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The Young Masseuse

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I'm exhausted. I went to bed at around 4:30 am. I made an appointment for a masseuse to visit me at my hotel room at 7pm. Laura and I ended up visiting with each other for the next 9 and a half hours! She was gorgeous and smart, around 20 years old, 5'6", Asian-American, thin and with some curves but toned from running. I was her last appointment of the day and I was able to convince her to go to dinner with me before the massage. At dinner, she talked about how she had started running a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it. I told her about my running past and encouraged her. The conversation turned to sex, her attempt at modeling, how long she had been a masseuse, and sex again. Dinner took longer than expected but we both had a good time. The topic of special interest was her telling of reading the book "New Earth." She said that it opened her mind to her own thoughts on consciousness, jealousy, and conceptual beliefs taught and engrained at an early age. She smiled a lot and opened up to me quickly. She said several times that she could not believe how comfortable she was talking with me.

After dinner, we walked to the hotel and took the long elevator ride to the 22nd floor. The whole time, we kept talking about anything and everything and she laughed and smiled the whole time. I helped her get her massage table set-up which required a bit of furniture moving. She put the linens on the table, I got undressed, and I laid on top of the dr*pe linen. She did not say anything at first and began her massage. I got us back on the subject of sex and enquired more about her frustration with her boyfriend who had a low sex drive. She said that her profession made it even harder for her especially when she was massaging a hot, young client, who made it obvious he was turned on by her by having a hard-on. Her conversation began to jump-start my own hard-on. I continued to ask her about her favorite positions, how hard she liked to be massaged and her favorite body parts to be massaged. I asked her if I could massage her and she hesitated. I could tell she wanted me to massage her but she was having doubts as to it being a good thing. I turned around and looked at her. She was so beautiful and I told her so. I asked her if I could touch her. She did not say anything. I placed my hand on her hand and turned her hand around. I massaged the palm of her hand and she let out a little groan of pleasure. I firmly massaged her forearm up to her shoulder and back again. She definitely needed to be touched. She said something encouraging, I don't recall exactly what she said, but I think it was, "God that feels so good."

I stood up with a raging hard-on, she coyly observed it as I stood up. I reached around her and began to massage her back very firmly and pulled her into me as I worked her back with long and firm strokes. I pressed my hard-on into her abdomen. As I massaged her back, I lost my footing and I fell forward, making us fall back onto one of the beds. Of course, I landed on top of her. She did not resist and seemed to enjoy our newly found position so I only said "I'm sorry" and I continued to massage her shoulders, neck, and arms as I worked my way to her legs. I don't remember how, but she ended on top of me and began to dry hump me. I was nibbling, sucking, and rubbing my face into her neck, shoulders, and arms; she was wearing a tank top.

OK, so she's on top of me dry humping me. She kept saying "God, mmmmm, I shouldn't be doing this." I asked her if she wanted to stop. She did not get off of me.

Because we had discussed consciousness and jealousy earlier, I thought that she was justifying fucking me even though she had not discussed sex outside of her relationship with her boyfriend. Earlier in the evening, she also said that they had a friendship for three years before they started dating four months ago and that they only had sex for the first time two weeks ago. They have only had sex twice and both times he came within a few minutes. She has approached him several times since and he said that he was tired. She was so frustrated but afraid to talk to him about it because she did not want to hurt his feelings. I told her that she had to talk to him about it if she expected him to resolve the problem.

So, I have my hands on her ass and hips, positioning her for more sensuous grinding. She is grinding me so hard I was in pain and I had to bite my lips so I didn't let on which I knew would have caused this compassionate beauty to stop. I told her if she wanted to stop, I would, but to let me get her off. I knew she wanted it, possibly needed it, and I wanted to give her the gift of cumming over and over again. She was very hesitant but she did not want to leave. She made a weak attempt at leaving but she sat on the bed and just sat there looking at me like she did not know what to do with me. I could tell she was fighting with herself about what she should do. I had to help her. I told her that I have a history of ex's keeping me around as a fuck buddy. She said, "that is nice to know." She was squirming a little as she looked at me.

I moved over to her and sat down while putting my arm around her. I pulled her into my shoulder and I put my hand on her head and gently pushed her head into mine, then I put my arm back around her shoulder and squeezed her. She put her weight into me and groaned in frustration. She leaned back into a pillow. I looked straight into her eyes. She was staring right back into mine. I could tell her decision was swinging my way. I took her hand and she held onto mine. I realized then that our hands were right next to her pussy and she realized that I noticed. She looked down at our hands, then back into my eyes. I moved my hand from hers and I cupped her pussy and began to firmly caress it. She began to squirm and she had little resistance left. I watched her movements, breathing, and face very carefully to optimize my hand movements for her pleasure. She came soon after I started.

After Laura came the first time, I continued to rub her pussy on the outside of her pants. She grabbed my hand but I did not get the hint. She then pulled my hand up and I thought that she was resisting and I pulled away. She looked at me with the expression of "No!" and lifted her pants a bit. A little slow on the uptake, I realized then she wanted me to go under her pants. When I got there I had the pleasure of finding that she was going commando! Nice! And, she was dripping wet! Even nicer! I was in heaven, and I knew at that moment I had a good chance of realizing my fantasy. With this understanding, I could take more control of the situation and work what I hoped would be a bit of magic. I worked her pussy and massaged her with my other hand. I picked her up with my free hand and moved her and I to the center of the bed.

