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The Neglected Wofe

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Robin was the typical house wife, if one ever visited with her. She cooked for her husband each day two meals, breakfast and supper. She did all the household chores, keeping the house immaculate, all the laundry done and handled the household finances, seeing all the major bills got paid, never once getting an over dure notice on anything.

She is a gorgeous woman, brown flowing hair, it runs just below her bra strap in the back. She stands in her bare feet about five feet seven inches or eight inches tall, has those "baby blue" eyes, and keeps her teeth perfectly cleaned, and works out for two hours each day, so she is in excellent shape.

In addition to all she does in the house, the 39 year old keeps the yard mowed, trimmed and weed eated, and keeps a pretty good tan all year long. In short, she gets looks from a lot of guys at the store, at the mall, at the Dr.'s office where she gets her semi annual check ups.

However, she has gotten in the last few months where she feels like she has been neglected, especially in the area of sex. She was confiding in her good friend Tanya the other day. "He doesn't realize how good he has it, clean clothes,always ironed, clean house, nothing ever out of place, supper served promptly at 7 each night, nice,fresh and hot, no leftovers, just the way he likes it," Robin reffered to her husband of ten years.

"But, take a guess how long it has been since he has fucked me Tanya, just a guess," Robin suggested to her good friend, a lady who graduated from school with her.

"I don't know, a month, two months," Tanya guessed.

" All he has done is kiss me once good bye every morning for the last year, and once when we go to bed. He is asleep by 11 p.m. each night, which I don't mind, I know he works hard running his route, but I need sex!," she emphasized, half smiling.

"Well, all I know is many women if they aren't getting it at home, get it somewhere else," Tanya laughed, "I sure hope it doesn't come to that," she added.

Robin had never considered cheating on Glenn. She felt bad if she even noticed someone staring at her when she was wearing her favorite most comfortable shorts,top and sandals at the store or mall.

Robin asked Glenn about the problem that night and he replied,"When we go on vacation, and I am not so stressed out honey, you know I love you, I am so stressed," he said, hugging her tightly.

The hug did wonders for her self esteem, but Glenn fell asleep five minutes later and she had to get up and get on the computer to get herself sleepy enough for bed.

She went to a web site, something about horny housewives. She read some of their erotic stories, about how they successfully cheated, some with their son's school teacher's, others picked up men at the mall, and in truck stops near where they lived.

The one that intrigued her though, was the one where the lady kept the same routine, but kept an eye out for the one, male or female, who "paid a little extra attention to her."

Immediately, she thought of Roger, the boy who just about ran people over to sack her grocries. She would bend over just a little to write her check and Roger would do anything he could to try to look down her tank top to get a shot of her boobs.

Laughing and talking to herself in the car one day, she said,"that's why I wear a bra, so little pricks like him can't get a thrill."

She really liked reading a story about a pastor's wife who was so horny, she was now being used as a whore for black truck drivers for two years, and her husband,still a pastor, had no clue and she was still doing so!

Finally, she went to bed, but thinking about some of what she read, had gotten her pussy wet. It had been months since she had been that wet down there.

The next morning, she went to a different web site and once again, got all worked up, reading about how different women, who had NEVER cheated, crossed that line the first time and now had plenty of guys "ready to scratch their sexual itch."

She had visited a chat room, and in talking to a couple of ladies, had heard of an eating joint about 45 minutes from her house, where it was sort of a "fresh meat market." White men,black men, single men, married men, it didn't matter, as "flowergirl 156978" told her, if a girl needs sex, no strings attached or not, she can get plenty of it there.

Robin thought about it, and she was about two days ahead on house work and yard work, and this little joint was in an area that was not included in her husbands route work,and well, her mind was wandering, her heart pounding, this wanton female was seriously considering a late drink and a lunch, and maybe even "more."

She went to her closet and dresser, and pulled out a pair of shorts that always got the eyes of men at the store, and a matching top, that was low cut,very low and barely covered her braless tits, most thought to be d cups.

Robin used to make sure she had it on when Glenn got home from work when they were dating, and he immediately would have her on her knees sucking his cock, and then would fuck her until she was exhausted, it seemed his cock never went limp, she remembered,smiling.

Her mind wandered to a black boy she had a crush on in high school and a story she read on line, and a sudden dampness between her legs became ever so apparent, she was one horny housewife!

