good by myself, although I could have pulled some of my toys. I decided to wait until later to use them as a reward for finally placing an ad for the car. I had taken some digital photos some weeks ago, knowing I would be selling the car eventually, so I got online to a classic/collector car website, uploaded the photos, added basic information and my business cellphone number, and posted it. Feeling virtuous, I then put on a pot of coffee and took a quick shower. I was drying off by lounging naked in front of a fan, sipping coffee, when the business phone rang.

I couldn?t believe I already had a response to the ad. The gentleman who called had a pleasing baritone voice; he apologized for calling so early (it was still before 9:00) but said he had promised his 18-year old nephew, who belonged to a car club, a box Chevy as a graduation present if he kept above a 3.5 average. They had been hunting for just the right car, and mine sounded like it. He himself had been working out at the gym when the boy called, all excited about seeing the ad for the car, and my caller asked if it was all right to stop by and take a look at it. He laughed (and damn, it was a deep, rumbling, sexy laugh), and said ?You know how impatient young folks are?; I rejoined that us older folks knew that patience was a good thing, and sometimes we had to take time to get it right (I was already getting turned on by his voice, and I will drop an innuendo anytime, especially with how I was feeling). I gave him the directions to the house, and he promised he would be by as soon as he cleaned up from his workout.

It had been a dry August, and the car was looking dusty, so although there was not time for a full detailing, I felt I should at least give it a quick wash. I dressed quickly; as hot as it was, all I wanted was a tank top and a pair of loose knit shorts. I didn?t bother with panties or a bra; I didn?t particularly like panties and I didn?t really need a bra. Although I?m in my forties, with a few laugh lines here and there, my curves are all still in the right places. My breasts are C cup sized, with prominent nipples, and almost as firm as they were twenty years ago. My nipples were definitely feeling the effects of my caller?s sexy laugh, and were pressing against the thin tank top. I gave them a pinch, convinced myself that the guy was probably short, fat, and hopelessly married, and hurried outside to start washing.

I had collected hose, bucket, soap, and sponges, and wipe cloths, and set to my task. The car was parked in the shade so the soap wouldn?t dry before I was done rinsing, and so I could dry each section of the car as I finished. It had only been about twenty minutes, and I had done only a little over half of the car, when I heard gravel crunching in the driveway. My shoulder length hair had been tousled by breeze as well as by my vigorous washing efforts; my tank top was damp from where I had reached across the long hood of the car to sponge and dry the car, and everything I had on was clinging from the spray of the hose.

It was my potential customer. I hadn?t realized that the gym where he had been working out was only minutes away, although he must have showered very quickly to make it in such a short time. He pulled up in a great-looking classic pickup truck, and as he unfolded himself from behind the wheel, I saw that he was as sexy looking as his voice. He was tall, well over six feet, dressed in a silky workout suit , sleeveless but with long pants, and flip flops. It looked like his workout was doing what it was supposed to do, because his long arms were well defined and his casual stride had a sense of restrained power, with the silky fabric sliding over the bunching muscles of his thighs and buttocks. His head was shaven, and his close-trimmed mustache and goatee accented his soft full lips. His complexion was pecan brown, his eyes deep chocolate, his smile relaxed and easy, and I felt my fair skin flush and my nipples and clit tingle as they hardened in response. My eyes strayed to his left hand: no ring. Fair game, I thought, smiling up at him.

?I?m Jimmy. Thank you for agreeing to let me see the car on such short notice,? he said in that wonderful voice. I apologized for having the car only partially washed, and explained that the quick response to the ad was completely unexpected. He was welcome to look at the interior while I finished the outside, that I had left the key in the ignition so he could check lights and power accessories, and he said that he surely appreciated that. From the look in his eyes, he was appreciating more than the courtesy, as his eyes slid from the car to my gumdrop sized nipples to the thin shorts clinging to hips and thighs.

