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The Office (Man Woman Office Scene)

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I can't wait to give you a big hug! But if I feel a bulge in your jeans, I know it won't be your gun, and I'll just have to reach down and brush my hand along side of the hardness,then that's all she wrote,I'll be totally done in for! I would kiss you deeply, take you by the hand to somewhere more private,kiss you again,nibble on your neck,down your chest, nibble my way down your happy trail,undo your belt with my teeth and hands,I'd be breathing so heavy by now and look up at you,so you could see the desire in my eyes.I would look deep into your eyes and enjoy seeing the desire in them also ,and the intensity and the dreaming about what was to cum when I find your hidden treasures and you would see in my eyes how serious my intentions were,that I was not teasing you or just fooling around,you would know when I released you from the tight binding jeans, and I would hold your cock in my hands and just gaze on it like I was seeing heaven for the first time. I would plant a sweet delicate kiss right on the tip, and just enjoy the moment, before I couldn't help myself anymore.I always used to get in trouble in school for not keeping my hands to myself and taking what didn't belong to me,well,it is no different now.I won't ask you for permission, I will simply take for myself what I need to satisfy me, there's no turning back now,there is an inferno blazing inside me,I can feel that my juices have soaked my panties and are now escaping down my thighs and ass crack, begging me to push the envelope further. Without hesitation,I follow my heart's desire, I start gently licking you, but my mouth is an inferno now too, and begs to be filled, passion and intensity take over, I grab your delicious cock and simply devour it, licking all around the head, admiring it, licking all up and down along your shaft, pleasing you, taking you deep in my mouth, feeling you in the back of my throat, letting you know what forbidden treasures you are about to discover. By this point, well Aries women are not known for their patience, I must have you and feel you deep inside, I am feeling so incomplete, and need to do something about it immediately,before I simply self-combust! With one swift motion I turn around with my back towards you, I quickly pull down my panties under my skirt,now they are down around my ankles, hugging my heels. I am in a desperate frenzy by now, I reach over and brace my hands on the wall, so that I can have good leverage and push against you as you are thrusting,I instinctively bend way over, so my ass is high in the air facing you , and I wiggle it a little, letting you know that I am sooo ready for you and about to melt all over the floor if you don't give me what I need this very instant. You can hear the impatience in my voice as I am growling at you, demanding that you take me now, take me hard and take me deep! I am bracing myself for your cock,I know it will hurt and that I will cry out, but there is a fine line between pain and pleasure and that I will need to get past the pain in order to receive the intense pleasure that I know you are about to deliver.You reach under me and grab my breasts, squeezing them tightly in your hands, rough working man hands,you pinch my nipples, rolling them around between your fingers, making them cry out with pleasure, I always like a little pain with my pleasure, every time you squeeze my breasts, I can feel the same pleasure in my clit and deep down in my hot center, it's burning so hot now, the juices flowing out of me are so hot,too, my entire body is aching to be taken by a hard lovin' musclular man, with all the years of experience and expertise all built up for this one moment of intense cuming together as one, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Now it is my turn to be teased, I am arching my back and pushing my ass up towards you, desperately needed you to enter me and bring out the woman in me, which only a real man has the ability to do. I so want you to be rough with me and take out all your manly needs on me, in me,all over me, fucking me hard, so rough, so intense, every fiber in my body is screaming for you to release me, but instead, you take great pleasure in teasing me, using your cock to slide along my back, down my ass, between my crack, rubbing yourself in my juices, like you think you're at a waterpark or something, just playing like a kid in the spray and mist of the water on a hot summer day. My ass is squirming and pushing towards you begging you to fuck me hard, please Baby, fuck me now, I'm about to totally lose my mind, if you don't, so you start to rub your cock up and down my slippery pussy. I feel your heat, and it's driving me wild, the lady has turned into a wild pulsing animal now, with only one thought racing in my mind, to have my desires quenched .I can feel your cock pulsating and twitching next to my cunt, you tease me just a little more,giving me just a couple of inches and then pulling out again, by now ,it's just about as much as you can stand of the teasing, too, so when I start to get pissed and turn around and glare at you again, you can see the fire in my eyes this time and you know I'm about to go off on you if you don't give it all to me this very instant.

Without hestation, my sexy hunk finally gives me what I want, shoving his hard cock roughly up to the hilt of my hungry ,aching, burning cunt....Aahhhhh, the pleasure so intense, I buck and push against you, feeling your rock hard pulsing cock deep inside is nothing short of heaven! You expertly deliver 4 hard thrusts, followed by 2 shallow thrusts, letting me recover from the pain and letting my intensity build, you grab my ass cheeks and squeeze them firmly, pulling me towards you, fueling your own carnal desires, not thinking about anything else in the world except, here and now ,and your ultimate goal, you can feel your balls tighten, as I reach around and stroke them, and you know you are getting very close. You reach around and rub my clit firmly, letting me know that the time has come, you stroke my clit one more time, as you pump in my cunt,even harder, you can feel me clamping down on you now, when you rubbed my clit, and I felt you growing and pulsing inside me,it just pushed me over the edge, we started bucking and fucking wildly like a couple of animals in heat, not caring about anything or anyone else but us at that very moment, time stood still, and there will never be another moment in time such as that one. The moment was frozen in time, forever, as we collapsed onto the hard cool marble floor, panting and trying to catch our breath, feeling a little in shock about what just happenend, but not feeling a moment of remorse. We held eachother gently and lived in the moment, until a knock came to the door, it was housekeeping, coming to pull the trash in my office, the door was locked, but he had a key, we quickly scrambled to our sea legs, they were shaking so bad, we had to hold eachother up, and support eachother, that's what friends are for. Wet told him to hold on, while we quickly got dressed, you sat at my computer ,with you back turned to the door, trying to still catch your breath, and I opened the door, just lond enough to hand him the trash bag and he handed me a new clean plastic bag and thanked me. After he was gone, and the coast was clear, I took you down the hall to the bathroom, so that you could get cleaned up a bit.WOW!! BABY!!That was so exciting and so intense and I feel so complete, like no other time, like with no one else, ever, thanks for making me feel like a real woman! I walk you back to your car, and you head back down the road, need to go check on your kids, and I lock up my office and drive home, to pass out in my bed, with colorful girly satin perfumed sheets, so I can dream about what just happened, still in shock, I drift off, to the most peaceful sleep in a long time.....

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