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The Plane Trip

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It was their first flight overseas to a foreign country. The flight was going to be long and dark and they both would try to get as much rest as possible to be fresh for their journey into Europe. But he was restless......falling in and out of sleep for most of the flight. As he watched his wife sleep next to him, he thought how beautiful and lucky he was to have her. She wore his favorite shirt that day. It was low cut, and showed off her ample breasts for him. The blanket she had covering her had fallen off her breasts, just covering her lap. It was teasing yet inviting him to explore. As he slipped his hand under the blanket, he could feel her smooth silky legs. Her shorts were just that. She loved to wear them short, showing off her long, silky smooth sexy legs. She worked out and you could tell that she took very good care of her body. His fingertips began to slide over her thigh, soaking up the softness of her skin. She was still sleeping, not yet awaken by his touch. His heart began to beat faster, as if he was doing something forbidden, as if he was a little kid again flirting with the danger of getting caught. As his fingertips moved over her skin, just along the edge of her shorts, he could hear a soft moan come from her. Did I wake her he thought? His heart beat faster with anticipation. Still watching her sleep, his hand slipped up under the leg of her shorts, just outside her panties. He could feel them, and he massaged his hand just outside them. Another soft moan came from her lips, and she became a little restless. He could tell she was close to being aroused, as she became more restless, and her moans became more frequent. As he continued to massage just outside her panties, her eyes opened slowly as she moaned again. Her look was deep as she looked into his eyes. She slipped her tongue out to lick her lips, as if to give her approval for him waking her from her sleep. She leaned over to him to whisper in his ear, I love it when you wake me up like this. His heart was now jumping, and the bulge inside his pants growing. She slid her hand down to open up her shorts, to invite his hand inside, for him to feel the wetness he had caused. She whispered to him, "feel me"---" I want you to feel my wetness baby." His hand slid inside her shorts, inside her panties, over her smooth skin, down between her legs, as she spread them open for him, inviting him to explore her. His fingers slid down between her smooth lips, feeling the wetness he created. She moaned softly as he explored her. She whispered in his ear "I want a finger inside". With that, he slid his finger down her lips, and it slipped easily inside her because of her wetness. mmmmmmmmm she moaned softly. She was so wet, and warm inside, her walls soft on his finger. He began to move it in and out very slowly, trying to be as quiet as possible, not to disturb any passengers that were on the flight. They had chosen to sit in the back of the plane, thinking they would sleep the entire flight. Since the flight was not full, some privacy entitled them to play. As his fingers continued to slowly move in and out of her, she began to squirm in her seat. She looked at him with her bedroom eyes and said " I want another finger baby--please give me another finger in my pussy". So he slipped another finger inside her. mmmmm she moaned as she laid her head over to his shoulder, her eyes closed, feeling the deep pleasure of his fingers inside her. She was tight on his fingers, wet, so soft inside. He could feel her walls tighten on his fingers as she squirmed now. He pushed them deep within her, pointing his fingertips up into her inner wall. She loved it when he massaged her inner wall, and her moans were proof enough, that he was hitting the right spot. Her legs were now wide open as she could possibly get them, one over his lap, the other against the cabin wall. The blanket covered her, providing the secrecy they needed. Baby, it feels so good, she whispered. You know just where to touch me. mmmmmmmmm As he continued to massage her inner wall, she whispered to him. I want to cum baby, please massage my clit mmmmmmmmm. So he pulled his fingers from her tight pussy, and slid them up to her swollen clit. By now, her clit was engorged with blood, her heart pumping more and more because of her pleasure. His fingers slid all around it so easily, lubricated from her juices. She was now squirming and moaning more, for he knew exactly where to massage her clit. She had taught him well, teaching him to bring her to orgasm easily. He rubbed her spot, applying just the right pressure, until she looked at him. Oh baby, you're going to make me cum, she moaned. He could tell his touch was pushing her closer and closer, he could see it in her eyes, hear it in her soft moans. She was being much more quieter than normal, but her moans still told him he was pushing her over the edge. With a few more strokes of his fingers, she exploded for him. