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The Stranger

The Stranger

You see I am down and out I am a BBW and people look at me different I have the same wants and needs of the next person. I just want someone to want me for who I am. I am blonde blue eyes and short 5’2 wt is 300 I have a fun loving personality. But every were I look and all the stories I read it is like 34, 36, 34 which I am not. I am a fluffy fluffy hot chick. So I decided I needed to get out of the house and go walking I love walking along the rocks on the ocean to smell the salt water have the wind blow my hair feel the fall air chill my nipples. I go to this place by Freeport that is quite and I have never seen anyone there so I felt pretty good about taking my shirt off and bra and just sit on the rock man did it feel great to not have to worry about anyone looking at me and judging me. I laid back looking up at the sky watching the clouds moving and looking for shapes in them. When I heard a noise I did not think too much of it more than likely it was a bird or something. My mind was working overtime on what it would feel like to have the chilly wind hit my hot pussy I was so horny so I took off my pants and red undies. Laid back and let the wind hit me it was a windy day. I start rubbing my nipples and let my finger fall between my lips to find my clit I love rubbing it lightly, man think they have to rub it like they are cleaning a car part or something. But I love the light easy touches and the wind was helping me with that. I was so into what I was doing I did not hear the man come up and sit on a rock a few feet away, tell I moved my head that way and seen him. I jumped up and grabbed my clothes he smiles and said don’t let him stop me he was enjoying it and like what he saw. I smiles as he stood and walk to where I was I could see he was nice looking and had a big bulge in his pants. I could not believe I did that so I ask did I do that. He said O yes and ask if I minded if he let it lose it was hurting it was so tight. I could feel my face turn red but could not stop myself from saying yes please do. Now I was so wet and getting wetter by the minute I could feel my pussy tighten up like it had a mind of it’s on. I looked up and watched as he pulled his pants down it seemed like it took him hours but was only a few minutes I did not know a man could be that big he was huge I could not take my eyes off him. He smiled and said you like what you see I could only shake my head nothing was going to come out of my mouth. He said that he loved to come here and think and relax pretty much the same way I was and would I mind if he joined me. Now I had to shake my head to see if I was dreaming he was this drop dead fine ass man with a dick as big a king Kong and he did not run away when he saw me I must be dreaming. I must have dozed off but then I felt his lips kiss my neck as he sat behind me my head move to the side so could get to it better he kissed and bite it and ran his tongue up and down my neck. He felt it when I got the chills but that was not what it was my body was reacting to him kissing me I have never had a man kiss me on the neck and it was so damn hot I thought I was going to cum right then and there. So I turned my head to face him, I kissed his soft fill lips running my tongue over them pulling them in and sucking them. He moaned So I got braver and moved around so I could run my lips and tongue over his nipples and let the chilly wind hit them Like this I could see his cock was rock hard I wondered what would happen if I wet the head of it with the wind so cold I just could not stop myself I leaned over and ran my lips over it then slowing licked the head I heard a OMG and he leaned back over the rocks. I did not think it could get any bigger but it sure did. I wanted it so bad I could feel my wetness and the wind hitting it did not cool it off it was way passed that by now. I had never heard a man moan loud and wanted to see if i could make this one do it. Not that I ever had a man offer his self to me like this one was doing either so I thought I might not ever get the chance again . My mind was like stop with being shy and go for it. I pushed more of his cock in my mouth sucking it hard rubbing his man sack lightly pulls them. Up and down my mouth went faster and faster only stopping to suck one of his chilled balls in my hot mouth. Thank made him moan fuck yes fuck yes you are one hot babe. I went back to his cock popping his head in and out of my lips holding them tight when the head went in my tight lips in my hot mouth he held my head so lightly I smiled and I wanted to please him. I slid his cock all the way in it went down my throat and he could not hold it. I had never tasted cum before at first I gaged but did not stop then I licked it all up. I rolled over breathing hard said thank you when he got his breathe he said for real you are thinking me I nodded he told me I was like I goddess when he seen me walking on the rocks and the light from the sun peeking thou shining on me he had to wipe his eyes to make sure he was not seeing things.
I just smiled and said really and frowned he said “O” really and moved over to me and grabbed my nipple in his mouth sucked it hard biting it softly pulling it up, with the other hand he was letting the palm if his hand rub the other nipple like it was a feather kisses. I let my head fall back feeling each touch as my first one trying to remember them as my last but having to give that up when I felt his hands running up my legs moving them open. I could do nothing but watch as he moved between my legs and lowered his head he took my wet lips and held them open letting the cold wind blow my hut clit I started shaking and had my first windblown climax right in front of a man I did not even know. After I stopped shaking I tried to move he ask where do u think you are going I am not done yet I am hungry he said and man he meant it to. He was doing things to me I had never know about. I was moaning and moving around I could not stop my back was arching my legs was wide open for him to do whatever he wanted to do. He licked my clit and fingered my hot pussy and when I yelled I was going to cum he took my clit in his mouth and sucked it hard it was swollen and hot I was shaking and screaming fuck yes fuck yes OMG I could I stop no. When I stopped shaking which was like 15 minutes later he said nope not a dream at all. It was cold not out and we got dressed he helped me off the flat rock we were on to the trail and kissed me. No name no good bye just walked out of my life as he walked in.
I had joined a group an adult on mainly just to have someone to talk to I meet this great lady her name was Amanda it was fun to be able to talk to her about my wants and needs and I could be myself. She told me about a party coming up and wanted me to come she knew how shy I was but told me it would be fun and I would not have to do anything I did not want to I told her I did not know what to wear how to act etc. She was so easy to talk to and made me feel at ease so I went the next Friday night I was so scared I thought I was going to be sick. It took me 30 minute to just go in. As soon as I walk in I seen Amanda and she waved at me, then I heard “it’s you” I turned and there he stood he smiled and walked over to me and said he went back looking for me on the rock. Tell the next story Mfayecpl :}

End of Story

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