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The Tour Group part 1

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The Tour Group part 1 My wife and I thought we had made a mistake. We allowed my parents to talk us into joining them on a tour bus for a trip to New York. That was one place my wife and I had never been so we agreed to go even though we prefer to fly places. They said the trip on the bus was half the fun. Maybe for old people, I thought. However only a week before we were to depart, my father found out he was going to be tied up with business. Both our trips had been paid in full and there were no refunds if canceled within two weeks of the trip. My mother didn?t want to go without my dad so they asked us to help them sale the trip quickly. My wife and I also wanted some say in who went with us since we would know no one else on the trip. As the days counted down we could find no one to take the trip. With only 2 days to spare It crossed my mind to ask my secretary Gayla. We had been out with her and her husband a couple times and they were ok enough to hang around with. The age difference was the only thing keeping us from hanging out more. I am 30 years old but my wife is only 23. My secretary and her husband are both in their mid 40?s. We have no kids and their kids are both away at college. Its hard to find couples with no kids our own age. I knew my secretary?s husband, Jim, is a CEO and had bragged before about all the time off he gets and I knew they had the money. So I asked and that afternoon she said they would take the trip. I was kind of shocked at how eager they sounded but glad none the less. Besides I was pretty sure Jim would jump at the chance to hang around my wife Erica. Jim is a big talker and can begin to cross some lines when alcohol is involved. Gayla is shy and prefers not to be the center of attention. Erica and Jim often end up dancing when we go out. I hate to dance usually. Erica mentioned to me after we got home one night that Jim was grinding into her and kept running his hands up and down her back coming awfully close to her ass a few times. She said she would playfully tell him to watch his hands and he would stop for a bit. I just assumed she was imagining things and knew Jim was buzzing pretty good, besides why would he not do that I would tell her. My wife is quite attractive at 5?9 and 130lbs. She has long dark hair and the greatest legs you?ve ever seen. She loves to dress sexy when we go out and 4 inch heels make everyone look. However she has only b cup breasts. They are very perky as any 23 year old?s tits would be but not her best feature. I also knew she didn?t hate it too bad because we always made love like crazy after we went out with them. Also Gayla and I hadn?t been without a few flirtatious moments at my office. Gayla looked as if she was 5?5 and 150lbs. She was my wife?s opposite in almost every way. She had a nice round ass, shorter legs than my wife, shoulder length blonde hair, and some of the greatest tits I had ever seen. I made it a point to stand over her when she wore a blouse that showed them off.

As we were leaving the office our last day before the trip I jokingly said to Gayla to bring some sexy clothes since we were all going to be going out together for a week. She laughed and said what do you mean? I must not have been thinking, at least not with my head, when I replied some lowcut shirts and short skirts, what else? She kind of laughed and said I?ll see you tomorrow. I wandered how she took what I said but I shook it off and headed home. I arrived home and found Erica packing up some outfits and I immediately got turned on. She was planning on showing off all week with some of the outfits she picked. Even the socalled comfy outfits were very hot. Super short skirts and shorts with numerous spaghetti strap shirts and dresses. I wandered who she was packing for but just laughed that idea off. We had never even talked about swinging or even fooling around in the bed room with the idea. Erica acted straightlaced but I knew she had a wild side.

So we arrived early for the bus and Gayla and Jim were already there. The first thing I saw was Gayla?s tits. She had on a button up very thin sweater with a skirt that was just above her knees. I noticed for the first time that she had some sexy legs too, just not as long as my wife?s. Jim seamed to jump at the chance to hung Erica and took several good looks at her. She was wearing some very short white shorts, a low tank top and some nice 3 inch wedges. We had almost 30 mins to kill so we sat down and began to chat about the trip. Being of the younger generation my wife and I had brought along all our little toys, ipods, ipad and laptop. We talked about how we downloaded a bunch of movies and songs for the trip and Gayla said she wished she had thought of that. I told her no problem that they could take which ever one they wanted. As we began to load the bus we realized we were not going to get to sit together. So I gave them the ipad and a brief instruction on how to run it. They sat near the middle of the bus as Erica and I sat in the very back seat. The only thing beside us was a closet of some kind that was locked. I told Erica that we could fool around back here and no one would ever know. She laughed and said we may have to try it. It was going to be a good trip.

