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The Tanning Bed

The Tanning Bed

Stephanie told Timmy one night about 2:30am that he needed to get in the tanning bed and start tanning , so she led him in the tanning bed room , he was a little reluctant to do this because it makes him all itchy , but as always he wanted to obey her, so she stripped him naked and opened the tanning bed , he laid down in it , and she closed the top , she sat the timer for 5 minutes , as it came on she sat in a chair right next to it , as he warmed up Timmy could feel the heat building , and it excited him , he could feel his nipples getting hard , and his cock and balls getting hot and stinging, after 5 minutes he heard the timer cut off, he was thinking that is good , I can get out of here now , as she raised the top , she stood there over him looking at him from head to toe , with a big smile , she kneeled down , and rubbed his hard nipples , and he jumped , she said Oh we are now mighty sensitive , and smiled as her hand moved lower to his now hard cock and hot balls , she looked at him , she said nice , but not quiet ready 5 more minutes and closed the top , Timmy was thinking Oh no , but if this is what she wants me to do , it will be OK, so he heard the tanning bed start up again , he lay there for another 5 minutes , this time when it kicked off , his cock and balls were burning with heat , as she raised the top she looked at him once again , she smiled and said that's what I call a hard red hot cock now , and laughed , as Timmy climbed out of the tanning bed , Stephanie reached out and twisted both nipples at once , as Timmy let out a cry , and fell to his knees , she laughed , and said I love a man who will get on his knees for a woman, as she smiled , she took her foot and gave him a firm kick in the balls which always turns Timmy on . He stood up and said now its hard I gonna give it to you , she smiled lets see , she headed for the bedroom and he grabbed her hand not so fast , stay right here ,he walked in the bedroom and grabbed a pillow , and came back , she had a puzzled look on her face , he led her out the front door , to the back of his truck , let down the tailgate , she said oh a little outside sex in the moon light , but what if someone sees us , Timmy said so what they can watch you cum , and then he turned around and pulled her shirt off over her head , letting her sexy boobs bounce free , and then he pulled down her shorts , letting her step out of them , he tossed them aside , letting the hot summer air flow over her silky smooth pussy , he laid the pillow on the tail gate and then leaned her on it so she was comfortable , he then rubbed her sexy ass with his hands as she got in the right position , and he slowly rubbed his hard cock up and down her wet pussy , she moaned softly at first as he let his cock slid deep into her wet pussy and he started to stoke it in and out , rubbing his hands over her ass and back , as he fucked her they got hotter and faster , Stephanie started moaning loud, after about 10 minutes she got very loud , and she started telling him I Cumming , oh yea I Cumming , as he did not slow up his cock was still hot from the tanning bed and his balls were tingling very much , as she had a orgasm , Timmy kept on , he wanted to give her the fucking she liked , she kept on moaning and came again , she cried out fuck me harder baby , give it to me , fill me up with your cum , Timmy was getting close , he was still very much hard and pounding his cock in and out of her wet hot pussy , he could feel her pussy grabbing his cock head like it was a hand squeezing it , she had very strong pussy muscles , he could feel it as he said I am Cumming in you now , shooting stream after stream of hot cum into her wet hot pussy , as they slowed there motion , and felt each other , Stephanie said I came 5 times Timmy , but I am still horny , so being told this Timmy flips Stephanie over on her back , pulls up a chair to the back of his truck and puts his head between her sexy legs and starts eating her pussy , licking her pussy and sucking her clit , and lapping her cum and his cum from her pussy , she lays back moaning a little , as for the next 10 minutes to enjoy having her pussy licked and sucked , as Timmy enjoys her smell and taste , she reaches up and pulls his hair , the harder she pulls the horny Timmy gets , as he eats her pussy and having his hair pulled , his cock get harder and harder , after he finishes her pussy eating , Stephanie looks at him seeing his hard cock and she slides of the trucks tailgate onto his cock , as he penetrates her wet pussy , he stands up with only his cock supporting , her legs dangling and her sexy tits in his hands , he then leans her against the wall of the house and strokes his cock in and out , she starts moaning again, after a few minutes , he stands up and walks in the house with her still on his cock and lays her on the dining table and starts fucking her fast and hard , as she screams in another orgasm , Timmy feels her wet tight pussy gripping his cock so tight feels like she has a rope around his cock head and then Timmy unloads a stream of cum into her pussy and then pulls back and then eats her pussy once again till she is satisfied , she swings her foot to his balls , making contact , he falls back , and she climbs down from the table and grabs his balls pulling him down the hall to the bedroom , telling him its her turn now , Timmy smiles as he is pulled into the bedroom and the door is closed

End of Story