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The e-mail that started it all

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My wife and I had been discussing the lifestyle for many years.At first when I brought it up she acted as if I was completely out of my mind, but slowly but surely ,she began to open up to the idea.We began to speak more frequently about the subject and even began to incorporate different scenarios ( role playing ) to see how comfortable we were with various ideas and situations.We eventually found sites like SLS where we could investigate our curiosities a little more.Once our pics and profile was uploaded we began to recieve various e-mails ( some good /some bad) and I thought We would finally get to bring our already incredible sexcapades to a whole different level.We met with various couples, but for some reason she just never seemed to click with the male side of the equation.I continued to show her different emails we would recieve, but she just never seemed too interested and would often look at me like " yeah Ok "lol.One particular evening, we had returned home and after settleing down ,I decided to check out the site to see if we had any new interesting prospects.As I scanned through the few messages we had recieved, I felt there was really no one my wife would have found interesting.While on the computer , she came down stairs and stood behind me and inquired about our e-mail.Assuming that she wouldn't be interested, I shrugged it off and began clicking open the different messages with exactly what i expected , no luck......Until

I had clicked open one particular message sent to us from a single Black male which I assumed she would just chuckle as she always did and I would move on to the next.For some strange reason, she seemed to be interested in what he had written and asked me to go to his profile so she could see a few pictures.Once I clicked on his profile ,the majority of his clear face pics were locked so i just assumed that was the end of that.I was completely shocked when my wife had asked me to return the email, and suggested I ask the male to give us access to his private pics.I was a little caught off gaurd, but sent a message and moved on to other profiles and spent a little time in the chat room.

The following day, my wife had come to me and asked if we had recieved any mail from the site.Once again I was a little caught off gaurd by her interest, but nevertheless, I logged on to see we had recieved 5 new messages, with one sent from the male.I clicked through the first three and finally got to the males.Like before, his email seemed to spark her interest and once I clicked onto his profile she simply said that he was attractive but sat and looked at his pictures for quite a while.I asked what she thought and she suggested that we open up our private pics and send a nice but normal response...........Later on that evening, I had been logged onto the site when We recieved a private chat request from a name I didn't really recognize.Once I did a search I informed my wife, who was sitting close by, that it was the single male and she smirked and made her way over to the computer.We accepted the chat request, said hello and began chatting.The chat was pretty normal.It consisted of the normal compliments on our profile,pics as well as thanks for getting back to him.I figured the chat was more directed to her , so I suggested she conduct the chat ,which ironically, she had never chatted on SLS before.A few hours later, they were still chatting, when she then had informed me that he had asked for our # so he could speak with her on the phone.I asked her what she wanted to do, and once again , I was very shocked when she said she didn't see anything wrong with it ,,, besides it's just a phone call.So they talked and she seemed very nervous, but after a while she seemed to be enjoying the conversation..........Later on that night I had decided to bring up the topic ( since our profile didn't really state we were interested in a single male LOL ).She said she was somewhat interested, but wasn't too sure what she was really interested in.I asked her, as i had each time before, was she interested in possibly meeting up for drinks/dinner.She paused momentarily but said she really needed to think about it.i asked her what interests did she have and what excited her about this particular situation.As I stood waiting for a response , she gave really vague answers, never really saying she was really interested in the male, but simply stating, that I was right , we needed to get out a bit more even if it's for drinks and conversation ( which I had said atleast 50 times prior to her receiving the email lol ).................Later on, while having sex, I brought up the idea of meeting the male as i had brought up various situations before.For some reason, this particular scenario excited her much more than the prior fantasies I had brought up in the past.It wasn't too long before she reached orgasm, and soon we were both laying side by side looking up at the ceiling fan,breathing hard and totally relieved lol........Once again I brought up the idea of us meeting with the single black male.She began to ask me what I thought about the idea, and after an incredible amount of support on my part, she said that she was interested and thought it would be a good idea if we met up for drinks..................The following day, we got in contact with the male (via phone) and decided that we would meet at a very nice discreet place we both new.My wife decided she would step out to the mall and pick up a few things, while I dropped off our children to our usual sitter ( my mom lol ) and made my way back to our home.Once I got back, I was completely and utterly shocked how incredible my wife looked.Everything from her hair to her dress to her shoes and toes were emaculate. She looked freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!. ( SLS is about to log me out, so the story is to be continued LOL )

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