We had only been moving for about 15 mins when Gayla got up and walked back to our seats. She said Jim was trying to play some game and couldn?t figure it out. Erica said I?ll show you and Gayla said why don?t you go up there and show Jim. She said she didn?t really want to play and couldn?t remember the instructions anyways. Erica looked at me and I said go ahead. I knew she would rather be playing games than watching movies like I was doing. So Erica went up to sit with Jim and Gayla sat down beside me. She asked what I was watching and I said I haven?t decided yet. I decided to watch a movie called Ice Storm. Its an ok movie but it has a couple cheating on each other and even a key party at the end where everyone is swapping partners. It has a couple sex scenes but not much nudity. I don?t think I was really trying to get everyone to start swinging but I had always like to flirt. Makes our sex better. So we began watching it and right of I noticed her breast. She was leaning over towards me to see the screen which was in my lap. I was starring at several points and I saw that she caught me a couple of times but didn?t say anything. I noticed her figiting around during a couple of scenes and I asked her if the movie was to wild for her. She laughed and said she could handle it. As we both chuckled I dropped my hand down on her thigh. There was not a lot of room inbetween those seats and I gave just a little rub up her thigh and then removed my hand. I apologized and remarked on how little room there was and she said its ok, if you need to put your hand there you can. I couldn?t believe I had done that and I couldn?t believe she had reacted like she did. However I am her boss and a younger man so I thought there is probably some lust in there somewhere. We continues our playfulness till we stopped to eat. We said nothing as we exited the bus and rejoined our mates. They informed us on how much fun they had playing games and getting to know each other better. That made my cock twitch a little but I let it go at that. After the stop we all got back on the bus in our original seats. After only a few min Erica asked if I wanted to play a game and I said no, I?d rather just listen to some podcasts I had on my ipod. She said you?re no fun, I?m going up to see if Jim wants to play again, he?s more fun than you. I laughed and said yes he probably is. Sure enough she went up there and Gayla began walking back towards me. As she was walking she looked at me and gave me this sexy little sneaky grin. When she sat down she said she was trying to figure out how to get back here without making anyone mad. She said Jim told her he liked sitting with Erica because it got him all fired up. I said what does that mean? She said it means he has the hots for Erica. He is nothing but a big perv, and I said we all are as I placed my hand back on her thigh. This time I slid it up her thigh and just inside her skirt. She let out a slight moan as I saw chill bumps on her legs and arms. My cock began to stiffen and took over my thinking. I grabbed her hand and put it on my crotch. She grabbed it through my shorts and began to stroke it. I then went all the way up her thigh until I got to her pussy. I could feel her panties were soaked. Wow, I said. She looked at me and said what are we doing? I said we are just playing a little, nothing more. She said someone might see. So I grabbed Erica?s little jacket she had and laid it over Gayla?s lap. I worked my way into her panties and began rubbing her clit. I thought she was going to explode right there. It didn?t take too long before she got off. She said that hadn?t happened to her in a long time. She continued to run her hands over my pants and then grabbed for the zipper. My cock almost jumped out of my pants. She moved the jacket to my lap and began to really pump my cock. I said I really want you to suck cock. She said you think we can do that and I said do it. So she leaned over and swallowed my cock. I was so turned on that it only took a couple more pumps and I knew I was going to blow my load. I put my hand on her head and held it down as the first stream of cum blasted into her mouth. My wife won?t swallow cum so I wasn?t going to miss this opportunity. I noticed she was swallowing hard to get it all down. When I was finished she licked my dick clean and raised up with a smile. I looked at her and said that was the best blowjob I had ever had. She said she would never swallow Jims cum but she was happy to take mine. We went back to watching movies until our next stop. The next stop was at this huge mall. We were stopping for a couple hours to eat and shop. As we got out and rejoined our partners we went into the mall. We hadn?t gone too far when Gayla said she had to get Jim something for his birthday and needed to go to a certain store alone. She said she might need some help picking it out and would Erica help her. I chimed in and said that wouldn?t a man?s opinion be better on a man?s gift? I thought it might be too obvious but Erica was quick to say yea that does make more sense and I should go help. So Gayla and I went in one direction and Jim and Erica went the other. We went into a large department store and towards the men?s section. There was not any sales people over there and I grabbed a pair of pants off a rack and grabbed Gayla?s hand and pulled her into the dressing room. I pulled her into the largest room in the back and shut the door. She said what are you doing? I?m going to fuck you. Now show me those tits. I pushed her up against the wall and grabbed her sweater and pulled it over her head. She halfway protested and said no, we can?t. I told her to shut up that we were going to finish what we started. I grabbed both her tits and pulled her bra down to expose both of them. Wow you have the greatest tits I have ever seen I told her. This set her off and she began to undo my pants. As my pants dropped to the floor I pulled her panties off and lifted one leg. I lined my dick up and shoved it all into her pussy in one thrust. She let out a little yell and I covered her mouth and began pumping. I told her I was going to fill her with cum again. She could only say yes. Soon after she began to whisper fuck me, fuck me. I was going as hard as I could in that situation. Then I exploded into her. I don?t think I?ve ever came that much. We just collapsed into the little bench in the room. I kissed her and told her I couldn?t wait to do it again. She said she couldn?t either. I couldn?t believe she had been working for me all this time and it took this situation for us to fuck. Wow, it would happen a lot more now. We dressed and found Jim and Erica in Victoria?s Secret. I would later find out Jim was suggesting lingerie to Erica, but that?s another story. To be cont?

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