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The Naked Birthday Present

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Raven and I had been together about 18 months and recently our sex talk had turned to swinging, swing clubs, and more wild adventures. The talk was fun, but I was new to the lifestyle and wasn’t sure where this talk was going. Raven had casually mentioned her desire to visit a nude resort several times in the months we’d been together. With her birthday right around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect time to book a weekend away and take a small step in that direction. But what if we got their and she suddenly got shy? Or what if I got jealous of the other men checking out my naked sweetheart? Hmmm. Well, we had a few weeks, so I thought maybe if we eased into it we would be ok. I found what appeared to be a very nice clothing optional resort online just an hour from our house. One night after making love I said we should check out the nude resort on Saturday. She readily agreed and checked out the website herself.

Late Saturday morning we headed to the resort with a mixture of excitement, anxiety, and fear. On the way there we talked about sex and swinging. I could feel the reasons we should turn around running through her head, but none were verbalized. We got there and checked in, a little shocked to see the naked bodies wandering around the lobby. We were given a tour of the facility and told where to park, and to use our car as our changing room and locker. I have to admit, it felt strange to step out of the car into the parking lot and take off our clothes. But that’s just what we did. I figured if we’re going to do this, let’s do it. Open the door, pull off my T shirt and drop my shorts; naked to the whole world to in less than 15 seconds.

I think Raven had been waiting for me to back out, and when I didn’t, she mustered her courage and a sarong, and off we went to check out the facilities and other naked people. After about 10 minutes the anxiety slipped away and a feeling of freedom replaced it. We walked along the lake and I couldn’t help notice Raven checking out the penis’s of the men we met, and I did the same with the women. We took in most of the facility, took a naked boat ride on the lake, and eventually ended up in the hot tub with several other couples. It was quite a turn on for both of us, but being a family resort with plenty of children present, nothing more than some casual touching and lustful looks occurred.

At the end of the day we enjoyed a nude dinner watching nude volleyball, and casually discussed who was hung, who turned us on, and what we enjoyed most about the afternoon. Then we put on our clothes and drove home to make love and reminisce. We both agreed it had been a liberating day, and we’d like to go back for a weekend. The next morning I was on the phone making reservations for her birthday weekend.

Friday night arrived and we packed the car with food, toys, booze; everything you need for a weekend getaway except a change of clothes. On the way down we talked about expectations, what if we met up with a couple we found attractive, how far would we go? I hoped to find a bi female for her; but we both agreed that even if nothing else came from the weekend we’d have a wonderful weekend together.

It was late when we got in and gatekeeper showed us to our cabin. We unpacked the food and got undressed. The rest could wait for morning. After our 3rd margarita, Raven asked if I wanted to join her in the hot tub.” Um hmmm” I replied. We grabbed our towels and headed to the pool area. When we got there, there were several couples and single men already in the water. We made introductions and snuggled between a blond lady in her late 40s and her somewhat older husband. We talked for an hour or more, but aside from some playful touching, nothing more happened. By 2:00 AM we all headed off to our cottages, Raven and I somewhat disappointed but aroused.

Back at the cabin Raven lay back on the sofa exposing her shaved snatch, moist and juicy. Without hesitation I buried my face between her thighs and kissed my way up to her waiting pussy. I love to eat pussy. Like any passion, when you love do something you naturally get very good at it as Raven would tell you. I started sucking on her shaved outer lips, and worked my inward, sucking her labia into my warm mouth. Raven responded by sliding forward on the sofa, pressing her pussy onto my face. I shifted to long, wet licks, from her vagina to her clit; pausing momentarily to inhale her clitoris on each stroke. This drove her wild and she pulled my face hard into her dripping cunt and began a series of small orgasms. I quickly picked up that pace, face fucking her from asshole to clit and driving her over the top. She came hard with a small squirt and captured my head between her thighs in a leg lock that a professional wrestler couldn’t have escaped from. When she finally released her grip, I had turned blue from oxygen deprivation. I’m sure Raven would agree that I was deprived anyway, so she took my dick into her mouth and began jacking me off.

Saturday morning came late and we decided to head to the indoor pool to swim some laps. We got there to find several people milling around outside, but the pool itself empty. Stashing our towels we both got in the warm water and began swimming laps while other couples wandered through the pool area on their way to the patio. Eventually Raven got out and blew up a beach ball we’d brought along and we batted it back and forth for a while, playing. She hit the ball to my side and as I dove to reach it, Raven grabbed my around the neck from behind and I began to butterfly across the pool. The feeling of her naked breasts against my back and the warm water soon aroused me. As I approached the deep end of the pool, I flipped around and positioned my hard cock between Raven’s thighs. We flirted with this position as she wrapped her legs around my waist, and I rubbed my penis against her vulva. We were both very turned on by this, and the thought of getting caught.

I kept watch as I slipped inside her. The water made it difficult to slide in too quickly, but the motion of making love in the water was intoxicating. Soon her natural lubrication took over and we were moving together like dancers in an erotic synchronized water ballet. In and out, kissing her mouth, caressing her naked ass, driving deeper and deeper. By now we were oblivious to our surroundings. A marching band could have played through pool area and neither of us would have noticed. I felt Raven’s vagina tighten around my hard cock and knew I couldn’t contain my orgasm any longer.

“I’m gonna cum” I told her, and to my amazement she pulled her pussy off my cock and quickly dove under the water. I felt her mouth engulf my throbbing manhood as I blasted my load down her throat. Wave after wave of cum shot from my cock, and she tried unsuccessfully to capture it all in her mouth. When I finished she surfaced, coughing water and semen from her mouth. I was frantically shooing the remainders into the filter inlet when the doors burst open and a middle-aged man with a very large penis, and a younger trim blond lady entered the pool area. They smiled knowingly and waved as they passed, and I had to wonder how long had they been standing there watching? Perhaps we’ll run into them in the hot tub tonight and we’ll find out...

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