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The Mysterious Sensation

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Finally on Saturday night I was able to slip away. I was read to go to the bar, I had been so busy with school latey i hadent got the chance to have some down time. All day Saturday i was preparing to go to the club i had taken a long bath shaved my legs and trimed the hair on my 21 year old tight pussy, i stayed in the bathroom for hours fixing up my long brown and and tring to find that special combonation to make my green eyes pop. It was finally time get dressed to go. I wore my red plad skirt that was so short you could see me white lacy thong with out even trying, because of my big 38 C breast i didnt wear a bra much so tonight wasnt any different i put of my white polo shirt unbuttons the first five buttons so that you had full view of my wonderfull tits andextremly hard nipples poking out of my white top. I decides to play up the cathloic school girl look by puting on some knee high white socks and with some red lipstick i was ready to go. Because i dont have a boyfriend me and Susan went together. We rolled up in the club at about 10:45 and as soon as we entered you could tell every eye was on us as i walked to the bar every guy was tring to grab my ass but who was i to stop them looking as sexy as i did. When we got to the bar Me and Susan knew just what to do to get the boys in this club all over us. So we started to make out, her tounge was teasing my the whole time she was so horney you could tell she ijust wanted to rip what litten cloths i had on and fuck me right there but she knew she couldnt have me. After we stoped guy after guy bought us drinks and wanted to dance which Susan took atvantage of but none of them seemed right to me untill he walked in about 6 ft dark brown hair the deepest blue eyes and thin but not to thin he had that kind of body u just wanted to rip his shirt off and lick him all over. He walked and sat down at the other end of the bar unlike the other guys he noticed me but didnt come over he just stared at me with those deep blue eyes. Knowing what i want and always going after it i got up from my chair and walked over to were he was sitting

" Hey" "Hey" "I saw you over there noticing me "

" yea i was just admiring your choice of underwear" "well easy access is the way to go" " yea, Hey you wanna dance?"

"yea" When he got up i noticed somthing small the size of your thumb in the palm of his had but i payed it no attention.we got on the dance floor the music was loud and it was dark just the way i like it. I started to make my move i was grined on him pressing my tits allover him i could feel his bulge getting bigger i took his hands and let the explore all over my body as we dances but specificaly my pussy i had already wet throght my thong and with him touching it i was starting to drip. i want to take this further so i lead him to a back corner the the bar and lead his hands under my thong and into my pussy, he stuck his whole fist in at once in one swift motion i was so tight to it hurt so bad but it also felt so good. he quickley took his havd out and with it cover in my cum he stuck it in my mouth for me to suck off then he took his hand out and but both his hands on my tits noticing the the small object that was in his palm previously was goon, not think twice about it i injoyed him squeezing my tits. then suddenly he let go and wispered im my ear lets get out of here. so i took him back to my place and we fucked all night when i woke up the next morning he was go iall i had left of him was a note that said fo me to go to that same club tonight at 11 and that he will be there waitng. So i got up and got dressed to go shopping for a new outfit for him tonight. i got back just in time to get dress in a mini skirt a seethru tank and out the door. i got to the club and looked all around for him but he was nowhere to be found so she decided to dance. Several guys had been eyeing her up all evening and from the table where they sat she could see one attractive guy looking at her legs and her short red skirt. She returned his glances,the slow records came on the guy seized his chance and came over to ask her to dance. we started to dance slowly and closely Swaying to the music then she felt the sensation. At first it was almost subliminal but it was definitely increasing. It stopped and started and varied in intensity form just a tingle to a powerful throb. Now i new that my lover was here and that he was controlling me, playing with me, teasing me hungry pussy and making me ache for him. i knew that this turned him on. i glanced around trying to see him but i couldn't. her body pressed against a handsome stranger, the man she was dancing with who had no idea what was happening to me and my lover who was sending waves of pleasure through my body at will. The intensity of the sensations coming from my pussy was intensifying. i new that i could control myself for now but si also new that this sensation was new to me -i had no idea how intense it was going to get and whether she could resist the climax that was rising within her.

She moved closer to her partner, draping herself on him in case she needed support. At this stage she was concerned that her knees might give way. Another wave of pleasure washed over her body. She knew that she was pressed too tightly to her partner and she could feel him responding with his hips. The familiar throb against her belly told her that he was becoming aroused. What would he say if he knew what was happening and the pleasure that she was experiencing?

Wave after wave of sensation was coming from her pussy she was breathing in gasps, thank god it was masked by the loud music. God how she wanted to be taken, to feel her legs wide open, her legs spread and a to feel the urgency and passion. She was losing control, the sensations from her pussy were driving her wild, she new that if this carried on she was soon going to have to decide to stay or run of the dance floor and sit down and let her orgasm wash over her.

Too late, the device started pulsing, delivering short bursts the intensity of which took her completely by surprise, delirious, her body racked by pleasure, her pussy and belly tightening, she knew it was inevitable. S lifted her head, arched her back, pulled the mouth of the tall stranger to hers and drowning in pleasure, she kissed him hungrily, pushing her tongue into his mouth as her orgasm racked her body like a tidal wave. What had he done to me cause whatever it was i want it again

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