He entered the vehicle on the side opposite to where I was ?working? although, as turned on as I was feeling, all thoughts of doing a proper car wash were going in a very different direction. As he was looking over the leather upholstery and dash with an expert eye, I was making sure that the hose thoroughly saturated my top. I leaned over the roof of the car, making a pretense of wiping it down, but what I was concentrating on was pressing my breasts up against the window, my stiff nipples tracing patterns on the glass. After a minute of this, I felt the power window slide down, then up, dragging against my nipples and stimulating them even more. When I looked through the window, my ?customer? was smiling that ?come on? smile. I pulled down the neckline of my top, letting my breasts free, and pressed them flat against the window. The next time the window moved, it stayed down, and I leaned my full 42Cs into the car. I felt his strong hands grasp each breast separately, and then those soft lips on first one nipple, then the other, licking, teasing, and then sucking them deep into his mouth. I clung to the roof of the car, my hips against the door, with my clit up against the handle.

He suddenly released my breasts and slid across the seat to exit the car. ?Here, let me help you finish washing,? he said, his voice an octave lower. He pulled his sleeveless shirt over his head, flexing those well defined muscles, and came around to my side of the car. From the way his erection was straining against those silky workout pants, that was all there was between us. I smiled, pushed my dark blond hair away from my face, and then handed him a soapy sponge. ?The trunk needs it next?, I said (my own voice an octave lower), and I turned my back to him to start soaping the trunk., leaning over it and stretching , my hips up against the edge of the car. He squeezed the sponge out only long enough to add to the soap foam on the trunk, then slid down the elastic of his workout pants. He was commando, all right, and his full cock, thick and slightly curved, knew exactly where it wanted to go. He pulled aside my wet shorts, murmuring ?sweet? as he fingered my smooth shaven, dripping pussy, and grabbing my hips, leaned me all the way over the trunk of the car. The head of his cock probed as he slid me back and forth over the soapy trunk, teasing by entering, then withdrawing. I pushed back against him, bracing my hands on the edge of the car, so he had no choice but to enter me to the hilt. We did a slow grind, locked together, for several minutes, his hands wandering from my hips around front to my clit and my nipples, my arms lifted and locked around the back of his neck.

?Let?s get these wet clothes off,? I whispered, turning my hips so his cock slipped out of my pussy and into my hand. I led him to the back door, where we stripped off our sopping clothes, and stepped into the cool of the house. The fan was still going next to the couch where I had lounged earlier, and there was a large towel still spread out on the seat. I sat, and said ?My turn?, as I took the head of his cock in my mouth, loving the taste of myself on it, running my hands over his full balls and thick shaft, as I teased the slit with my tongue. He groaned as he tangled his hands in my hair while I sucked and licked, his muscular legs clenching as he moved back and forth, trying his best to stay on his feet. I felt the salty taste of his pre-come, and giving one last hard suck, pulled my lips free. From a box under the edge of the couch, I took a magnum condom, rolled it in place, and lay back, pulling him on top of me. As he plunged into me, I crossed my ankles around his back, then his neck, as I arched and panted beneath him, loving the contrast between his dark and my fair skin. He stopped suddenly, and raised up to look in my eyes. ?Beautiful? he whispered, and bent his head to suckle my nipples again, then deeply kiss me as I sucked his tongue and licked his soft full lips. He gave a grunt and started driving faster and faster, my hips matching every stroke, both of us panting and groaning,. I came first, shivering from my shoulders to my knees, and then he finished, dropping his head next to mine and nuzzling my neck.

As our breathing slowed a few minutes later, we looked at each other, and started laughing uncontrollably. ?I take it the car is right for your nephew?, I giggled. ?This has been just one hell of a test drive?, he said, with that wonderful rumbling laugh. ?I?ll tell him it?s OK, but that I might need to come back for another try?.

?How about we give it another while our clothes are in the dryer?, I whispered, licking his ear. ?No use making quick decisions? he whispered back, squeezing me tight in those beautiful dark arms. ?Sounds good to me?.

I collected the wet clothes, tossed them in the dryer, and returned to the couch, loving the way his eyes followed every movement of my naked body. He began again as we had the first time, sucking my swollen nipples deep into his mouth. I found myself thinking about how I would describe the scene to my husband when he called later, and was hoping I could convince Jimmy to join us again.

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