It was hot driving down the highway, she didn't want to use the air conditoner so she put the top on her mustang down, it felt good, the air blowing her hair, blowing hard on her braless tits, she like this going with no undergarmets, she suspected her seat was soaked with her pussy wetness.

About a mile from the town where this joint was, a man was walking, just a few yards from a stranded pick up that was stranded. He was dressed nicely, clean jeans,shirt, about 6 ft, tan, wow! "A dream man," she thought.

He greatly accepted her offer for a ride, noticing her long tan, athletic legs and her low cut top, and hair blowing going down the highway, she instantly saw a growth in the front of his pants.

"I'm Robin, was on my way to Dan's Joint, up here another mile or so," she said,by way of introduction.

"Hi, I'm Jim, thanks for picking me up. They have phones there, I can call a tow truck from there and someone from town can come pick me up to take me back to my office in the city," he said.

They sat waiting on a train for several minutes, she was thrilled with his eyes wandering up and down her body. She found he was married, his wife out of town, and he found she was married.

"I hope this train hurries, we will fry," she laughed.

"Yeah, I can hear the rumors if we died out here," he laughed.

She really liked the attention he paid to her, something she missed from Glenn.

"How long since you modeled?," he asked.

Blushing, Robin replied that she had never modeled, "I have no idea why you think I was a model," she laughed, admiring his since of humor.

"Let me buy you lunch, then there is this place, I have my camera and tripod, let me shoot about two dozen pictures," he begged, "like them or not, they are yours, pictures and negatives," he promised convincingly.

After eating a huge order of ribs, corn on the cob and potato salad, drinking a beer with Jim, off to this place they were. Come to find out, Jim had "shot several women here." But, after all, he was paying attention to her, something that just really made her pussy wetter by the second!

The house where they were had a bed, props, and was very comfortable, very cool, air conditoner had the temperature a cool 72 degrees, "to perserve the film," he kept there, photography being his "hobby."

At first he had her sitting in a chair, legs crossed, just smiling. "Now, lose the sandals," he said, and she thought nothing of it, kicking off her sandals.

He got down on his knees, and moved the sandals and positioned her feet. his handson her toes,sent a chill right straight to her pussy! She loved men messing with her toes, she always had.

"That's a nice color toe nail polish," he said,smiling looking up at the horny wife. "That is a ---," and he stopped, not sure if he should finish.

"Go ahead, I don't have virgin ears," Robin laughed,"it won't offend me if you call it fuck me red," she laughed, suprising herself with her boldness.

"Well, I choose words carefully dealing with ladies feet," Jim smiled, kissing one toe teasingly, causing the wife to moan with delight.

"MMMMMM, sensitive there are you?," he teasingly asked.

"MMMMMMm, let's just say, you do that again, not many pictures may be taken," she said,smiling and winking, Jim snapping a picture as she did her seductive wink.

He laid her on the bed and had her smile for the camera and asked her, point blank,"ever fuck a man other than your husband since you have been married Robin?"

It suprisingly didn't bother her, she enjoyed the attention so much. "No, but it has been months since he did anything except kiss me, I'm about ready," she replied, wondering why she answered him like that.

He continued snapping pictues, "lose the shirt Robin," he ordered and suprisingly, she pulled it over her head and threw it across the room, causing him to gasp.

"You,you gotta be kidding,with tits like those, and he hasn't had sex with you? Is he nuts,blind or what?," Jim asked, with Robin noticing how much bigger the bulge had gotten in his pants, not to mention, how much wetter her pussy was.

Soon, Jim had her naked on the bed and when done shooting he lay the camera down, and kissed each toe, caressed each ankle, and she was putty in his hands.

He ate her pussy,making her scream,moan and writhe mercilessly, and when she saw his 7 inch cock and put it in her mouth, she couldn't care how late supper was, she just couldn't get enough!

Jim made her scream things like "I am a fucking slut! I want to be your whore! And she loved it, she longed for it.

The two fucked until nearly five o'clock in every place imaginable in that house, and went back to their spouses, like nothing had happened.

Three days later, Robin stopped by Jim's office to get the pictures and negatives, and he introduced her to Rose, dressed in shorts, tube top and sandals, and the two ladies viewed all the pictures.

"Wow! I hope you got what you wanted," Rose smiled, placing a hand on Robin's bare leg, "cause these pictures sure have an effect on me," she smiled,licking her lips seductively.

"Well, perhaps we need to get better acquainted," Robin said.

I can hardl wait until Robin gives us the juicy details.

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