I then turned her onto her side and mounted her while pressing my dick against her pants, directly over her pussy. I pressed and she moaned. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock and she said "It is so hard!" She said that more than a few times and it made me feel wonderful.

She began to struggle to pull off her pants. I let her struggle while I worked her pussy deeper while caressing her clit up and down. She got stuck in her pants from her involuntary spasms of pleasure. I caringly helped get her pants off then mounted her and pressed my hard as a rock dick against her abdomen. She moaned and I rode her body with my dick.

I could tell she was frustrated as I slowly slid my dick to her clit. I caressed her clit up and down with my dick then ran it along both sides of the crease of her legs and her vulva. I then ran it up to the opening of her pussy and then slowly pulled it away over her clit as I watched with great pleasure. She said, "You're doing this on purpose aren't you." I said, "Yes, I am and I'm enjoying teasing you." She just moaned and I could tell that all was good in her world. Her response made me want to fuck her so hard that I was now the teased. I had only a little will power left when I slowly entered her, just an inch at first. I pulled out and remained motionless just outside of her. I then slowly entered again, adding just a bit more. I repeated this a handful of times. I could tell she was totally ready for me well before this and I could tell she wanted the excitement of me just plowing through her. So, I did, and when I hit her cervix she screamed out and moaned and began to ride me furiously! She was shaking and we were both sweating. Her breath was hard and fast and I was working extra hard to keep my breaths long and slow, but beginning to fail. She looked down to watch me enter and exit her over and over again and said that "It is a beautiful thing to watch."

Earlier in the night, I had asked her what her favorite sexual position is. She told me she preferred it on all fours. Being the generous lover, I turned her over and she obliged fluidly. It was sex without verbally staing desires, just as she said she prefers. To her, being able to communicate about what felt good or what she desired without talking was a turn-on. I was obliging and I was able to do so because she was very descriptive, despite not verbally telling me what she wanted.

I smashed that pussy! I rammed her and she rammed me. I was throwing her into the headboard and tearing her hips into mine. I grinded her hips and began to sweat all over her pure but awesomely sexy body. She was sweating even more than me and I wanted to sop it all up with my body, my hair, and my face. She came, and came, and came. I was certain that my hotel neighbors and everyone walking by were getting an awesome audio show.

After a powerful orgasm, she looked back at me with a beaming and grateful smile and said "I'm hot!" I said, "Yes, I know. Do you want to take a shower?" She nodded and she and I walked into the bathroom. I turned the water on and she just stood with her back against the wall and looked at me with a quiet and introspective look. I jumped in the shower and tested the water, it was probably too cool for her so I turned it up a bit and asked her if she wanted to join me. She just stood there. I asked her if she wanted to shower alone and she nodded yes. I rinsed off what I had to and before I could completely wash, I exited the shower so she could get in privately.

We were done playing for the night and I believe that she was beginning to question if she had cheated on her boyfriend. I wrapped up in a bath towel and she came out with a towel around her unbelievably sexy body and angelic and stunning face. I could not believe I had just fucked such a pure vision.

She slowly got dressed and then sat on the edge of the bed and sighed. She looked at me and said, "So, you live three hours away?" She said it in a frustrated tone and at first I did not understand the significance of it, but then I realized that she would like to play with me again sometime. She stood demurely and began to chat with me. I stayed in my towel for the next several hours talking with my fantasy woman.

She was looking out the window of the 22nd floor of her beloved Philadelphia. She said that she had never seen her home town from such a vantage point. She had only seen it from the street level. She said that she imagines that she could see her whole world from this one windown and that if she flew down to her home, that the picture would become increasingly insulated to a smaller and smaller portion of it. She sounded wistfully sad, as if she could imagine more for herself.

She sat down on a comfy chair next to the large windows and I laid next to her on the bed that was scooted right up to the chair. She told me all about her life, her dreams, her relationships, her belief systems, we even talked a bit about our political beliefs, my marriage, the openess of my marriage, whether she could ask her boyfriend for an open relationship, and on and on. We could have talked far longer than we did. During our conversation, I got a sinus headache and warned her that I may be coming down with a cold. She gave me the warmest smile and gently told me "That is ok, I would get sick for you." It was actually a powerful and beautiful moment that I will remember forever.

She was tired, I was tired and getting sicker by the moment and had a three hour drive in the morning. I got her email address and promised I would email her. She and I got her massage table and accessories together and I walked her to the door. We hugged each other and I hated that the moment was over. She turned around, opened the door, and looked back at me and then quickly turned back to the door and left. My heart sank and I instantly missed her.

I went back to the bed and imagined that she was still there and that I would be able to hold her all morning. I imagined that somehow, we would have many more of these moments together, like a vacation away from the harsh realities of living in a society obsessed with earning more and more money while living with societal norms that just don't fit my beliefs.

As I fell asleep, I imagined her and I imagined what could be.

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