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The girl who misbehaved

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There's this girl who lost her daddy. She waited and waited for him to come back to her but she became restless. She started believing he was gone forever and she thought she had total freedom. She knew in the back of her mind that if her daddy found out that she was misbehaving that he would punish her, very badly. But the temptation was just to much for her to handle. So finally she did it, she misbehaved. She decided one day when she was home all alone to look at some naughty pictures of daddy. She found her playground starting to get moist. She then found her hand going down her chest, and sliding into her pants. She knew if her daddy seen her doing this or found out that she was going to get a spanking, a very bad spanking. All she kept thinking about was if daddy knew he was going to be very upset with her. He told her many times that's his playground & no others are admitted onto, into, or around it. At last the temptation was just to much for she did it. She shoved her hand all the way down her pants and right onto daddy's playground. She was running around it riding the ride and going slip in slide into the underground cavern. She was having a ball...She ran all over that playground making sure she played with all the toys. She suddenly forgot that what she was doing was prohibited, and if she got caught she was going to receive severe punishment. As she played on her playground getting it all wet & hot she had forgotten that she had been in a unsecured room. She forgot to lock her door from all the excitement of being bad. Just as she found out how to properly play with one of her toys she started having dirty thoughts. She hadn't been able to do this before because she would always get punished for being bad. She noticed that the more she played with one particular toy the more dirty thoughts she got. She began rubbing more and more & sliding her fingers deep inside her dark wet cavern moving them in and out faster and faster. She never knew how good it felt. She started arching her back and rocking her hips as she slid her fingers in and out going deeper & deeper...faster and faster. She had forgotten about everything & started feeling something happening deep inside of her. She started noticing a lot more wetness coming out, and it felt so good. She decided to rub harder & go deeper lunging her fingers as deep as they would go inside her. She starts moaning loudly, then louder. She feels something starting to happen deep inside her. She thought for a second, should I stop? This is wrong. But temptation got the best of her. She was having a great time misbehaving, no care in the world. Or I should say being defiant. She was just about to cum all over her fingers and bed when the door flew open. There stood daddy. Daddy had been testing her all this time. Daddy was not very happy with her. She had been a very bad girl and disobeyed daddy's rules. Daddy was very angry. He walked over to her lying on the bed and grabbed her hand and started thrusting her fingers in and out of her pussy making her squirt all over the bed. She was excited and scared at the same time. She knew she was in a lot of trouble but didn't care right then. She just exploded all of her sweet juices all down her hands and legs. Daddy quickly pushed her hands out of the way & tied her up. It was now time for her to receive her punishment. Daddy dove down to her playground and began sucking on her swollen clit and shoving his fingers deep into her hitting her gspot and making her rain all over his face. He hopped up and made her lick his fingers clean and sucked them dry. Daddy did not think this was proper punishment. Daddy dove back down to her pussy licking & sucking her clit making her squirt all over the bed making a huge puddle. Daddy decided this wasn't working. He knew she was enjoying this and she needed to be punished for what she had done. Daddy then picked her up and threw her onto her stomach on the bed. He made her get on all fours and suck his cock dry as he rammed it in & out of her throat. He shoved his cock so far into her mouth she was gagging on it. He continued doing this until he exploded all down her throat. He then grabbed her by the hair and made her get on the floor. As he stuck his cock back into her mouth and skull fucked her until he came again. Daddy then made her crawl into the bathroom & get into the shower to wash her shame off of her. Daddy climbed into the shower with her so she could wash his entire body. While in the shower daddy continued dropping things so she would have to bend over and pick them up. He watched her do this a few times before he decided it was time for more punishment. As she went over the next time daddy held her down and shoved his long hard big cock into her ass. She screamed, he put his hand over her mouth and whispered into her ear. This is daddy's cock and your going tho tasks it all in your ass willingly or by force, as this is part of your punishment. He continued shoving his long hard shaft balls deep into her ass masking sure he kept a tight grip on her hair so she couldn't run away. He continued ramming and ramming her ass making her cum all on his cock and balls until he blew his load deep inside her ass. He moaned loudly as he came. Then he made her wash his body from top to bottom making sure she got every inch of his body clean. He then made her get out & use a hand towel to dry herself. He then forced her back onto the bed and made her continue to suck his cock. He asked her over and over who he was as and who she was supposed to listen to and obey. He then made her bend over across the end of the bed exposing her ass as he took his belt and began whipping her making her ask for more. He wanted to make sure she was going to learn her lesson this time, she was not ever going to disobey him ever again...he was going to make sure of that. He continued whipping her across her ass cheeks welting them up & making them cherry red. He then made her climb down off of the bed so he could lay down because now it was time for her to ride daddy's cock & squirt all over it. He made her ride his cock DG or hours, not giving her a break. He continued asking her if she learned her lesson yet & he didnt think so yet. He made her ride his cock until he was about tho explode & rt hen made her shove it down her throat as he exploded. He decided he wanted a break and made her sit in the floor rubbing him while he took a break. He wouldn't let her smoke or have anything to drink. After he took a 15 minute breaks he decided it was time for some more lessons. He proceeded fucking the hell out of her doggie style ramming his huge cock as deep as it would go spanking her ass as he fucked her. He continued to do this for an hour before he exploded again all over her. He then made her come suck his cock clean. After she cleaned his cock he made her come lay beside him and he explained to her how much he loved her and wanted her tho know that she had to learn how to obey him. He explained to her that over the next several hours that she was going to please him by obeying him by not talking back to him, fighting him away, or trying to stop him from teaching her a lesson. Daddy told her if she stone everything he told her to do then he would praise her & tell her she was a good girl & he would forgive what she done. She obeyed everything he said & did not give him one bit of trouble as she accepted her punishment for the bad thing she had done. When he was finished and knew he taught her a lesson he herald her and loved on her and explained to her that he had to do that because he was her daddy and she had to obey him...Never again after that did she misbehave, never again did she doubt what her daddy said or demanded. She loved her daddy & was happy to please him in every way :-)

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