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm baby, I'm cumming mmmmmmmmmm please dont stop baby mmmmmmmmm oh baby, feels so gooood. Her body shaked with pleasure, as he slid his fingers over her swollen clit. As her moans decreased, her heart still pounded from the pleasure he had given her. In her eyes he could see the pleasure from within her. She took his hand, still fresh with her juices, and moved it to her mouth, sucking them, tasting her juices on them, licking them clean. As she licked her juices from his fingers, he closed his eyes and remembered how soft her mouth always feels on his cock. He closed his eyes as she stroked her mouth on his fingers, sucking every drop of her juices from them. He began to visualize his cock in her mouth, her sucking his hard shaft deep within her hot mouth. By now the buldge in his pants began to throb. As she sucked his fingers, she moved her other hand down to rub the outside of his pants. She could feel his erection through his pants, and he began to moan softly as she stroked her hand up and down his pants. She leaned up to him to whisper in his ear "I want to touch your hard cock". His heart now racing, he looked into her eyes and said "touch me baby, feel how hard you have made me". She reached for his belt, and with a gentle tug opened it, and slowly unzipped his pants, as to slide her hand inside. Slowly she slid her hand inside his pants, much to her surprise, he wasnt wearing any underware that day. She found his hard cock easily, and his hard shaft filled her hand. His head was full and swollen with blood. His moans became louder as her hand gripped his hard shaft and slowly stroked up and down. She learned over to him again and whispered "I want you baby.....I want to feel you inside me". With those words his heart raced even more. "I want you too baby, but we cant here" he said. She looked at him and said "Meet me in the restroom in a few minutes baby". She left her seat and headed for the restroom in the back of the plane. She knew it was secluded enough to give them the privacy they would need. Since they were well into the night flight, most of the passengers were asleep anyway. Soon after, he left his seat and made his way to the restroom where she patiently waited. As he slipped inside, she pulled him in, pressing her body tightly into his. It was small and cramped, but they both wanted to make it happen. She wanted to feel him inside as much as he wanted to be inside her. He opened her shirt, exposing her beautiful breasts, her nipples still erect from all the excitement they had been sharing. Her breasts were full and tanned, and he slid his hands all over them, squeezing them, fondling them. She began to slide down his pants, exposing his hard cock to her. His hands moved from her firm breasts to help her remove her shorts. As her shorts fell to the floor, it exposed her soft, tanned skin. She was so smooth, so clean shaven for him, and she glistened from her juices flowing. He lifted her up, placed her ass on the edge of the sink, and pushed his way between her legs, moving in close to kiss her deeply. Her mouth was warm and sweet, as his tongue pushed its way inside, reaching for her tongue. As he pushed in closer, his body opened her legs, spreading open her smooth pussy, exposing her swollen lips, and they glistened as her juices dripped down to her ass. He moved in close, and she felt his cock pressed against her lips ......mmmmmmmmmm she moaned with anticipation of his hard shaft pushing open her lips and filling her up. He could feel her warmth, her wetness, on his cock. He moved his hips, letting his hard shaft slide up and down her wet lips. Her juices wetting his cock, getting it ready to slip inside her so easily. His cock rubbed over her clit, sending waves of sensations throughout her whole body. She was still very sensative from the pleasure he had given her earlier. She moved her hips with him, trying to guide the head of his swollen cock inside her. Wanting him so badly, she looked at him and said "Fuck me........fuck me now baby.........I want all of you inside me". As she said that, the head of his cock pushed open her lips, spreading them open, and pushed its way inside, just inside her lips. Ohhhhhhhh baby yessssss, more, she said. He teased her, pulling the head back out, and then pushing it just inside past her lips, with each stroke pushing a little more inside her. As he pushed deep, they both moaned together, feeling all of each other. Their bodies were pressed so tight, her legs wrapped around him, pulling him in so deep. His cock filled her, and he could feel how tight she was on his shaft. He moved, slow at first, sliding his whole shaft out, then back in. Watching as his shaft spread open her lips, watching them slide along it as he moved in and out. As he began to move a little faster, the sensation in the head of his cock grew. He knew from the sensation building in his cock that it would not be long until he filled her up with his hot juices. He pushed deep, her legs pulling him in, then held it there, letting her feel all his manhood within her, and him feeling her warmth, her wetness, tightness on his cock. She could feel his cock throbbing inside her, so swollen from all the excitement. His hips moved again, and the feeling started to overwhelm him. "Mmmmmmmmm baby you feel so good" he said. "I'm going to fill you up baby, mmmmmmmmmmmm". "Give it to me baby, fill me up" she said. And with a few more strokes the sensation in the head of his cock grew and grew until he exploded his hot juices inside her. "ohhhhhh baby, mmmmmmmmmmm, yesssssssss baby" he moaned in her ear. She could feel his hard cock swell inside her, getting ready to shoot his juices inside her. And as he cum, she could feel his cock pulsating, shooting out his cum, filling up her tight, warm pussy. His body began to shake, the pleasure taking over, and his legs felt weak. "Oh baby what you do to me" he said, "You make me cum so hard". "Yes I know baby, I felt you cum inside filled me up." They both knew this was the start of a wonderful vacation. "How could they possibly top this excitement? This experience?" She said. "Well, we will just have to try" he said as he looked into her eyes.

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